NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Who's Next ??

Who's next to put their name on the 
Provincial Molson Challenge Cup?

Holy Cross ?

 St. Lawrence Laurentians'
2013 Molson Challenge Cup Champions 

Mount Pearl ?

Feildians ?

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Forsey - Off to Germany

Tyler Forsey 

Forsey - Off to Germany 

Holy Cross scoring ace and all-star forward,  Tyler Forsey will be heading to Germany early on Thursday morning to try out for Dresden Dynamos, an Under -23 team. Tyler was contacted earlier today and expressed he was ecstatic when he received the call. Forsey did add he is very disappointed that he would not be able to play in the 2013 Molson Challenge Cup Finals but he said he felt that his teammates could do the job. But he said this could be a chance in a lifetime for him. The NLSA Provincial Championships are to be played in St. Lawrence this week-end.   Walt Forsey informed me that in 2011, Tyler  traveled  to Dresden to partake in an Under - 19 camp. The mere fact that Forsey has been invited back is an accomplisment in itself. Tyler led the Molson Challenge Cup League this season with 31 goals. 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

St. Lawrence Soccer Association hosting a Challenge Cup "Breakfast of Champions'

The St. Lawrence Soccer Association will be hosting an open

"Breakfast of Champions"

Date : Saturday  August 31. 2013
Location: Rec Center  
Time : Starting at 8:00 AM

All are welcome - see you there ! 


Friday, August 23, 2013

Despite Mount Pearl looking very impressive - Holy Cross regains Breen's Jubilee Trophy

Holy Cross Kirby wins Breen's Jubilee Trophy

 Captain Laura Breen accepts League Trophy from Matt Breen

Play-off - MVP : Nicole Moores


Malorie Harris

Triple Crown Winner 

League MVP - All -Star : Top Goal Scorer

She was the difference in the  Championship game - 2 goals

Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 Molson Challenge Cup Regular Season Wrap-up

Holy Cross Crusaders

Holy Cross kirby Group : The "Drive for Five " is on !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:19 --- L:3--- T: 5 ---Pts : 62

Strength:  They are 20 players deep. They know how to win - currently are 4 time defending champs.
They are an offensive weapon: I consider Forsey , Delong, Warren, Hawco and Woodfine all lethal
offensive weapons. Both the midfield and defense are strong.

Comments: Simply put -- Cross are the team to beat. Only three loses  this season and only a handfull of loses in the last five years at the provincial level.

St. Lawrence Laurentians 

Rookie Coach - Blair Aylward

St. Lawrence: Are hungry for victory !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:15 --- L:5--- T: 7 ---Pts : 52

Strength: John Douglas/ Patrick Slaney combines for super goal-tending. Clinton Edwards is one of the leagues best defenders and Darren Pike has had a career year. Allan Dalton has nicely fitted in to the Laurentian program.  Laurentians are super strong in midfield : Jordi Slaney, Jon Grant, Sean Edwards, Sean Drew, Rudy Norman, Paul Slaney and Andrew Perrott.

Comments:How rookie coach Aylward  handles this squad and uses the talents of his core player may be the key to the teams success.

Mount Pearl That Pro Look / Molson 

Veteran Coach : Walt Mavin

Mount Pearl : Not to be under estimated !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:12 --- L: 11--- T: 4 ---Pts :40

Strength: Their coaching staff of Walt Mavin and Jimmy Hamyln are by far the most experienced coaching staff in this years play-offs and experience can be a huge strength. The back-line combo of Victor Dray and Jon Kelly gives Mount Pearl a solid defense. Matthew Hamyln is fast becoming one of the most promising up and coming mid-fielders in the game. Yianni Harbis brings a good level of toughness to the team.

Comments: Mount Pearl will need veterans Justin Pickford and Ryan Caines at their best to advance beyond the semi-finals.

Feildians Ernest & Young

Feildians : The team to watch out for !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:10 --- L: 8--- T: 9 ---Pts :39

 Strength: Feildians game depends on their running.They are fit and play as a team. No individuals on this team. They are the best team in the air. Their goal-tending duo of Bartellas and David Hickey ranks up with the best in the league.

 Bartellas has had a career year.

Comments: John Acreman / Phil Oliver  has done a remarkable job with the Feildians. If  the Feildians were to hoist the Molson Challenge Cup at the end of this years  play-offs  don't be shocked !


NLSA 2013 Molson Challenge Cup Top Goal Scorers

Tyler Forsey - 31 goals

 Steve Delong - 16 goals

Sean Drew - 14 goals
Stefan Slaney - 12 goals

 Jake Warren - 10 goals

Jon Hawco - 10 goals

 Jeremy Babstock - 9 goals

Paul Slaney - 9 goals

Monday, August 19, 2013

Burin Eagles win the Provincial Molson Intermediate "A" Championship

2013 Burin Eagles
Members of the Burin Eagles "A" Championship Team are: Brandon Wrice, William Grant, Warren Cox, TJ Dober,Jeremy Brenton,Matt Fewer, Ryan Lane, Tyler Kenway, David Baker, Kyle Edwards, Stephen Lambe, Ryan Hanrahan,Mitchell Edwards, Josh Miller, Zachary King, Albert Anstey Jr., Kevin Hillier, Adam Banister, Stephen Andrews, Chad Chislett, Coaches : Albert Anstey Sr., Wade Roul


Championship Game Burin Eagles: 3 vs Miquelon (ASM): 2 

Burin won on penalty shots 

NOTE : Burin went undefeated in the tournament:  
Game 1. Burin: 3 vs St. Pierre (ASIA) - 2 
Game 2. Burin : 4 vs St. Lawrence - 1 

Game 3. Burin: 3 vs Miquelon: 2

 Stephen Lambe - Burin MVP
Micquelon MVP - Olivier Norel : Simply Outstanding !
 Fans at the Intermediate Final
 Good to see - All kinds of Eagle fans at all Burin matches

CBS (RDM) win the Provincial Molson Intermediate "B" Championship

 CBS ( RDM ) - 2-013 Molson Provincial "B" Intermediate Champions

Members of the CBS "B" Championship team are: Mike Reddy, Adam Coleridge, Mike Rees, Steve Power, Gerald Crickard, Liam Kelly, Richard Christopher, Ryan Butler, Emir Elezovic, Robbie Perks, Al Power, Mark Walsh, Justin Mackinnon, Brad Raymond, Andrew Bryant, Brad Morgan, Aaron Perry and Coach Steve Reddy.


CBS (RDM) : 2 vs St. Pierre (ASIA) :1

CBS won on penalty shots 

 Liam Kelly - CBS MVP
Lucus Revert - St. Pierre (ASIA) MVP