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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Provincial Representatives at the Nationals

Having coffee with the guys from Manitoba

Nova Scotia's Man

Alberta - Mr Kean

Bill Molone - Calgary Soccer Association

Sunday, October 25, 2009

MUN Seahawks Soccer - 2009

Sunday - Oct 25
Men's Soccer

Saturday - Oct 24
Men's Soccer
Sea~Hawks 1 UNB 1
Sunday - Oct 25
Women's Soccer

Saturday - Oct
Women's Soccer
Sea~Hawks 2 UNB 0

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Photo's from the 2009 National Challenge Cup/ Jubilee Trophy Championship

Manitoba's, Winnipeg Hellas Soccer Club winners of the 2009 National Challenge Cup lift the trophy high into the air at the Sask Tel Sports Center in Saskatoon, Saskathewan


2009 - National Challenge Cup Championship Team Photo


Jeannette Kuc, President of Saskatchewan Soccer Association presents the 2009 National Jubilee Trophy to the captain of the National Championship Club, the Edmonton Victoria Soccer Club


Holy Cross Goalkeeper - Scott Edwards

2009 - Provincial Challenge Cup All - Star Goalie
2009 - Winner of the "Gerard Quirke Memorial "
- MVP of the Challenge Cup Finals
2009 - St. John's - "Athlete of Month for Sept. "
2009 - National Challenge Cup - " Top Goal Keeper Award"


Pictured above are twin brother's, Scott and Craig
Edwards after winning the 2009 Provincial Challenge Cup


Captain Ryan Yetman (L) of Holy Cross holds the the NL Flag during the closing ceremonies.


Holy Cross Fans (L-R) Fox Reddy and daughters Gill and Kathy ( Brian Reddy's dad and sisters) ; Gerry and Lynn Wade ( Zack's parents) ; Keith and Linda Moore (Corey's parents) ;
Bruce Peters (Blaise dad). They were all at the Nationals cheering along the Holy Cross team and I'm positive they were all very proud of their son's/brother's and in particular
Holy Cross's accomplishments.


John Joe Stacey (L) and Tush Rose(R) both from Fortune were at the
Nationals in Saskatoon and they had a ball. They were at the games from morning to night. They both told me that they felt the tournament was fantastic !
They also asked me to thank Jamie Howlett,
who picked them up daily and gave them rides to and from the games.
Jamie and Mike treated the NLSA teams like royalty, just by going the extra mile.
Personally, I would like to thank Jamie and Mike for your kindness to all !!!


Monday, October 12, 2009

Evaluating Holy Cross's Performance at the Nationals by Gord Dunphy

Holy Cross - 2009 Provincial Challenge Cup Champions

Holy Cross went undefeated at the 2009 Nationals with three ties and 1 win.


1AB Beauport42027258
2AB Avondale Islanders42118357
3AB Holy Cross41037256
4AB Halifax City41125505
5AB Yukon Selects4040116-15


1AB Calgary Callies43107349
2AB Hellas FC43105419
3AB West Vancouver422045-16
4AB Huskies Alumni41215414
5AB Real Toronto403138-51

In game one Holy Cross tied the Quebec team 1-1 but they certainly outplayed them. They started tentative but grew confidence as the game got older. This game was played out doors in near freezing temperatures. It was Quebec opening the scoring at the 77 minute mark but it was Zack Wade scoring 5 minutes later to knot the score at the 82 minute with a beauty. Holy Cross looked good in this contest and very easily could have won the match. Jeremy Babstock was solid on defense.

In game two again Holy Cross looked good against their opponents from PEI but as in game one they failure to capitalize on their chances. In the end, the hero of the match turned out to be Holy Cross goalkeeper, Scott Edwards who preserved the 0-0 tie when he made a fantastic save on a PEI penalty shot to keep Holy Cross in contention in the tournament.

Game three saw a sea of red as Holy Cross bombarded the Yukon Selects on their way to a 5-0 victory. Jon Hawco(2), Corey Moore, Aaron Anstey and Jeremy Babstock all dented the twine for Holy Cross. This was the second shot -out of the tournament recorded by Scott Edwards.

