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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Mount Pearl to Host National Tournaments

The Mount Pearl Soccer Association and the City of Mount Pearl has been selected to host the 2010 Boys and Girls U18 National Club Championships.

The Mount Pearl Soccer Association and the City of Mount Pearl has been selected to host the 2012 Boys U14/U16 National All Star Championships.

Congratulations Mount Pearl !!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Congratulations by Kenny Roul : Click here to find out about Ken Roul the Real Estate Agent

I want to take this opportunity to wish each and every one out there who reads this blog a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

I also would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Gord on his election to the NLSA and I am sure he will help put soccer on a firm standing in the province. Working with Doug Redmond and the other board members I am sure they will bring the sport to the forefront and in doing so allow other Newfoundlanders and Labradorians to become exposed to the sport.

From more of a business perspective I would also like to ask for your assistance. If you, or anyone you know is thinking of buying or selling a house this year, I am available to assist you. No matter where you are in Canada, North America or many other countries, I have contacts in the real estate industry and can help you find an agent who will work as hard for you as I would or will. I am currently working for Century 21 A.B.C. Realty in Dartmouth, NS and you can find me at and you can email me at

Yours respectfully,
Ken Roul

Gord's reply

Merry Christmas to you Ken and all the best in 2009. I would like to thank you for your comments and it was a pleasure seeing you and your son in Halifax at the National Challenge Cup Championships in 2007.

I also would like to wish you well with your career in Real Estate and hopefully someday I will see you listed as Canada's #1 Real Estate Salesperson.


Friday, December 26, 2008

Forward Thinking by Brendan McCarthy : Click on the photo's to get a enlargement

Forward Thinking - The Danny Cleary Story


The author - Brendan McCarthy


Pictured above, I am reading the book which my wife gave me for Christmas. The book is an excellent read and one that I would recommend to any sports enthusiast.
I must add, I have followed Danny Cleary's hockey career ever since he was a young kid and started playing with the Belleville Bulls. After I read this book, I was so enlightened with the knowledge that I've obtained that I have read the book a second time. Good job, Brendan!

Merry Christmas From the Farrell's

Keith, Greg
Cynthia, Alicia, Dana

Alicia, Greg and Dana out for a winters jog

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season's Greetings - Gord Dunphy

Season's Greetings

As the newly elected VP of Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association, I would like to join with Doug and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. My goal for the next couple of years is to work very closely with the NLSA President Doug Redmond, to grow Senior Men's Soccer and move senior soccer forward. In my opinion Doug Redmond is the hardest working volunteer in our province and I welcome the opportunity to work with him under his leadership.

I have a number of ideas that I will be bringing to the NLSA Executive in the New Year. These ideas, no doubt, will generate discussion and debate but in order for our program to move forward, we definitely need changes.

This past year, with only 4 clubs competing for the Provincial Challenge Cup Championship was an all time low for soccer. So obviously something's gotta change. Clubs must be more open minded and become more flexible. I'm hoping to lead the way in these categories. My intentions this season is start growing and show-casing our sport and bring Challenge Cup games to areas of the province that have never ever witnessed Challenge Cup soccer before, namely: Grand Falls, Gander and Clarenville.

I will also be working very closely with both the Intermediate and Masters Leagues and giving those leagues the respect they deserve. We cannot grow our program without having a successful intermediate league and showing respect to the intermediate players.

Our masters players are, in most cases, the players`that have made the sport of soccer what it is today and they are to be commended for that. Hopefully, we can have a competitive and a non-competitive division playing in the Provincial Tournament. The teams that wish to play and represent the province at the Eastern Canadian Championship would play in the competitive division only.

Another potential area for growth is provincial indoor soccer with the new Breen indoor soccer facility. So basically we will have to wait and see here.

I will be giving the referees the utmost respect and hopefully this feeling will translate to an increasing number of new officials to the game.

With the cooperation of players, fans and the governing body of Provincial soccer,we are in the position to see the growth of soccer in our province.

On behalf of myself and my family, I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Gord Dunphy
Vice President - Senior Men's
Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association

Christmas Message from the Premier:

A Message from the Premier

At this festive time of year, it is important to gather with family and friends and to embrace all the joy and wonder that the holiday season has to offer. It is also a time to remember those who are less fortunate, as well as the brave men and women of our Canadian Armed Forces who will be spending the holidays far from home.

