NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

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Coach's Corner by Gord Dunphy

Southern Gazette  
June 25, 2013

It Can Be Done
It’s hard to believe we’re  into the month of June and we are already well into the soccer season. To date we have thirty three Challenge Cup matches completed. This is mainly due to the new soccer facilities on the Avalon Peninsula. These new artificial turf fields have added a new dimension to the sport. No longer do the provincial soccer leagues have to wait until the summer to get their programs underway. They’re now starting in the spring.
The Provincial Minor U-14s, U-16s, and the Senior Challenge Cup and Jubilee Trophy leagues all started their schedules in May. However, it’s unfortunate that the spring start can’t extend to the Burin Peninsula because it doesn’t have at least one turf facility. Which brings about the question of why the Burin Peninsula can’t have an artificial turf facility. I realize that there isn’t anything wrong with grass fields but one must realize that without a turf facility, the Burin Peninsula are at a large disadvantage. The Burin Peninsula can’t start the outdoor program until the month of June and then without lights you can’t play any soccer at night.
On the Avalon Peninsula there are currently three existing artificial facilities - The King George V facility in St. John’s, the Smallwood Complex in Mount Pearl, and the Topsail field in Conception Bay South. A fourth artificial facility is about to open its doors in the town of Portugal Cove/St. Philips in July. In addition to these facilities, the Fieldian Athletic Association are presently in the planning phase of getting an artificial turf facility at Fieldian Grounds. Furthermore, the city Corner Brook has had an artificial turf soccer field for the past seven/eight years.
I realize it will take a major combined effort and full co-operation from a number of stakeholders to bring this sort of facility to fruition on the Burin Peninsula, but it can be done. First, a regional turf field committee needs to be put in place where the membership can extend their vision well beyond that of their own community. Secondly, the amount of funding required for this project would need to be accessed. Thirdly,  it is imperative that a common ground must be struck on where this facility would be located. I know this would be a difficult decision but that’s where good leaders show their true leadership. One would have to realize that this new facility must become a regional facility with the cost of the constructing and operating this facility to be shared by all communities that are members of the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association. Finally, both the Provincial Government and the Federal Government must become giant partners in assisting this development. Over the past few years, I’ve been at the opening ceremonies of the facilities and I can attest that I’ve seen community mayors, provincial MHAs, and federal MPs all there, excited about their involvement in their new soccer facilities. Why can’t the same be done on the Burin Peninsula?
Dunphy’s Details: The Burin Peninsula will be a major playground to all three NLSA Senior Mens’ Championships in 2013. The Burin Peninsula is the host of the Molson Challenge Cup on Labour Day Weekend. The following weekend, Sept. 6 -8, the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association will host the Provincial Masters ‘A’ and ‘B’ tournaments and from August 16-18, the BPSA will be hosting the Provincial Mens’ Intermediate Mega-Tournament.
Gord Dunphy is a former Challenge Cup 1990’s All-Star coach of the St. Lawrence Laurentians and National Bronze Medalist. He can be reached by e-mail at ‘’.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The old soccer field in St. Lawrence. 

We played on that old field  there from day-light to dark. 
When I was a young kid I remember going to all senior practices
and the players would shoot at the goals for hours
and we would retrieve the balls for the players. It was a big
privilege to be able to get the ball and kick it back to the
all the heroes of the town - "The Laurentian players"
I guess that's why I respect all those players on the 67 photo.
 They were the players that would be taking the shoots
 at the net.

Gerett Edwards

It's quite amazing how many kids go around St. Lawrence with a
blue Laurentian uniform on. 

T. J. Slaney - "A True Laurentian"
 I always enjoy having a good chat with him.

 Trophy Lounge 

Ray Molloy - Ray was a member of the Laurentians' in the 70's

I took  this photo from a photo on the wall at the lounge.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Dunphy makes his debut with the Challenge Cup Laurentians

Shayne Dunphy - Son of Shane and Diane

Shane & Diane watching the game

 Uncle Gord congratulates his nephew, Shayne
on the special occasion

#12 white - Ryan Dunphy

Ryan currently plays with the BPSA - U14 and the NLSA U-14 teams.
The BPSA played the Western U-14 this past weekend
and defeat them in all three matches.

 #12 white - Ryan Dunphy

Ryan scoring as the BPSA U-14 defeated the U-14 Western 3-1 in a
match that I took in. 


Reg Brown ( Burin - guy with the sun glasses) watching
his grand daughter play. Reg currently resides
in Corner Brook. He still playing guitar and
singing for a living.

A couple of good old Lawners, Marie Edwards and
Egar Ewards wife  take in the game  watching
young Brent Hennebury play
 with the BPSA U-14


The 1967 St. Lawrence Laurentians

One of my all time St. Lawrence Laurentians photo
1967 - Challenge Cup Champions

3rd row: (L-R) - Howard Lake, Pad Slaney, Ron Kelly, Coach - Jack Lundrigan, Fred Tessier, Ron Slaney
Players : Mike Quirke, Keith Walsh, Keith Farrell,Carl Ferrie, Hugh Tarrant, Norm Kelly , Reg Farrell

2nd row: (L-R) - Moose Fitzpatrick, Ray Farrell, Jerome Slaney, Wils Molloy

1st row - Ray Slaney, Frank Tobin, Bob Slaney, Cyril Quirke, Carl Farrell, Brendan Slaney

This club went to represent Newfoundland at the Nationals played in Toronto, Ontario. They played
under the lights and lost 3-1 Toronto Balmenia. Wils molloy scored the Laurentians lone goal.

The Double Blues Show The Laurentians Who is Boss

                                                  Game 1. Feildians : 0 vs St. Lawrence : 0
 Feildians - Blaise Peters

The Feildians , Blaise Peters miss on 
a glorious scoring opportunity as
both teams battle to a 
scoreless draw 

Game 2: Feildians 2 vs St. Lawrence :1

Referee Mike Edmunds had to demonstrate
his authority more than once in this 
hard fought contest.

 Aaron Buckingham scored a beauty
as he used his 6' 4" body and scored
on a header which turned out to be 
game winning goal 


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Molson Challenge Cup Action -------The Feildians are at St. Lawrence today to play the Laurentians at 4:pm and they will battle it out again on Sunday at 1:00 PM

Johnny Acreman- Feildians  / Marc Pittman - St. Lawrence

See you at the games !

Jenny Bent

Jenny Bent---------------------------------  Darin Bent  Photo    

Jenny plays with the NL -Under 16 Girls and is  off Halifax this weekend to play 
in the the Atlantic Soccer Championships

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cross move to a single point behind St. Lawrence

Holy Cross :1 vs Mount Pearl: 0

An excellent game
A great display of soccer was witnessed by the fans that took in the match between Holy Cross and Mount Pearl. Mount Pearl, who are getting more impressive, with each game couldn't again today find the back of the net.  Holy Cross's came close on a couple of chances throughout the game but it was a goal which came at the 85 minute mark from veteran Jeremy Babstock who booted a rebound past, Mount Pearl's keeper Luke Olmstead that was the difference in the game. Overall, both teams played well and  looked pretty good. Both Victor Dray and Jon Kelly limited both Steve Delong and Tyler Forsey to just a few good scoring chances. . While Mount Pearl woes continued to be not being able to finished the play.

Should bre a good one tonight ! Holy Cross at Mount Pearl - Starting Time : 7 :30 PM