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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sat. May 31 St. Lawrence - 1 vs Holy Cross - 1 - Game Report by Gord Dunphy

Starting Lineup for the Laurentians;
Goal- John Douglas
Fullbacks - Blair Aylward, Marc Pittman, Ryan Slaney,Andrew Perrott.
Midfield - Rudy Norman, Clinton Edwards,Paul Slaney, Sean Edwards.
Forwards - Mike Howlett, Sheldon Slaney.

A very good game of soccer for the opening game between Holy Cross and the Laurentians. Holy Cross seems to be much improved this year, although the Laurentians seemed to carry the play in the first half. It was at the 4 minute mark that Holy Cross had scored on a beautiful play that sent the ball throught the box and was put into the open net. But the lineman deemed the play off-sides and thus the goal was called back. This was big break for St.Lawrence. For the remaining 40 minutes of the first period the Laurentians displayed good ball control and missed on a number of quality opportunities. Andrew Perrott missed on what appeared to be a given, when the ball was headed off the goal line by a defender. Sheldon Slaney and Mike Howlett worked extremely well together. Mike was very unfortunate when he shot a ball of the cross-bar after having Tyler Putt soundly beaten. Clinton Edwards missed on a clear cut break away. But it was Sheldon Slaney, at the 33 minute mark,who opened the scoring for the Laurentians when he got the ball inside of the 18 yard box and calmly touched the ball to the left of Putt scoring a beautiful goal. John Douglas made a brilliant save at the 44 minute mark as the whistle was about to blow to end the half.

The second half saw things change considerably for St. Lawrence. Holy Cross got themselves back into the game with a lot of hustle and winning of free balls. The Laurentians players seemed to slack off and late in the second period Sheldon Slaney was subbed for young Stefan Slaney and shortly after that Stephan's dad, Dr. Paul Slaney, was brought in to replace Laurentians Captain Blair Aylward. But, despite Coach Derek Strang's move to get the Laurentians back on track, at the 79 minute mark it was Holy Cross's Zack Atwood, scoring from a scramble near the penalty shot line. For the rest of the contest both teams fought hard and appeared to settle for a draw.

In the first match : St. John's Under 18 - 0 vs Mount Pearl - 2
Scoring for Mount Pearl : Trevor Ivany 39 min, Mark Reddy 45 min
Shut- out : Gerald Connolly

Friday, May 30, 2008

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