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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

It's Soccer Talk Tonight at 8:30 with Myself & Jonathan Richler

Soccer Talk
Tonight, I will joining Jonathan Richler on Night Line on 8:30 PM and having a little Soccer Talk.
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Saturday, August 27, 2016





LAWN = 1

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Holy Cross ends the regular season with a win

Holy Cross : 1 vs Mount Pearl : 0

Both teams battled hard.

Wednesday's night's match, which was the last game of the season, was played between Holy Cross and Pearl at KGV.  Statistically, this game didn't have anything on the line with regards to the final seeding. All placings had been decided on Saturday when Holy Cross met Mount Pearl and Mount Pearl walked away with three points.  Watching this mid-week game I was sort of shocked with both Cross and Pearl going at it in hard ball fashion. It was nothing like Saturday's game. Both teams had come to play and and they were both playing for a victory. This wasn't really what shocked it, it was the fashion in how they played. Both were very physical with a lot of pushing and shoving and quite a bit of extra curricula being displayed. These two teams were playing on the edge and even their coaches appeared to be on the edge at times. There is no doubt that both of these teams are starting to build up a dislike each other.  At the 30 minute mark veteran Jon Hawco scored from 25 yards on a nice volley that seemed to handcuff Noseworthy in the Mount Pearl net. Other than that play, Noseworthy was simply outstanding making many a super saves. Mount Pearl at times pressed Holy Cross but they just couldn't seem to penetrate the Holy Cross defense. Mount Pearl's scoring ace, Tyler Forsey,  had gone into the game second in the goal-scoring dept. with 18 goals,  four behind Stefan Slaney of St. Lawrence. Although,  Forsey did have a couple of chances, overall, Cross marked him out of the game. Mount Pearl may had something to do with Forsey's lack of attack themselves, they had him play on the outside,  overall this speedster is most effective in the middle where he can utilize his cougar like runs and dynamic shot.  When the final whistle blew the score remain at 1-0 , both teams now have a great understanding of who they are up against when the same to clubs meet in St. Lawrence in Game 1 of the Challenge Cup finals. It should be a dandy !    

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Last game of the regular season

Wils Molloy 
The greatest soccer player to ever come out  of Newfoundland . Should have been long induced into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame. Hopefully, it will happen .


Holy Cross and Mount Pearl to close out the regular season
Tonight, Holy Cross will host Mount Pearl in the last game of the regular 72 game Molson Challenge Cup Season. I must admit, I've seen a little bit of everything this year. There have been moments of glory and a few moments of despair. However, I must add, overall, the 2016 Molson Challenge Cup has been a healthy competitive season. First of all, we welcomed the NL Canada Games to the league on a twelve game exhibition. The fruits of this experiment appear to be monumental. We are developing our own kids who will be the future All-star players of the Challenge Cup League.  Both the two relatively newcomers to the league, CBS and Corner Brook,  showed tremendous signs of improvement and competitiveness. As I keep reiterating to some of the critics of those teams, it will be a five / ten year process before those two teams can legitimately contend for the Challenge Cup. One must realize the NLSA is a provincial organization that's full  intent is to have all regions of the province competing in all age groups in minor and senior. Now back to the final game of the season,  I really don't know what to expect here. Both Holy Cross and Mount Pearl are the number one and two seeds this season. Both clubs played on Saturday in Mount Pearl with Mount Pearl coming away with the three points which allowed them to become second seed. Both will meet in game one of the Labour Day Weekend Playoffs. Looking at the stats for the month of August Mount Pearl have outshone Holy Cross. Mount Pearl has a 5 Win - 1 Tie record. While, Holy Cross has a 1 Win - 1 Loss - 3 Tie record. The key to tonight's match is  Mount Pearl will be trying to keep their August streak alive and the momentum going. However, it will be interesting to see if Holy Cross's takes a different approach to their game tonight after losing 1-0 to Mount Pearl on Saturday.       

Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up Challenge Cup Aug 20 - 21 /16

Mount Pearl : 1  vs  Holy Cross : 0


Mount Pearl Clinches 2nd in Standings  

After Challenge Cup weekend action the final placings are in order. Again, to no one's surprise Holy Cross clinched  first. Maybe the biggest surprise of the season is Mount Pearl placing 2nd. But you have to hand it to them. On Saturday Mount Pearl beat the "Big Red Machine" by a score of 1 -0. This was a stunning victory for Mount Pearl. Holy Cross  were huge favorites going into the game. They had 1st place sewed up and they were riding a 19 game undefeated record.  However, despite all of this, Mount Pearl managed to pull off the biggest upset of the season. The large number of fans, whom I spoke with at the field, chatted to me about what they were witnessing.
Mount Pearl's victory secured them  2nd place. Holy Cross will have a rematch against Mount Pearl in the leagues final regular scheduled game which is to be played on Wednesday night. Despite the final game, the final seeding are now set in stone. This sets the stage for the Play-offs on Labor Day Weekend. Holy Cross will again be forced to tangle with Mount Pearl in the 1v2 play-offs in St. Lawrence. The Laurentians will battle it out against the 4th place Feildians. What drama will this further create?
St. Lawrence places 3rd 
In St. Lawrence this weekend the  Laurentians defeated Corner Brook twice. It was 3-0 on Saturday and 4-3 on Sunday. The biggest happening here was Stefan Slaney scored a total of three more goals  putting him at 22 on the season, 4 ahead of Tyler Forsey. However, Forsey has one more game remaining, MP at HC,  and one may never know what could happen.

2016 Challenge Cup Standings
Games Played

Losses Ties    Goals For      

Goals Against
+/- Points
Holy Cross Kirby Group       21   15     2   4    58     18 +40    49
Mount Pearl First Choice Haircutters       21   14     4   3    45     19 +26    45
St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians       22   13     5   4    53     18 +35    43
Feildians       22   12     7   3    46     30 +16    39
Steers Insurance Corner Brook United       22    2    16   4    21     58 -37    10
CBS That Pro Look Strikers FC       22    0    19   3     7     75 -68     3
NL Canada Games Gerry O'Brien Financial       12    3     6   3    15     27 -12    12*
* Canada Games Team playing on exhibition basis only

Challenge Cup Scoring Leaders

Player Team Goals
Stefan Slaney St. Lawrence 22
Tyler Forsey Mount Pearl 18
Zach Hynes Feildians 11
Zach Wade Holy Cross 9
Aaron Buckingham Feildians 8
Jake Warren Holy Cross 8
Mitchell Barry NL Canada Games/Mount Pearl 8
Logan McIsaac Corner Brook 7
Tyler Kirby Holy Cross 7

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Holy Cross win's Breen's Jubilee Championship

Holy Cross - Breen's 2016 Jubilee Champions


Hanah Rivkin

 "Sherry Morrissey Award"

Playoff MVP Award


Alex Morgan 

"Ann Woodford Award"

Most Effective and ‎ Spirited Player


2016 : CBS Kirby United 


Friday, August 19, 2016

Jubilee Trophy Semi - Finals

Kirby United : 2 vs Feildians: 0

Nicole Toraville &  Jessica McDermid

Breen's Jubilee Trophy Soccer Ladies Semi Final
CBS Kirby United : 2    Feildians 0
A very good 2016 Jubilee semi-finals was played at KGV on Thursday evening. Both teams played hard and had their chances. In 2016, Feildians were very much improved.  However, in the end it was a more veteran experienced CBS Kirby coming out on top. Nicole Toraville scored both goals in the second half for the win for CBS Kirby United  Jessica McDermid had shut out. 

