NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

MCHS wins 4 "A" High School Soccer Championship

Marystown wins 4 "A" Soccer Championship

Marystown Clippers defeated Mount Pearl High by a 1-0 score to win the
Provincial 4 "A" High School Championship last weekend. Marystown were coached
by Shannon Brushett and Dwayne Evans. Five teams from across the province
participated in the tournament namely; Mount Pearl High, Holy Spirit from Manuels, Holy Heart from St. John’s and Corner Brook High.

Congratulations MCHS !!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 National Challenge Cup Jubilee Trophy Championships - Click Here ! ! !

Host: Brossard QC - 2011

Canadian Soccer Association Representative - Judi Kelloway

Judi and myself proudly displaying our NL colors

Myself with Kevin Jones -CSA Director of Officials

QC Federation had a social for all the Provincial Rep's

Sitting with the NB rep (L) and the BC rep (R)

Myself and the QC Rep

Myself and the Alberta Rep

Ontario virtually stole the Bronze Medal from the NLSA Representatives - Holy Cross .

2011 National "Senior Men's"

Challenge Cup Championships

Date : October 5-10, 2011

Location : Brossard, Quebec

Gord Dunphy Photo



2011 -NLSA Challenge Cup Champions

Holy Cross Kirby

2011 - Holy Cross Men's Team Performance at
the National Challenge Cup


Gord Dunphy

* H.C. - goalkeeper and their defense were outstanding.

* H.C. - completed round robin play with a 1 win 1 loss record.

*H.C. - defeated Alberta in the quarter finals by a 4-0 score.

*H.C. - lost in the semi final 2-1 to B.C. on a Penalty Kick.

* H.C. - In their final contest, they scored two early goals and maintained that lead
for 80 minutes but in the end, they lost to Ontario in the Bronze Medal contest on PK's.

Note : Overall, Holy Cross had a very solid tournament for a relatively young team.



Video - BC 's PK against Holy Cross

Final Score : BC -2 vs NL -1

Date : October 09, 2011



See Photo's Below by Gord Dunphy

Jon Hawco -Scoring on his PK against Ontario

Ontario win PK shoot-out to clinch Bronze

Ryan Yetman - " Always, always a very steady performer"

Zack Wade had the best game of his career leading Holy Cross
to a 4-0 shut -out victory over Alberta while scoring two goals.
John Douglas was simply outstanding in the tournament as he registered two shut-outs.

Zack Wade scoring against Alberta

John Hawco scored two goals in the tournament and scored on
a PK in the Bronze Medal shoot-out.

Ryan Yetman, Jeff Slaney, Chris Pope, Jeremy Babstock & Andrew Lee
all had a very strong tournament defensively.

Aaron Anstey also had a good tournament and scored
two beautiful goals

Michael Dunn - 2011 NLSA Rookie of the Year.
Scored one goal in the tournament and scored
on a PK in the shoot-out.

# 9 - Matt Breen : Matt scored one goal at the Nationals
NL - 1 vs PEI -0.He also scored in the PK shoot-out.
He has good vision of the field and super passing skills.

Oh ! The sweet taste of victory.

Jeremy Babstock - "Battles"

Hawco and his teammates celebrating a Hawco goal.

Holy Cross Women Performed Well at the 2011 National Jubilee Championships - 7th Place

2011 -NLSA Jubilee Champions

Holy Cross Kirby



Gerry Kirby & Scott Betts

NL Women's Soccer Team has arrived

Personally, I would like to throw my hat off to the two men shown above. I think that these two individuals has put NLSA Senior Women's Soccer on the map. Three years ago, when Gerry and Scott got the Kirby Team off the ground, they took a lot of heat for building or going with a so called all -star team. But today, just a mere few years later, our Senior Women's soccer is much improved, both at the provincial and the national level, because of their initiative. Two of the past three year's the NLSA Women's Jubilee final ended in a 1-0 score. While at the National Jubilee Shield Competition we are no longer beaten before the game begins. We now can compete with the best of them and again I will repeat I think that is because of
Gerry Kirby and Scott Betts.

NL Ambulance - LOL

Oh Yes ! ! ------ NL Fans Love Their Soccer And Are Some OF The Best Fans In Canada

Mark Dunphy - Newfoundland Fans

Allison Wade - Holy Cross's player, Zack Wade's Sister

Allison is currently attending university in Ottawa and she
was there to wittiness Wade's brilliant performance as he scored
two goals in a Holy Cross 4-0 victory over Alberta in the quarter final.