Game Four: A victory in this game would send Holy Cross to the Gold medal game. It was a early goal by Halifax at the 8 minute mark that put an enormous amount of pressure on the youth of the Holy Cross team. Holy Cross appeared to be very nervous thought out the match and Halifax used their experience gained at the Nationals in the last five years to control most of the match. But with fifteen minutes left Holy Cross coach Jake Stanford brought Jake Warren, Craig Edwards and Bulger off the bench and into the game. With these new additions the tide turned. Cross took control and dominated the remainder of the game. Holy Cross ,scoring sensation, Zack Wade hit for a goal with ten minutes left and brought the game to a 1-1 even draw. This created further momentum and Cross continued to press for victory. In the last couple of moments of the game with the ball deep inside of Nova Scotia's zone, Criag Edwards hit the ball with a blusterous shot that the Nova Scotia goalie saved only by the means of divine intervention. The keeper sprawled him self out in a very unorthodox manner hoping to make a save out of sheer desperation. Yes ! the keeper made the flukiest save of his life and it was this save that knocked Holy Cross out of medal contention at the 2009 National championships.

Gord' Comments: Cross went undefeated in this tournament scoring seven goals while only allowing two against. Holy Cross goalkeeper, Scott Edwards, was awarded the top goalkeeper of the 2009 National Challenge Cup Tournament. Actually, Cross had a remarkable showing despite finishing sixth place after losing on a penalty shoot -out to BC which was played after the completion of the Nova Scotia match. The Holy Cross team and the entire population of Newfoundland and Labrador should be very proud of Cross's record at the 2009 Nationals. This young team are only going to get better and they have a very bright future a head of them.

It was a great effort by Holy Cross !!!


Challenge Trophy - Senior men

Final Standings

1. Hellas FC, Man.

2. Beauport, Que.

3. Avondale Islanders, P.E.I.

4. Calgary Callies, Alta.

5. West Van, B.C.

6. Holy Cross The Dock, N.L. (1W-3T)

7. Halifax City Coldwell Bankers, N.S.

8. Sktn Huskie United Alumni

9. Yukon Selects, Yukon

10. Real Toronto, Ont.

Evaluating Kirby's Performance at the Nationals by Gord Dunphy

Newfoundland and Labrador at the 2009 Nationals were represented by the EPR/Kirby/The Dock team . They had a strong national tournament. Actually, they got stronger as the
tournament progressed.
Game 1
In their first match, they played Halifax City. The game ended in a 1-1 draw. This was a team that Kirby could have definitely beaten. The Halifax City team were runners up in Nova Scotia and they were here as Nova's Scotia's number 2 team. Nicole Adams got an early goal at the 14 second mark but Kirby went defensive rather than focus on any sort of offense. In the second half at the mid-way point, NS tied the game. Kirby were better than this NS team and were quite capable of beating them.
Game 2
Kirby's second game was against Alberta. In this contest, Kirby picked up the pace and fought the 50/50 battles very hard. In the end it was a 1-0 victory but I was very impressed with Kirby's overall performance in this match. All players fought hard, ran well and displayed character in this contest. After this match was over, I came to the realization that the NL representatives, the Kirby Team, can play with the best female teams in the country. By this I mean we have the talent and the skill and the heart to do so. Not only do men's teams play with heart but so do our girls play with heart.

Game 3

This game would end up to be Kirby's final match of the tournament. It was against the Nova Scotia Provincial Champions, the Dunbrac team. Dunbrac tied the NL girls by a 1-1 score. Laura Breen scored for the Kirby team. As I eluded to on radio and earlier on my Blog, this was the best performance that I've witnessed a women's team from NL perform at National Jubilee Competition. A victory in this contest would have put Kirby into competition for a Bronze Medal. Kirby dominated this game winning practically every battle for a open ball. They displayed skill and overall they displayed a willingness to win. A tie in this contest was a form of total injustice but sometimes that happens in the sport of soccer.

Gord's Comments:

Kirby lost the penalty shot shoot-out and placed 6th in the tournament but on behalf of Newfoundland , they have brought respect to women's soccer at the National level. No longer are we on the short side of one sided scores at the National level. I also feel over the course of time our provincial program will get better as a result of the Kirby team. Elite players will eventually come from the provincial program and play with other teams in the province and keen competition will be the result. Again, Kirby performed well and made us proud.