As the New Year approaches, may we all take the time to truly experience the peace and comfort that the holidays bring as we prepare for the challenges and triumphs that await us in the year ahead.

On behalf of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, I extend to all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, my warmest wishes for a safe and joyous holiday season.



Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador

Season's Greetings from the NLSA President

Doug Redmond

Thanks to an extremely large number of wonderful people, 2008 was another great year for soccer within Newfoundland and Labrador.

More people played more games of soccer in more locations than ever before in the history of the sport within our province.

While hosting the national men’s Challenge Cup and women’s Jubilee Trophy championships ranks as the highlight, the season was overflowing with many other exceptional aspects of the soccer year.

Within our soccer community, thousands of people made important contributions to the success story. Start with players and their families, coaches, managers, officials, staff and organizers and you’re headed in the correct direction.

This important group is supported, well supported, by the media, sponsors, various levels of government and the very important general public. They all came together during 2008 and the result was great success.

We are all looking forward to 2009 with great expectations and a resolve to make next year the best ever for the Newfoundland and Labrador soccer community.

At this special time of year, on behalf of all of us in soccer, I extend best wishes to everybody for a happy and holy Christmas and a prosperous and joyful New Year.


Doug Redmond
Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association


Merry Christmas to all !!!

One of the St.Lawrence Laurentian's greatest fans sends along his Season's Greetings to the St. Lawrence Laurentians and all of his friends in St.Lawrence. Jimmy is currently working in Fort McMurray. In the above photo, Jimmy stands outside his room proudly displaying his blue decor.

Jimmy Cluett

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fortune native inducted into Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame

Maj. (Ret.) Roy Hillier

Maj. (Ret.) Roy Hillier has been inducted into the Canadian Forces Sports Hall of Fame as a multi-sport athlete, coach and builder. His potential was recognized during his basic training course when he was named ‘Outstanding Athlete’.

As a staff coach and course conductor for the Ontario Soccer Association, he has certified over 1,000 military and civilian soccer coaches. He is also a course conductor for the National Coaching Certification Program of Canada, and has certified more than 5,000 military and civilian coaches.His abilities as a team-builder for sports, particularly soccer, is beyond compare in the Canadian Forces.

He started the Canadian Forces International Military Sports Council (CISM) soccer team, coaching it until 1992, when he was appointed to the CISM Soccer Technical Committee, for which he served until 2005.

His contributions to CISM were formally recognized in 1997, when he was awarded the ‘Order of Knight’. Hillier was also awarded the Canadian Forces Distinguished Order of Merit in 2007.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Dome over Calgary Soccer Center collapsed

The air-supported bubble dome over part of the Calgary Soccer Centre in the southeast collapsed sometime Monday morning. It contains three main fields and two mini-fields. The main building, a solid structure with four fields, is not affected and soccer games will continue there.

The inflated dome roof at the Calgary Soccer Centre's southeast location collapsed under the weight of snow and ice.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

God Bless Our Soldiers ....... Click Here

(L-R) Cpl. Thomas James Hamilton, Pte. Justin Peter Jones ( center) and Pte. John Michael Roy Curwin were killed while on security patrol around 9 a.m. local time approximately 14 kilometres west of Kandahar City on Dec 13, 2008.

Pte. Justin Peter Jones is from Baie Verte, Newfoundland

After having experienced the loss of Private Kevin Kennedy, our own native Laurentian, we as Laurentians send our condolences out to the families of the three latest Canadian Soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

God Bless all of you and your families . As a Laurentian I can certainly attest to this sort of tragedy and we know that the community of Baie Vere by the means of their support and prayers will see this tragedy through. Again, God Bless

Monday, December 15, 2008

Braid Industrial Sevices Ltd. donated $2500.00 to the St.Lawrence Soccer Association - Click Here

Braid Industrial Services Ltd recently made a $2500.00 donation to the St.Lawrence Soccer Association. The generous donation was made to St.Lawrence at the St.Lawrence Annual Banquet and Awards Presentation.