  Championship Game ... should be a great match 
CBS Kirby will now play Holy Cross on Saturday for the NLSA  Breen's Jubilee Trophy Championship . Opening Ceremonies  on Saturday will commence at 1:30 pm and championship game will start at 2:00  pm at KGV. Both Holy Cross and CBS Kirby will represent the province in the Sport Chek National Championship October 5th to 10th in NL. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Feildians victotory over CBS moves them into 3rd

Feildians: 4 vs CBS : 0

(L-R) : S0 - Cris Goodridge 
GS : #21 David Goulding (2) 60', 88"
GS : #14 Emmanuel Dolo 43"
GS : #22 : Zach Hynes 

Emmanuel "Emagical" Dolo 


Current Molson Challenge Cup Standings

1. Holy Cross : 49
2. Mount Pearl : 42
3. Feildians : 39
4. St. Lawrence : 37
5. Corner Brook : 10
6. CBS : 3 

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

PM Trudeau & Min. Judy Foote along with MP's attend soccer game in CBS.

Prime Minister Trudeau Minister Judy Foote


Prime Minister Trudeau 
Minister Judy Foote at CBS Soccer Pitch 

It was great to see the Prime Minister of the country and Minister Judy Foote along with MP's Nick Whalen, Ken MacDonald and Shamus O'Reagan attend the NL Summer Games in CBS. I know Judy Foote regularly takes in a number of the St. Lawrence Laurentian soccer matches. She was at the St. Lawrence /Feildians game on Sunday August 14  at KGV.  I guess one could say with Judy having grown up in Grand Bank and her husband, Howard ,  having grown up in St. Lawrence and Fortune, how could they not have a like and a knowledge of soccer?  
 My Personal take on Judy Foote
In general, I think most people who know me know my political stripes are blue but I must say I always had the utmost respect for Judy Foote, the politician. Personally, I think she is the best female politician to ever come out of Newfoundland and Labrador. I have no doubt that our province would have been much better served, today, if she was our  NL Premier. However, I do feel our beautiful province is being very well served at the Federal level with Judy Foote, being our Federal Minister, and she being so highly regarded in the current Trudeau Government . 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Challenge Cup Soccer - Weekend Wrap-up

Friends and Family at KGV 
Sunday, August 14, 2016 


St. Lawrence

The Laurentians on Saturday defeated CBS  the  league last place team by a 4-0 score. The highlight of the contest was this Challenge Cup match was played in Paradise. Paradise is another area of the province which has a lot of growing potential. While on the field , it was  Stefan Slaney picking up 2 goals which would allow him to move into first place in the goal-scoring department. His two goals gave him 19  on the season
Sunday's match against Feildians 
aansThings went a little different for the Laurentians on Sunday. The Laurentians were up against the Feildians. The Feildians have a good crop of youth on their side, they are very well coached and I consider them the most improved team in the league in 2016. Bringing home Emmanuel Dolo in August have improved this team immensely. This young man is a specimen of speed, grit and skill on the field. I simply love his soccer ability. He is by far the best striker in the province. Meanwhile on Sunday the Laurentians were far from their best at KGV when they took on the Feildians. For whatever reason the Laurentians came out flat and I mean FLAT. They lacked intensity or the slightest sign of emotion of a team looking to finish in 2nd place. Maybe, the fact that the Laurentians have brought back three old faces to the squad this late in the season has upset the teams chemistry. The Laurentians had looked great early in the season. The team showed promise and the fitness program the Laurentians had worked on in 2016, under the watchful eye of physiotherapist Robert Kelland,  was showing huge dividents. The SLS-Association and the team had realized that in 2016 in order to compete the Laurentians would require a higher level of fitness. Fitness was something the team had lacked over the last number of years.  For most part the score-sheet and league stats earlier had showed the Laurentians were positioned to be in the 1 - 2 contest come Labor Day weekend. This is something the league has adopted where the 1st and 2nd place team are given a second life come play-off time. When the final whistle blew on Sunday, this no longer looks like the case for the Laurentians. The Laurentians had not only lost by a 1-0 score, they lost their number one goalie John Douglas. John went down late in the game with an injury which seems to be a serious when he was taken out of the game. This particular loss leaves the Laurentians in third place, five points behind the second place Mount Pearl  team . The Laurentians have two games left against Corner Brook and Mount Pearl has two left against the first place Holy Cross team.


