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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DUNPHY'S CORNER : Welcoming The Newest Laurentian Newcomers To St. Lawrence

Welcoming The Newest Laurentian Newcomers To St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence Laurentians will play their first home games of the 2017 season on Saturday at 6 and Sunday at1. The Laurentians have three new additions this year: George Lawton, Mark Brefo and Devon Ryan. There is a reason that the Laurentians are currently holding  down first place in the league and the three newcomers have played an very important role in it. Before these guys go to the "Soccer Capital of Canada" I want to introduce them to you.

First, I will introduce to you former Captain of UNB wearing
St. Lawrence Laurentians #16 - George Lawton  

George Lawton - #16
George Lawton lives in St. John's, NL  where the  motive for his initial move to St. John's, NL was to live with his fiancĂ©e after he graduated in December.  After choosing not to chase a professional career in England he opted to look elsewhere to play football. The University of New Brunswick was my chosen destination where I would go in the play five years for the varsity reds under head coach Miles Pinsent. I enjoyed lots of success at UNB; winning three consecutive AUS titles, a national bronze medal . Mark captained the  UNB side to the national final in 2015, where they unfortunately lost. Lawton moved to St. John’s  at the turn of the new year and then he decided he wanted to play Challenge Cup soccer so he knew he must  find a new team. As captain of UNB I knew the majority of players around Atlantic Canada. Jordi Slaney was my link to St. Lawrence, and he introduced me to John Douglas who really took me under his wing when I knew very few people. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with St. Lawrence, however, I am struggling to adapt to football as the 'new kid on the block' when it comes to officials.  Off the pitch I am a realtor for Oceans Edge by Exit. I have links to the company in Fredericton and I'm hoping to build a good foundation in St. John's too.
 Dunphy’s Comments
 George has been a tremendous addition to the Laurentians. He stands very tall on the field while demonstrating great leadership abilities. He greatest asset is his vision. He sees the plays so well while directing the traffic and illustrating superb ball distribution. Hey George Lawton , welcome to the St. Lawrence Laurentians.


Secondly, I would like to introduce to you from Ghana who will be wearing the St. Lawrence Laurentian #18.  
Mark Brefo - #18
Mark Brefo: (Born , August 20, 1990) is a Ghanaian international student pursuing Masters of Philosophy in Humanities after successfully completing a first degree program in Psychology. Mark has combined education with soccer up to this level and had seen him represent his schools and nation (Shenzhen, 2011). His dedication towards sports has decorated him with many laurels, captainship and being adjudged the best graduating sports personality in 2013. His first entrance to the Memorial soccer team saw the Sea Hawks qualify for AUS championship. Although quiet in the game, his presence is highly noticeable. His aim is to see the Laurentian Army crowned Champions.
Dunphy’s Comments
 I had a little issue for some time getting the pronunciation of this guy’s name right but I finally got it after Blair Aylward did a little tutoring me.  As we are all aware all clubs needs a player who has a physical presents . Well , Mr. Brefo certainly has added this much needed physical presence to the Laurentian midfield. Brefo compliments his midfield mates Jordi Slaney and Jon Grant very well. Mark also adds versatility to St. Lawrence’s lineup. He can play in the backfield or the midfield. He is another solid addition to the Laurentian lineup. Hey Mark Brefo , welcome to the St. Lawrence Laurentians.


Finally, I want to introduce to you the youngest of the trio, who hails from the "Big Land" & will be wearing the St. Lawrence Laurentians #4 - Devon Ryan .

Devon Ryan - #4  

Name: Devon Ryan Age 20 Position: Winger Grew up in Labrador City, played for Newfoundland provincial team from U-13 to U-18. Devon grew up playing with CBS in the provincial league. After completing high school Ryan went and played a year at Cape Breton University where I was a red shirt for one AUS season. Devon my first Challenge Cup season last year with the CBS strikers.  After one year of university at CBU he transferred to MUN for his second year of university and played as a Sea hawk. This season Devon Ryan has decided to play with the Laurentians this past winter and he loved every minute since he’s started playing.
Dunphy’s Comments
In order to maintain a solid program you need to add youth to your lineup. Devon Ryan brings to the Laurentians much needed youth, speed and a ton of experience of having played in the NLSA elite program. Sure this kid will suffer some growing pains but I feel he is a great investment for the present and the future of the St. Lawrence Laurentians. Hey Devon, welcome to the St. Lawrence Laurentians. 

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