Former St.Lawrence natives Marlon Quirke and Dean Tarrant are big time Laurentian fans and both are current employees of Braid Industrial Services Ltd. They are presently working in an oil sands project in Fort. McMurray, Alberta. Marlon and Dean are Electricians

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Wellington Street Complex in Corner Brook

Soccer on the West Coast of Newfoundland
As you can see in the photo's, the West Coast of Newfoundland has come of age in the world of soccer with their new turf field complex in Corner Brook. This facility was constructed in 2008 and has been named the "Wellington Street Complex" . From looking at the photo's the facility is beautiful. Now, the goal of every region in Newfoundland and Labrador should be to get one of these complexes. After all, we are a "Have Province"
President - Chris Grant
Last night I spoke with Chris Grant, President of the Men's Corner Brook Association and discussed with him the possibility of Corner Brook playing Challenge Cup in 2009.The possibility is there but the league may have to adapt to changes.First we must become much more open minded and get more flexible if we are to grow the sport in our province. Actually I liked Chris's positive spin on soccer when talking with him.
More to Come!
Stay tuned ! You'll be hearing more about this and other developments that may occur in the new year.

Photo's of the Wellington Street Complex in Corner Brook

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Voice of St. Lawrence - Don Turpin

by Gord Dunphy

St. Lawrence native and long time resident Don Turpin has accumulated an amazing 62 year broadcasting career. Don, born in 1929 , became a media personality in 1946 at the tender age of 16. He was initially hired as a news correspondent for VOCM after they expanded their news coverage from St. John’s to the Burin Peninsula. Don Turpin’s work ethic resembles that of a work -alcoholic. His full time employment over the years shows that he has had five years working in the fishery, seven years experience in the mining field and twenty-five years as an employee with the Town of St. Lawrence. Don has expressed that his true love, the media, is "my record of enjoyment." Don contributes his longevity in broadcasting to his love of the subject and the support that his wife Suzanne has given him over the years.

Soccer Credentials

Oh yes! Don Turpin played soccer! He said, "I wasn’t the greatest. I could hold my own, but it was very hard to make the team. You only carried 11 players back then". But due to a serious leg injury which occurred when Don played in a game at Lamaline, his playing days became numbered.
In 1950, Don became involved with soccer at the executive level. For the past 50 plus years, Don has served as a public relations officer for the St. Lawrence and the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association. During this time, he has also held various executive positions such as president, secretary and treasurer for the St. Lawrence

Soccer Association.

In the 1960’s, Don started contributing Burin Peninsula sports items to "The Daily News" and to the regional newspaper, "The Post", now called "The Southern Gazette". Don still contributes various sports items to both of these newspapers.
When "The Evening Telegram" chose a panel to select Newfoundland’s top soccer players, Don Turpin was asked to assist with the selection committee as it was felt his expert analysis was certainly of value. In 1977, he was instrumental with the public relations during the hosting of the National Challenge Cup Soccer in the town of St. Lawrence. It was a conversation that Don Turpin had at this tournament with Eric King, executive secretary of the Canadian Soccer Association that Eric singled out Don’s outstanding efforts and called St. Lawrence "The Soccer Capital of Canada".
Since beginning broadcasting soccer games over the VOCM network, he has done colour commentary at every provincial soccer championship game. On three occasions Don accompanied the Laurentians to their national championship: Toronto, Ontario ( 1967 ), Calgary, Alberta( 1976 ), and Kitchener, Ontario ( 1979) . He was instrumental in assisting the local radio station with the broadcasting of these games.
For the past 20 soccer seasons Don has been working closely with the NLSA in the preparation of the provincial statistics for the Provincial Challenge Cup Soccer League. His voice is still heard regularly on the CHCM’s morning sports-cast and every Sunday evening at 5 pm the Challenge Cup Weekend round-up is aired.

Hall of Famer

In 1985, Don was elected to the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame. In 1986, he was elected to the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame. Don Turpin was inducted into the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Hall of Fame in 2002.