It was a great show girls !!!


Jubilee Trophy - Senior women

Final Standings:

1. Edmonton Victoria, Alta.

2. Surrey United, B.C.

3. Halifax Dunbrack Rooms Plus, N.S.

4. Saskatoon NATA (1-2-1 record)

5. North London Galaxy, Ont.

6. EPR Kirby/The Dock, N.L. - ( 2T-1L)

7. Halifax City Pacifico, N.S.

8. Winnipeg South End United, Man.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

In Game 3 at the Nationals Kirby ties Dunbrack from Nova Scotia 1-1

My young 16 year old niece, Katie Dunphy, pictured here at the Sask Tel Sports Center, playing with the 2009 Kirby team

NL - Kirby 1 vs NS - Dunbrack - 1


NL - Laura Breen

NS - Colleen Macdonald

Comments : It was the best game of soccer that I've ever witnessed a NL team play in the women's division at the National Jubilee Trophy competition. But as a result of the tie the Dunbrack Team from Nova Scotia will advance to the Bronzze Medal Game on Monday.

Holy Cross - One Win Away From the Opportunity to Win A Gold Medal Game

Holy Cross - 5 vs Yukon - 0


John Hawco - 20 min
Aaron Anstey - 23 min
John Hawco - 46 min
Corey Mullett - 48 min
Jeremy Babstock - 60 min

Shut-out : Scott Edwards

Holy Cross plays Nova Scotia on Sunday October 11/09 at 11 Pm ( 2300 hrs) and should they win they will play for "Gold" on Monday October 12.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Sask Tel Sports Plex Photo - Double Click For Enlargement

View of the Sask Tel Sports center where the Nationals are
currently being played


NL, Kirby Team warming up at the indoor soccer center prior to their opening game against NS

Click Right Here to Listen To Live Soccer Action From Saskatoon , Saskatchewan

Wednesday Oct 7, 2009

Ladies :Day OfF

Men: Quebec -1 vs NL -1

Zack Wade, the Holy Cross goalscorer against Quebec.

The goal was a beauty !!


Thursday Oct 8, 2009

Ladies : NL vs Alberta - Ladies Thursday Game Has Been Rescheduled To Saturday

Men : PEI - 0 vs NL -0

Game Played indoors due to snowy conditions

Shutout - Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards records shut-out against PEI

Scott made a great save on a penalty shot !


Friday Oct 9, 2009

Ladies : NS -1 vs NL - 1

Men : Day Off

Nicole Adams, the Kirby goalscorer against Nova Scotia.

The goal was scored at the 14 second mark !!


Saturday Oct 10, 2009

Ladies : Day Off

Men : Yukon vs NL at 6:00 PM - NL Time – 9:30 PM


Sunday Oct 11, 2009

Ladies : NS(1) vs NL at 10:00 AM - NL Time – 1:30 PM

Men : NS vs NL at 2:00 PM - NL Time – 5: 30 PM


Monday Oct 12, 2009

Ladies : Seeding Game – TBA

Men : Seeding Game - TBA



Three hrs before Holy Cross are to play PEI the snow is

falling pretty good !


BC vs Manitoba - Game called off at half time -Thursday October 8th


The fields crew tried to clean the snow of the field but it was to no avail.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Coach' s Corner by Gord Dunphy

Coach's Corner: print this article

Gord Dunphy
GORD DUNPHY Gord Dunphy RSS Feed
The Southern Gazette

And the winners are ...

I’ll be the first one to agree wholeheartedly with the winners, which have been announced for soccer in Newfoundland and Labrador for the past decade.
In the team category, the St. Lawrence Laurentians took the honours. The female winner is Laura Breen of St. John’s, and in the male category, it’s Rudy Norman from the Laurentians.


