NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cross blank Mount Pearl : 5-0 as Forsey scores hat-trick

Tyler Forsey

Holy Cross : 5 vs Mount Pearl :0

Forsey hits the 30 goal plateau 

Holy Cross increased their lead on 1st place overall as the blanked Mount Pearl 5-0 at KGV Sunday afternoon. Yes , it was Tyler Forsey scoring the natural hat-trick that was the big news. Forsey, now has 31 goals in 26 regular season games. I really can't remember the last guy that got 30 goals in a season. I believe both Junior Doyle and Frank Haskell did it in the 70's when the Laurentians were,  the "Team of the Decade." I don't know if anyone from Holy Cross scored 30 goals in one season in the 80's.Cross were a power hose in the 80's and were named , "Team of the Decade" for the 80's.  Myself,I started coaching at the Challenge Cup level in the early 90's and at that time  both Harry Kelly and Dion Kettle were our snipers and as a result of their goalscoring and the Challenge Cup championships won, the Laurentians were named , "Team of the Decade" in the 90's.  But I can't recall  either one of those two scoring 30 or more in the 90's. But I do know that they knew where the net was and they scored 20 plus on a number of occasions. Then came the new millennium  where Richard Kelly and Rudy Norman dented the back of the net on a regular basics. I can't recall either one of these all-stars hitting the 30 goal plateau either. Although, both were great players and the Laurentians won the Challenge Cup on a regular basis and again were the "Team of the Decade" from 2000 - 2009. Anyways,  I must say it is quite a remarkable feat what ever way you look at it.  CONGRATULATIONS TYLER !

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