True Blue

Although Don is there to carry local, regional and provincial news reports, sports scores and sports stories, it is no secret that Don Turpin loves the town of St. Lawrence, the sport of soccer and the Laurentians. He considers it a treat to have been able to have watched so many great teams and all-star players perform. He refers to Wils Molloy as the greatest, although he feels Bob Kelly, Herb Slaney, Bill Slaney, Reg Farrell, Albert Kettle, Alfred Giovinnini, Gus Tarrant, Norm Kelly, Alonzo Walsh, Cyril Quirke, and Frank Tobin were all great players too. When questioned about the old time goalies, Turpin felt that it was Louie Kelly who would edge out the Laurentians Charlie Banfield, Tommy Turpin, Mike Handrigan, Mike Quirke and Bob Slaney. It appeared to me that I was mesmerizing Don when I keep asking him, "Who was the best?" Maybe in all honesty, it was to hard for him to answer. Don feels that soccer, as it is played today, is completely different than the old days. I was told that it was no big deal to have a few drinks before a game back then. My reply was, "Yes, I’ve coached a few teams like that myself!" He just laughed.
Transportation to out of town games was provided by an old pick-up truck. The players would all jump in the box and on certain occasions someone would throw in an bale of hay to comfort the players on their ride. He referred to the old 5 - 3 - 2 system , where a team would use five forwards, three halfbacks and two fullbacks, a more of a "slog and run" game. The fields were much smaller with a lot of goals scored. The players were very rough, with no such thing as a disciplinary card handed out. Now, with the bigger soccer fields and a more defensive 4 - 4 - 2 system being played, players are better skilled and more physically fit. Today there is more strategic planning done by the coaches with less and less goals being scored. Currently the referees have more control. Don concluded, "I still love the game."

Respected By All

Over the course of Don’s career, he is referred to as "The Voice of the Common Man." Here are some quotes given by some respected individuals on "Mr. Soccer"

Clayton Welsh (Former NLSA President)
"Mr. Turpin is a lifelong sports enthusiast and broadcaster. His dedication to sports is to be commended."

Russ Murphy (CHCM Station Manager) "Don has had a close association with VOCM for almost 45 years. Besides the soccer coverage, Don has served his community as goodwill ambassador and has contributed substantially to the pride and well being of his hometown. In the media fraternity, he is affectionately known as "Mr. Soccer."

Len Slaney ( NLSA - Hall of Famer ) "Don Turpin has been called Mr. Sport’s Media in practically every community on the Burin Peninsula. Through out our life long friendship, I have seen his enthusiasm for broadcasting continuously grow. I guess that’s what keeps Don Newfoundlands number one soccer personality."

Newman Barrlett (Former NLSA President) "Don, for a long number of years, has been instrumental in keeping sports alive on the Burin Peninsula by his reporting and involvement."

George Macvicar (Editor-Southern Gazette) "Don has always been a friend to the sporting community. He has gone out of his way to make sure regular and spectacular accomplishments by local and provincial athletes are reported."

Wade Rowsell (Mayor of St. Lawrence) "Don has always been committed in promoting the cultural achievements of sports, teams and individuals throughout the Burin Peninsula. His sports accomplishment by action and deed has truly been inspiring - he is a living legend."

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Breen Indoor Soccer Facility - Click Here

Photo by Gord Dunphy

Indoor Soccer Facility
Construction of Newfoundland and Labrador's first indoor soccer facility is currently under way. This facility is being constructed in St. John's just across from Country Ribbon in Pleasantville. Earlier today I dropped by to see how the construction on this building was going . I was informed that progress is well on schedule, the buildings footings are completed and assemblying the steel frame work, as you can see in the above photo, is under way.
A big Boost !!
There is no doubt that this facility will be a big boost for provincial soccer and I'm sure the provinces elite and all-star programs will greatly benefit from this new facility. Soccer will be able to be played year round, for the first time in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Provincial Indoor Tournaments
Today when I was sizing up this facility, I felt maybe we can get back to having Provincial Indoor Soccer Tournaments that will be sanctioned by the NLSA. With this new facility there will be no down time in provincial soccer and if we are going to grow our sport, that's what we need. Hopefully, KGV will get back on stream for the spring and Santa Claus can get the kids some new soccer equipment for Christmas. I'll keep you posted on this new facility as I see it happening

Friday, December 5, 2008

Wils Molloy - "Simply the Best" By Gord Dunphy

Wils Molloy - "Simply the Best"

