NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mount Pearl shocks Holy Cross


Mount Pearl Goalscorers :L-R : Mark Reddy - Kevin Oram - Justin Pickford

Holy Cross Goalscorer: Steven DeLong (2) 

Mount Pearl shocks Holy Cross
To date, Holy Cross have been the team of the 2015 NLSA Molson Challenge Cup league. Although they were in 2nd place, they were undefeated after twelve matches and had easily beaten the 1st place St. Lawrence Laurentians in their one and only match-up of the season.
On Wednesday evening things got off rather well for Holy Cross. Steve Delong, who has been on a tear of his own in the past few weeks scoring scored six goals, scored the opening goal at the 3 minute mark and he dented the twine for Holy Cross again three minutes later. This game looked like it was going to be a blow-out for Holy Cross. Mount Pearl just didn't appear to be in the contest. However at the 15 minute mark Mount Pearl got a break and were awarded a penalty shot because of a Holy Cross foul deep inside the 18 yard  zone. Veteran Mark Reddy scored on the charity kick and this was just the break Mount Pearl needed. After the goal Mount Pearl slowly fought their way back into the contest and with their aggressive play, they eventually turned the momentum to their advantage. At the 37 minute mark Kevin Oram, who is playing some of the best soccer of his career, beat Holy Cross goalkeeper Thomas Pieroway low to the right hand corner putting Holy Cross in a little more disarray. The score was now tied at 2-2 and these two goals that were scored on Holy Cross were the only goals that Holy Cross had allowed for the month of July.
The second half  brought about a lot of aggression and personal battles that were give and take by both clubs. Yellow cards were issued by the officials and the players were issuing  many bumps and bruises and a scattered knock-down to their opponent. However it was Mount Pearl's leading goalscorer, Justin Pickford who stopped Holy Cross's dominiance and undefeated record in 2015, when he scored on a blast at the 60 minute mark that left Pieroway again for the 3rd time in this match, retrieving the ball from the back of his net. The rest of the match was rather eventful at times , it was apparent these two teams have a genuine dislike for each other. Still there was some nice plays made but as the clock was wearing thin Holy Cross just couldn't penetrate Mount Pearl's solid defensive effort. 
Mount Pearl who now are solidly in 3rd, travel out to the West Coast of the Province and take on Vince Picket's troopers in Corner Brook.  Holy Cross will engage themselves with their long time rivals in the "Soccer Capital" as they fight it out with the St.Lawrence Laurentians for the "Bobby Breen Memorial " trophy.  

Pre wed celebrations at KGV

Pre -wed celebrations

There is more to soccer at the KGV complex than soccer. On Wednesday evening this group of fine looking ladies showed up at the Holy Cross v Mount Pearl game. they were on their way to celebrate one of the girls who is getting married. Needless to say that was ten minutes of the game which was missed. Congratulations to the soon to be newly wed !

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Prayer have been answered !

My grandson : Nash Mckay 

Please say a prayer for my little grandson. 
He is 3 months old and is presently 
in  the hospital in 
Grande Prairie, Alberta.

Thanks Folks

I would like to thank all of you who said a little prayer and sent along all your well wishes for our grandson while he was hospitalized.  He is now home recovering nicely and I thank God for that as well. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

St. Lawrence are currently in 1st

July 18 - 2015 : St. Lawrence : 3 vs Corner Brook : 0

July 19 - 2015 : St. Lawrence : 6 vs Corner Brook : 1



The team is currently in 1st place.

Paul Slaney & Derek Strang 


L - R : Adam Kelly - Tyler Forsey - Clinton Edwards 

Pictured above are the three Laurentian goalscorers against 
Corner Brook in Saturday match.



Tyler Forsey : St. Lawrence Laurentians

Tyler Forsey, currently lead the 2015 Challenge Cup in goalscoring. He handily won the goalscoring race in 2013 with 31 goals and he again won the goalscoring in 2014 despite his team not making the play-offs. Forsey, at times, has somewhat sputtered this season while it appears he is not enjoying the ball but is rather fighting it. However, I feel he is still the leagues most dynamic and explosive striker. He has the juice of a cougar when it comes to running. When it comes to shooting he carries a double barrel rifle that carries plenty of ammunition. He is virtually a goal scoring threat ever time he touches the ball inside the 40 yards. He is simply a goalkeepers nightmare.   

St. Lawrence Die Hards love their Laurentians

T.J. Slaney 

T. J. lives and dies for soccer. He  only see's blue and that's all he cares about. He was there in the 60's , managed the Laurentians during periods of the 70's, 80's and 90's. He works from the inside, always wanting to know from all the coaches, players and teams what is going on behind the scenes.


Harold Haskell & Clum Roul

Both of these guys are true blue. Harold loved watched his brother Frank playing in his glory days and was a very good minor player. Clum Roul doesn't miss a game but he sure misses his good old soccer yarns with his late Brother -In - Law, Mr. Don Turpin. 