Holy Cross

 Not surprising Holy Cross have clinched 1st place in the Molson Challenge Cup League for the 8th consecutive season. On Saturday Holy Cross defeated Corner Brook by a 1-0 score. Certainly, not a decisive victory but a win that gave Holy Cross all they wanted which was the Bobby Breen Memorial Trophy. This Memorial Trophy which was named after Holy Cross's Bobby Breen . Breen was one of the five Holy Cross Breen brothers that stared with holy Cross in the 70 and 80"s. This NLSA Award  goes to the 1st place club in the overall regular season standings.  
On Sunday the Holy Cross team salvaged a 1-1 tie with Corner Brook. Not a big deal for Holy Cross but definitely a great moral victory for Corner Brook. Corner Brook themselves have improved and are starting to show promise. To start with the club are at a level that they are competing and battling the top four. They too have youth on their side and have a promising striker in rookie, Logan McIssaac.
Holy Cross's last two matches
This now brings us to Holy Cross's last two matches of the season. Holy Cross's last two games are against Mount Pearl. The results of these two games could be critical to the overall standings. The question now is, "Will Holy Cross be out to defeat this Mount Pearl team or will they simply want to play the Mount Pearl team on Labor Day Weekend rather than to have and play the Laurentians on home soil in a 1 vs2 match?  Well there is no doubt in my mind you will see the star players on the Cross team will be sitting , especially those who have wounds to lick. While there are other who will be sitting for card reasons. Any good strategical coach would do this and Jake Stanford has positioned his team very nicely to be able to sit star players.  However, Holy Cross's roster are 30 players deep , they have the deepest bench in the league. I'm saying from knowing the inner workings of Jake Stanford and the Holy Cross organization if you can get out and watch their last two matches they will be entertaining to say the least. I'm saying and thinking you won't see any freebees here. 


Monday, August 15, 2016

Holy Cross are 2016 All - NL Master "A" Champions

2016 All NL Masters "A" Champions

Holy Cross : 1 vs Feildians : 0 

NLSA President Doug Redmound
MVP : Bernie Manning 

 Coach : Paul Mullett 
Captain Eddy Oates

Holy Cross Legends: 
Johnny Breen 
Fox Reddy 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Soccer Saturday - August 13/16

Molson Challenge Cup Schedule

At 4 : Mount Pearl : 2  vs Feildians :1

At 7 : Holy Cross : 1 at Corner Brook :0

At 7 : St. Lawrence : 4  vs CBS : 0

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Holy Cross Recaptures Provincial Masters "A" Championship

2015 Holy Cross Masters Champions

NLSA  All NL Masters “A” Championship

2016 All NL Masters “A” Schedule



Th. Aug. 11/16
at 8:30 PM

Holy Cross / Trinity Pub :1

Feildians / Puglisevich :1

Bernie Manning :47 minute
Dave Webb : 22 minute

Fri. Aug 12/16 
at 6:30 PM

Holy Cross / Trinity Pub : 1

CBS : 1

Blair Tucker : 50"
Cisco Acevedo : 44 minute

Sat. Aug 13/16
at 7:30 PM

Feildians / Puglisevich: 4

CBS : 1

Pat Kennedy (3) : 3, 9 ,28
Roger Power : 76

David Webb

Sun.Aug 14/16
at  6:30 - KGV


Holy Cross / Trinity Pub : 1
Feildians / Puglisevich:0

Bernie Manning: 25"

Scott Edwards : Shutout

Tournament MVP : Bernie Manning