NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Sunday : May 31, 2015 by Gord Dunphy

Sunday : May 31, 2015  by Gord Dunphy

Holy Cross Kirby Group: 9 vs Corner Brook United/Steel Insurance: 0
Goal – scorers : Kyle Williams (2), Jay Babstock (2), Tyler Kirby (2),
Jeff Slaney (1), Mike Dunn (1), Brandon Howlett (1)
Holy Cross Shut out :  Thomas Pieroway

Next Action : Wednesday - June 03 , 2015 at 6:30 – Smallwood Field, Mount Pearl

 Feildians  at Mount Pearl /First Choice Haircutters

Saturday, May 30, 2015

St. Lawrence & Feildians pick up victories - May 30 , 2015

Saturday Scores : May 30 – 2015 by Gord Dunphy

St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians :4 v CBS That Pro Look Strikers FC:0
Goal scorers: Clinton Edwards (2) : 36 & 45 minutes, 
Rudy Norman : 58 minutes, Tyler Forsey: 65 min.
Shut- out : John Douglas / Adam Loder

Holy Cross Kirby Group : 2 vs Mount Pearl /First Choice Haircutters : 2
Goal – scorers :
Holy Cross: Mike Brushett:  4 minutes,  Jeremy Babstock : 60 minutes
Mount Pearl : Kevin Oram : 37 minutes, Justin Pickford : 41 minutes

Feildians : 2  v  Corner Brook United/Steel Insurance : 1
Goal – scorers :
Feildians : Haden Mclean : 7 minutes ,  Marek Nakoniekzy : 28 minutes
Corner Brook : Eddie Traverse : 38 minute

Next Action : Sunday May 31, 2015
Corner Brook United/Steel Insurance vs Holy Cross Kirby Group - KGV
Time : 12 noon 

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Holy Cross & Corner Brook & St. Lawrence have big opening weekends

Holy Cross

Holy Cross and Corner Brook each pickup 6 points

Holy Cross, despite missing several former stars from the past, the 2014 Challenge Cup Champions, didn't miss a beat in the opening two games of the 2015 Molson Challenge Cup season. They come into season fit and are well prepared. On Saturday Holy Cross dominated Feildians with a 4-0 victory. Young, Kyle Williams who has great potential led the way with two goals and it was Thomas Pieroway  who recorded the shut-out. 
On Sunday Holy Cross gave Mount Pearl a 4-1 shellacking right in their own barn on Smallwood Dr.  Holy Cross got goals from 4 more different players and scored a total of eight in their two opening games. Holy Cross are quick out of the gate and their horses appear to ready to attack while others are saddled up to defend.


Vince Pickett

Corner Brook defeat CBS 

It may not be really be necessary for Corner Brook to get a Challenge Cup victory route ready just yet but their two  shut -out victories  over CBS will give his team a big moral boost with 6 points. Don't ever think that one man can't make a difference when you are talking about Vince Pickett,Corner Brook's, head coach, Vince Pickett has been around the game of soccer a very long time and he knows what it takes to win and he will do what it takes to win. I've noticed Vince  has a combination of several veterans and a number of youth added to this years roster. The mere fact that they beat CBS on Saturday by a 2-0 score and beat CBS on Sunday by a 1-0 score certainly puts Corner Brook in a position to already think about this years play-offs.


 Laurentians : New Kids on the Block

St. Lawrence get 4 on the road .

The St. Lawrence Laurentians had a fairly successful opening weekend to the 2015 Challenge Cup season. On Saturday, the Laurentians, Jordan Caines hooked a goal at the 88 minute mark to give his squad a 1-0 victory over Mount Pearl. The goal wasn't all that pretty but who on the Laureatians really cares about a teammate scoring a fluke goal when it gave St. Lawrence three big points. 
The contest was fairly evenly played. Both teams had some quality chances but were rather weak in finishing. At times both teams were rather fairly chippy and sometimes they were very aggressive with their ethics behind the play. 
On Sunday, St. Lawrence met the Feildians at KGV with the winds gusting enough to blow you right out into the lake.  Despite the winds, both teams fought hard with the play mostly concentrated into the neutral zone there wasn't a big amount of scoring opportunities. The star of the match was John Douglas. He made a brilliant late save on a penalty shot to preserve the tie and secure a point which allowed the Laurentians to get 4 out of a possible six points on their road trip.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

It's Soccer 2015 & It's Going to be Bigger and Better Than Ever

Molson Challenge Cup Scores
By Gord Dunphy

Saturday : May 23 - 2015

St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians:1v Mount Pearl /First Choice Haircutters: 0
Goal scorer : Jordan Caines at 88 minutes
St. Lawrence Shut out : John Douglas
Corner Brook United/Steel Insurance : 2 v CBS That Pro Look Strikers FC: 0
Goal scorers for Corner Brook  : Clareance Bennett at 23 minutes   Ryan Rose at 31 minutes
Shut out : Zack Taylor and Tyler Kelloway
Holy Cross Kirby Group : 4 vs Feildians : 0
Kyle Williams (2) : 17 & 81 minute
Matt Breen (1) : 14 minute
Scotty Woodfine (1) : 64 minute
Holy Cross Shut out :  Thomas Pieroway

Sunday : May 24 - 2015

Corner Brook United/Steel Insurance:1 v CBS That Pro Look Strikers FC:0
Goal – scorer ; Eddie Traverse
Shut –out : Zack Taylor and Tyler Kelloway
St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians : 0 vs Feildians : 0
Shut –outs : 
St. Lawrence : John Douglas  
 Feildians : Chris Goodridge
Holy Cross Kirby Group : 4 vs Mount Pearl /First Choice Haircutters : 1
Goal – scorers :
Holy Cross: Andrew Stanford: 3 minutes,  Mike Brushett: 39 minutes
Scotty Woodfine :61  minutes, Mike Dunn: 85 minutes.
Mount Pearl : Ryan Caines : 66 minutes

Saturday : May 23 - 2015

St. Lawrence:1 at Mount Pearl : 0

Jordan Caines at 88 minutes


Corner Brook : 2 v CBS : 0

Clareance Bennett at 23 minutes
Ryan Rose at 31 minutes


Holy Cross : 4 vs Feildians :0

Kyle Williams (2)
Matt Breen (1)
Scotty Woodfine (1)


Sunday : May 24 - 2015

Corner Brook ; 1 vs CBS : 0

St. Lawrence : 0 at Feildians : 0

Holy Cross: 5 at Mount Pearl: 1