Well, if hockey fans can refer to Wayne Gretzky as the "Great One", and Mario Lemieux as the "Magnificent One", maybe the soccer fans of Newfoundland and Labrador should refer to Wils Molloy of St. Lawrence who was known as "Boomer" in his early days as "Simply the Best"

Impressive Credentials

Wils Molloy played a major role in the winning of 41 soccer championships. Included in this extremely impressive list of soccer championship teams on which Molloy played are: nine provincial first division crowns, five Eastern Canadian titles, nineteen Burin Peninsula first division crowns and eight provincial masters championships. The climax of Molloy's career may have come in 1972, when he was selected as a member of Canada’s Olympic Team. He performed for Canada against Mexico in a Olympic qualifying game played at Varsity Stadium in Toronto, Ontario. He played against Ayre United of Scotland in ‘74 and ‘75 and against Queen Park Rangers of Scotland in ‘78.

He scored a goal for St.Lawrence in a 3-2 loss to Toronto in ‘67 Challenge Cup, the first time that Newfoundland was ever represented at national competition. Wils scored twice as a member of Newfoundland’s Challenge Cup All-Star Select Team which beat Ontario for the first time in Challenge Cup play in Winnipeg in 1970, and he also notched the winning goal as Newfoundland won the Eastern Challenge Cup in ‘75. Perhaps the greatest single-game performance came in the 1970’s National Challenge Cup when Wils scored five times against Nova Scotia despite sitting out the first half of the game.

Wils’ red hair combined with his shooting talent and the ability of heading the ball made number nine of the Laurentians loved at home, hated by opponents but respected by all. Molloy was voted "Player of the Decade" for the 70’s and he was ranked the top soccer player in the sport of Newfoundland soccer during a poll done in 1994.

Involved In Coaching

In the late 1980’s, after he had completed playing at the senior level, Wils tried coaching for a period but became frustrated with players not performing at the same level to which he had been accustomed during his playing days.

In 1992 when I became head coach of the St. Lawrence Laurentians, I felt that in order to be successful as a head coach, my first instinct would be to try and surround myself with a very knowledgeable and respected player to act as an assistant coach. This I did. I got a person who was by now inducted into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall-Of-Fame, Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall-Of-Fame, Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Hall-Of-Fame, and a person who had been inducted into the highest honour bestowed on any athlete in Newfoundland and Labrador, an induction into the Sport Newfoundland and Labrador Hall-Of-Fame. That individual was Wils Molloy. I breathed his knowledge, dissected his thoughts, inhaled them, and I then completely applied them as I saw fit. I attribute my personal coaching accomplishments, and the St Lawrence Laurentians team’s successes to this living legend.

Soccer associations and sport governing bodies should construct monuments or display plaques of recognition for individual achievements or team accomplishments, especially for something which is so prestigious to your community and your heritage.

Molloy Answers Questions

The soccer powers should use the Wils Molloy’s of soccer to try and improve the direction of our program. Recently I sat down with Wils and asked him to reveal some of his past experiences and present day thoughts of the game.

Q.) What was Molloy’s greatest thrill?

A.) Playing with the Canadian Olympic Team in 1972.


Q.) What was Molloy’s greatest disappointment?

A.) Losing to B.C. in the Challenge Cup final hosted by St. Lawrence in 1977.


Q.) Who was Molloy’s most respected forward opponent of all time?

A. ) Frank (Red) Fizzard of the Grand Bank Gee-Bee’s.


Q.) Who was Molloy’s most respected goalie opponent of all time?

A.) Gord Grandy of the Grand Bank Gee-Bee’s.


Q.) Who was Molloy’s most respected midfielder/halfback opponent of all time?

A.) George "Bow" Collier of the Fortune Apollo's.


Q.) Who was Molloy’s most respected fullback opponent of all time?

A.) Max Crocker of the Grand Bank Gee-Bee’s.


Q.) How did you feel about moving back to play fullback after being the star striker?

A.) I really didn’t care, actually I had no other choice. When coach Jack Simms made the change I then left a lot of my fullback duties to our captain , Keith Farrell.


Q.) Name some of the top Laurentian players you played with.?