She was so proud !!!!!!!

Some NL Die Hard Fans That Are Making the
Nationals an annual tradition

The Laurentian's always have a presence at the Nationals

See all the boys were drinking water - The Morning After !

You will always find the boys from Burin, Grand Bank and Fortune
at the Nationals as well.

A few of the Holy Cross parents were there to watch their
son's play - Jeff Slaney's and Chris Pope's.
Corey Moores father was also in attendance

Monday, October 10, 2011

National News

--Lots of photos and comments to come when I get back in Rankin Inlet!--

2011 National Jubilee Trophy Info

Monday Oct. 10, 2011

NL ( Holy Cross) - 7 vs Ontario - 0

NL Goalscorers : Malorie Harris (2), Leslie Pope ( 2), Erica Lannon (2) , Keiny Snow (1)

Shut-out : Janine Bursey

Note : NL had a 7th place finish. Overall the NL women are now at a stage that they have proven that they can compete at a National level. In their round robin games against both BC and Quebec they were up in both matches 2-1 at half time and to then to beat both Man 5-0 and Ontario 7-0 indicates we have arrived.

Top three seed :

1. BC - Gold

2. QC - Silver

3. NS - Bronze

7 . NL - Holy Cross Kirby


National 2011 Challenge Cup Info

Monday Oct. 10, 2011

Ontario - 3 vs NL ( Holy Cross) - 2

NL Goalscorers : Mike Dunn, Matt Breen

Note : Ontario got two late goals to tie the game. The tie remained to the end of regulation time.

OT - 2 X 15 minute halves = NO SCORING


NOTE : Ontario wins National Bronze and NL places 4th.

Relinquishing the 2 goal lead late in the second half was very disappointing and even hurtful but Holy Cross men's team earned the respect of all at this tournament.

Top three seed :

1. Saskatchewan - Gold

2. British Columbia - Silver

3. Ontario - Bronze

4 . NL - Holy Cross Kirby

Sunday, October 9, 2011

BC squeeze by Holy Cross in the National Challenge Cup Semi-finals

National Jubilee Trophy Score - October 9, 2011

NL (Holy Cross) - 6 vs Manitoba - 0

NL Goalscorers - Malorie Harris (3), Nicole Adams (2) , Erica Lannon (1)

Shut-out : Janine Bursey & Maris Miller

Note :

* NL will play Ontario on Monday October 10, for the 7/8 seed at 10 am NL Time

* The NL Holy Cross women's team have played quite well despite their 1win and 3 loss record.

* In their opening game against B.C. and in their second match against QC in both matchs they were up 2-1 at half time.

* Today they deveoured the Manitoba and controlled the game from beginning to end.


Challenge Cup Score - October 9 2011

Semi Finals

British Columbia - 2 vs NL (Holy Cross) - 1

NL Goalscorer: Aaron Anstey - 75 minute

BC Goals both came in the second half : 46 minute and on a PK at the 60 minute mark.

Note :

*NL will play Ontario on Monday October 10 for the National Bronze Medal at 12 noon NL Time
* Zack Wade got injured early in the contest and did not return to play.

* BC are a good solid team and I would be very much surprised if they don't beat Saskatchewan in the National Challenge Cup Championship Game.

* My hat goes off to the Holy Cross team for a superb effort against a powerful BC team.

* Holy Cross - Good Luck in your Bronze Medal game against Ontario !

Thank You

Gord Dunphy

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Holy Cross Destroys Alberta

Holy Cross - 4 vs Alberta - 0

Zach Wade & John Douglas

- Coach Jake Stanford's Holy Cross team put in one of its greatest all time performance at The National Challenge Cup in the past three seasons.
- Goal Scorers: Zach Wade (2), Aaron Anstey, John Hawko
- John Douglas was superb in net as he recorded his second shut-out of the tournament.
- Holy Cross will play British Columbia tomorrow at 4:30 NL time. Winner of this match will advance to the Gold Medal match, while the loser will play for Bronze.

- A win tomorrow for Holy Cross against B.C. ensures them at least a Silver Medal!

Good Luck Holy Cross!!!

Friday, October 7, 2011


Notes : Holy Cross Men's

Holy Cross are now awaiting to see who they match up against after PEI and Manitoba play at 3:30 today NL time.

Against Manitoba; Holy Cross had three regulars out of the lineup - John Douglas, Chris Pope and Zack Wade.

Scott Edwards played in net for Holy Cross.

Manitoba scored the game winner with 5 minutes left.

I guess we will have to wait and see what happens today.