NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, May 31, 2010

2010 BPSA Under 14 Team

2010 BPSA Under -14 Team

Sam Hanrahan,Alex Macbeath,Trent Coady,Wesley Brockerville,Joey Pittman,Michael Francis, Bradley Nolan, Christian Lace,Shayne Dunphy,Adam Kelly, Grant Slaney, Kundai Mkondo,Jay Coady
Coady Taylor, Jeffrey Doyle and Coaches: Shane Dunphy and Norm Lace

Back on Track
It's good to see the BPSA competing in the Provincial Under -14 League. Over the years the BPSA have struggled to compete in Provincial "A" Tournaments. Thanks to the efforts of a number of dedicated individuals this is changing. Presently, involved with soccer on the provincial scene are : Albert & Marjorie Anstey, Harry Kelly, Paul Slaney (Manager), Norm Lace and Shane Dunphy

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Under 14 Provincial League Play

Action from Provincial Under - 14 League, in Marystown

May 29, 2010 - CBS: 1 vs BPSA: 0


Action from CBS vs BPSA - Under 14


The final whistle !


Traditional handshakes


Better luck on Sunday, Shane

World Cup of Soccer : Click here

For those of you who think you know World Soccer, the
St. Lawrence Laurentians have set up a
World Cup Soccer Pool

Cost : $10.00

Contact : SLSA President, Hubert Beck



Click on the countries listed below and take a brief look on each team

Group A

Friday, May 28, 2010

BPSA Meeting

THe Burin Peninsula Soccer Association will be having a meeting on Sunday June 13 at Sacred Heart Academy in Marystown starting at 5:00.

The purpose of theis meeting is to discuss plans for the upcoming season. It will include planning for the minor, intermediate,Challenge Cup and Masters divisions in the region. It is important that all clubs have a representative in attendance.

Please email Shane Dunphy the name of the person who will be representing your club.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Provincial U-14 League About to Start


The NLSA Provincial Under 14 boys soccer league
begins play this weekend

Game 1
Teams :CBS @ BPSA
Date : Saturday May 29
Start time :3:00 P.M
Location :Centennial Field in Marystown

Game 2
Teams :CBS @ BPSA
Date : SundayMay
Start time :10:30 A.M
Location :Centennial Field in Marystown

Saturday, May 22, 2010


LOCATION: Charlottetown, PE

DATE: 6 – 11 October 2010


Preview 2010 Challenge Cup Nationals

by Gord Dunphy

You will notice that New Brunswick again this year won’t be participating at the Senior Men’s level . Host PEI, have added a second club and both of these teams along with Nova Scotia and Quebec are in a division with the Newfoundland representatives. In deed, a very good division for the NLSA reps. A division that the NLSA reps are capable of winning. This should make for a very interesting season for our own local clubs.

1. Manitoba 6. Newfoundland Labrador

2. Quebec 7. Nova Scotia

3. Prince Edward Island 8. Saskatchewan

4. Alberta 9. Ontario

5. British Columbia 10. Prince Edward Island (2) – Guest Team


1. MB 2. QC

4. AB 3. PE

5. BC 6. NL

8. SK 7. NS

9. ON 10. PE (2)

Wednesday, October 6

Game 1: AB v. BC

Game 2: MB v. SK

Game 3: PE v. NL

Game 4: QC v. NS

Thursday, October 7

Game 5: MB v. ON

Game 6: AB v. SK

Game 7: QC v. PE (2)

Game 8: PE v. NS

Friday, October 8

Game 9: MB v. AB

Game 10: BC v. ON

Game 11: QC v. PE

Game 12: NL v. PE (2)

Saturday, October 9

Game 13: MB v. BC

Game 14: SK v. ON

Game 15: QC v. NL

Game 16: NS v. PE (2)

Sunday, October 10

Game 17: AB v. ON

Game 18: BC v. SK

Game 19: PE v. PE (2)

Game 20: NL v. NS

Monday, October 11

Game 21: 5th Place Group 1 v. 5th Place Group 2

Game 22: 4th Place Group 1 v. 4th Place Group 2

Game 23: 3rd Place Group 1 v. 3rd Place Group 2

Game 24: 2nd Place Group 1 v. 2nd Place Group 2

Game 25: 1st Place Group 1 v. 1st Place Group 2


LOCATION: Charlottetown, PEI

DATE: 7 – 11October 2010


Preview 2010 Jubilee Trophy Nationals

by Gord Dunphy

New Brunswick along with Saskatchewan won’t be participating at the National,Senior Women’s level . This tournament will only be a eight team tournament. The NLSA women's representatives aren't so lucky as the men, they are placed in a very tough division. . They are with host P.E.I. and national power houses, Ontario and Alberta. From what I’ve seen in the past two seasons the NLSA women representatives have progresses to a level that they are quite able to hold their own at this tournament.

1. Alberta 5. Newfoundland Labrador

2. British Columbia 6. Manitoba

3. Nova Scotia 7. Quebec

4. Ontario 8. Prince Edward Island


1. AB 2. BC

4. ON 3. NS

5. NL 6. MB

8. PE 7. QC

Thursday, October 7

Game 1: AB v. PE

Game 2: ON v. NL

Game 3: BC v. QC

Game 4: NS v. MB

Friday, October 8

Game 5: AB v. NL

Game 6: ON v. PE

Game 7: BC v. MB

Game 8: NS v. QC

Saturday, October 9 - REST DAY

Sunday, October 10

Game 9: AB v. ON

Game 10: NL v. PE

Game 11: BC v. NS

Game 12: MB v. QC

Monday, October 11

Game 13: 4th Place Group 1 v. 4th Place Group 2

Game 14: 3rd Place Group 1 v. 3rd Place Group 2

Game 15: 2nd Place Group 1 v. 2nd Place Group 2

Game 16: 1st Place Group 1 v. 1st Place Group 2