A.) Bob Slaney, Al Slaney, Keith Farrell, Frank Tobin, Cyril Quirke, Keith Walsh, Sam Tobin, Brendan Slaney, Joe Turpin, Norm Kelly, Junior Edwards, Phonse Cooper, Tom Tarrant, Greg Qurike, Reg Farrell, Junior Doyle, Frank Haskell, Rudy Slaney, Frank Pittman, Jim Loder , Ray Molloy, Hugh Tarrant, Mario Tarrant and Carl Ferrie.


Q.) In conclusion what can we do to improve the game?

A.) I would forget about the All-Stars programs and concentrate on the club or community teams where adults would be coaching these minor players and the students hired on for the summer would do the assistant coaching. If this doesn't occur, then soccer will continue to decline.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Premier's Athletic Awards Program

The Premier’s Athletic Awards Program is designed to recognize athletic excellence of the province’s elite athletes by providing financial assistance to help offset the cost of training and competition.

Deadline for Applications - January 12, 2009

Premier's Athletic Awards Program Application Form (PDF)

Premier's Athletic Awards Program 2008-09 Athlete Guideslines

Breen and Harris compete for roster on the 2009 World University Games

Breen, Harris in contention for Canadian World University Games Team

The NLSA would like to congratulate Laura Breen and Malorie Harris for making the first cut and being selected to the top 35 players for Canada’s 2009 World University Games team. Both players were offered tryouts after standout seasons in which they lifted the Memorial Sea-Hawks to a 2nd place finish in the AUS regular season. Breen, who played for Team Canada at the 2007 World University Games, was named 2008 AUS MVP after leading the conference in scoring, and also picked up both AUS and CIS 1st team All-Star Awards. Also a former provincial team and NTC player, Laura is currently head coach of the NLSA Girls Under 15 Provincial Team.
Harris, a 2008 AUS 1st team and CIS 2nd
team All-Star, is a former NLSA provincial team, Canada Games and NTC player.The current pool of 35 players will continue with the tryouts process into the New Year with the final roster to compete at the 2009 World University Games next July in Belgrade, Serbia. The NLSA wishes Laura and Malorie the very best of luck in their journey to represent Canada.

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Latest on KGV

Photo by Gary Hebbard/The Telegram

Paul Howard (left) of Turf Masters and St. John's Senior Soccer Association president Brian Murphy were at King George V Park Wednesday to examine the damage caused to the artificial turf surface by flooding over the weekend.


Photo by Joe Gibbons/The Telegram

Newfoundland Soccer Association president Doug Redmond stands in front of the flooded pitch at the King George V Park in St. John's Saturday night. Heavy rain Saturday did significant damage to the facility's synthetic surface. By Sunday morning, most of the water had drained from the field, only to reveal huge bubbles where the FieldTurf surface had been raised.

This is unreal !!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

St. Lawrence Soccer Association 2008 Award Winners

SLSA's - Team Of Year - Laurentians Challenge Cup Team


SLSA's - Most Valuable Player - Mike Howlett


SLSA's -Most Valuable Player at Nationals - Marc Pittman

SLSA's - Fans Choice Award - Marc Pittman


SLSA's - Gerard Quirke Award Of Excellence - Rudy Norman

SLSA's - Most Dedicated Player - Rudy Norman


SLSA's - Most Improved Player - Sean Edwards

SLSA's - Avondale Music Academic & Athletic Scholarship - Sean Edwards


SLSA's - Most Sportmanlike Player - Clinton Edwards


SLSA's - Top Scorer Award - Jeremy Brenton

Thursday, November 27, 2008

2009 CSA Hall of Fame Inductees

Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame adds seven

Former players Neil Ellett, John Limniatis, Joan McEachern and Mike Stojanovic headed the list of 2009 inductees to Canada's Soccer Hall of Fame announced yesterday. They will be inducted June 6 along with referee Bob Sawtell, administrator Derek Wisdom, historian Colin Jose. Also to be posthumously honoured with the Pioneer Award winner is former player, coach and official Ted Slade. The Team of Distinction Award winner is the 1986 Canadian FIFA World Cup team, the only national side to make it to soccer's grandest stage.