Kevin Slaney

I met Kevin for the first time at the St. Lawrence vs Corner Brook game on Sunday, July 19. Although, I have conversed with Kevin on Facebook several times while he was on fb following the St. Lawrence Laurentian.  This fine gentleman left St. Lawrence some fifty years ago after just finishing college at what was then the Vocational School and now is the College of the North Atlantic in Burin. At the college Kevin completed a two year machinists course. After Kevin completed college,  he moved to Toronto and on from there it was to Tumbler Ridge in Northern British Columbia where Kevin resides today and is presently retired.  He was amazed at how the Laurentians could still compete after all those years despite the community population going from 3,000 down to approximately 1200 residents. 


Wils Lambert

I always loved this guy.When I was growing up this man was the best fighter in town. He was big, strong and a genuinely a cool character. He loved the women too -  LOL !. Now Wils Lambert, despite after slowing down quite a bit, he is one of St. Lawrence's biggest fans. He finds his way to ever single home game and constantly sits in his familiar spot just outside the dressing rooms.
On Saturday, July 18 , I had a little chat with Wils. He told me the best games he ever enjoyed were the Laurentians vs Grand Bank in  the 60's and 70's. He told me specifically about one game in Grand Bank where the Grand Bank fans were going after the Laurentian's goalkeeper, Bob Slaney. Wils told me in a very proud voice that he himself took control of the incident and fought over a dozen fans and brought the matter under control. He then laughed at me saying the NLSA should do away with all those yellow cards and let the men play the game. He finished off by saying the cards are ruining the game of football.

Who is Nash Mckay

Me & my Gradson- Nash McKay

Nash with his Uncle Darin --- Who is posing the best ?


MP vs BPSA Youth

MP vs BPSA in Under 16 Provincials 
played at Marystown Centennial Field

Some brave fans take in the U- 16 game in
very cold July NL weather

Mount Pearl U-16's in St. Lawrence

MP Under 16's  take in Corner Brook vs St. Lawrence Challenge Cup Game.
I must add that this young team from Mount Pearl, while at the Challenge Cup
game, were nothing but a "Class Act". They came into the game, all sat together and 
were very respectable throughout the entire match. My hat goes off to these young men 
and to their coaching staff.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mount Pearl takes over 3rd place

Mount Pearl : 2 vs CBS :0

Nick Power - Taedy O'Rourke - Ryan Thistle

Mount Pearl move into 3rd
A very stubborn CBS team showed up in Mount Pearl on Wednesday evening looking to get their first point on the season. CBS opened the match looking like they meant business. They controlled the first half and it was their inability to finish which was the difference in the first half. CBS missed four glorious chances and as a result the first half remained scoreless. 
The second half  was a little different. Mount Pearl out ran the CBS team, generally controlling the ball and winning the vast majority of the 50/50 battles. Ryan Thistle scored his first of the season at the 78 minute mark beating the CBS goalie from the 18 yard line. Mount Pearl"s second goal was scored by Taedy O'Rourke. O"Rourke who is know for his aspiring attitude along with his determination scored, his second of the year, at the 83" minute mark. This goal finished the CBS team thus keeping the CBS team winless on the season.   

Monday, July 13, 2015

SPM U - 14 visit the Avalon Peninsula

St. Pierre & Miquelon played three exhibition matches.
They tied Feildians 0-0 
defeated St. John's 2-1

Chris Slaney (SPM - NLSA Alternate Director )
Ronald Manet ( SPM - NLSA Director )

St. Pierre & Miquelon defeated  CBS 4-0

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Molson Challenge Cup Stats - July 12 - 2015

Team Standings - July 12 - 2015

Games Played
St. Lawrence
11:  9 W – 1T – 1L
Holy Cross
10 : 8W -   2T – 0L
Mount Pearl
8 :   4W –  2T – 2L
12:  4W –  2T – 6L
Corner Brook
10 : 2W –  1T – 7L
11 : 0W -   0T - 11L

Leading Goalscorers

Kyle Williams : HC
7 goals
Sean Drew : SL
6 goals
Tyler Forsey : SL
6 goals
Tyler Kirby : HC
5 goals

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Jubilee Trophy Action @ KGV

Kirby United: 2 vs Holy Cross :1

Kirby United : Own goal & Maria Oliver
Holy Cross : Maria Mackey

Holy Cross challenges Kirby United 

On Wednesday evening at KGV, it was the new kids on the block wearing the Holy Cross colors playing the older more experienced Kirby United veterans. Early indications in the season are leaning the way which is indicating, this is going to be a very heated rivalry  
Kirby United played a solid first half and it showed on the scoreboard as Kirby took a well deserved 2-0 first half lead. Early in the second half Kirby Unite's #14 had the chance of a lifetime, she was positioned to put Holy Cross away.  She for some mysterious reason was left standing all alone on the six yard box with full control of the ball and only the keeper to beat. However, it didn't happen, she put the ball right in the goalies arms.  After that miscue, Holy Cross became rejuvenated and caught their second wind and as a result they took control of the final thirty minutes of the game. They scored with a little less than 20 minutes remaining on a beautiful strike from Maria Mackey. For the rest of the contest it appeared to be, all Holy Cross, KGV became like a, "Sea of Red". However, the difference in the match was the Kirby United goalkeeper. She was simply outstanding !!