For the past decade, the Laurentians have dominated provincial soccer. They have been in the provincial final 10 times, and have won the provincial Challenge Cup seven times.
On the National scene over the past decade, St. Lawrence has won a National Silver Medal. The Laurentians did this in 2002, right in front of their hometown fans in St. John’s. The Laurentians were again on the podium in 2007, winning a Bronze Medal for their efforts at the National Challenge Cup hosted by Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Personally, I feel the Laurentians are only a gold medal away from being the top team in all of amateur sports in Canada’s youngest province. Yes, I do realize Team Gushue has won an Olympic Gold Medal and the Rock Rugby Team have won several National Championships, and I appreciate both of these accomplishments are remarkable feats.
But, one must realize what the St. Lawrence Laurentians have accomplished has occurred over a century in the sport of soccer. Their continuous record of accomplishments is unparalleled by any other armature team sport in all of Canada.


When you are talking about women’s soccer in the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador, I think we are definitely progressing. The 2009 NL Canada Games team performance in P.E.I. this summer was nothing short of spectacular.
The 2008-09 Jubilee Trophy Championship Team, the Kirby team as they are commonly called, is a stack of provincial all-stars and while I feel there are many great individual players on that team, none are greater than Laura Breen.
I’ve seen her play, and I’ve seen her play a lot. She has represented our province at the local, regional, provincial, national and at the international level over the past decade. To date, as far as I’m concerned, she is the greatest female soccer player to ever don a pair of soccer boots in this province.
Up to now, I consider Laura to be Newfoundland’s female version of the greatest male player that has ever played soccer in Newfoundland, and of course, I’m talking about Wils Molloy.


When you are bestowed the title, ‘Male Soccer Player of the Decade’, it’s an honour. I’m sure it is a very proud moment in one’s life you will cherish forever.
There is no doubt Rudy Norman, being a key player in the Laurentians’ line-up, is ecstatic with this announcement. Yes, his all-star status, his personal individual award winnings are remarkable, and his goal production (97 goals) is incredible, but to me, Rudy Norman is someone whom I feel is a special type of soccer player.
I coached Rudy Norman for four years. He respects the game and above all, he respects the individuals involved with the game. I have never heard Rudy badmouth a teammate or an opponent. I also have never heard Rudy badmouth an official of the game or a NLSA representative.
Having said this, I am aware every decade or so, he has a tendency to pick up a red card!
Over the past decade, he has led the Laurentians, both on and off the field, demonstrating an excellent example of determination and dedication. Personally, I don’t feel there is player, executive member or coach from the Laurentians or the St. Lawrence Soccer Association that has contributed more to the success of the Laurentians, than what Rudy Norman has accomplished for the past decade.


Yes, I did vote for all of the award winners but I feel somewhat obligated to acknowledge both Richard Kelly and Clinton Edwards. It is my understanding Clinton Edwards placed a strong second in the male category. Not surprising.
This is another individual that lets his performance do the talking for him and his talents displayed in the center back position ranks him up there with the all time greats of the game.
Richard Kelly is a player I feel ranks up with the most talented soccer players in ability and skill this province has ever produced. When I was reviewing Richard’s stats over the first six seasons of this decade, Richard’s performances and personal accomplishments were in a class of their own.
But for the remaining years, Richard’s season production fell off. Richard is only 28 years old and for soccer enthusiasts, hopefully we have not seen the last of him.
Dunphy’s Details: I would like to wish both Holy Cross/The Dock and EPR/Kirby/The Dock all the best as they are about to compete at the Senior Men’s/Women’s National Competition being played in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on Thanksgiving Day weekend.
Also I would like to wish all the best to Phil Molloy, Alec Turpin, Kent Slaney, Pat Brake and Pat Byrne, as they go after the gold while competing at the Eastern Canadian Masters with the Mount Pearl Rosie O’Grady Team. Good luck to all!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

NLSA to honor Jeff Babstock

Jeff Babstock of St. John’s is being recognized for 50 years of achievements and contributions to soccer within the province with an honorary life membership in the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association.
Announcement of the honor was made by provincial soccer president Doug Redmond of St. John’s who cited Babstock as being “a remarkable soccer individual who has excelled in every aspect of our sport. A national caliber player, he developed into an excellent coach, a fine official and a tireless worker in a variety of leadership and administrative positions. He is a perfect role model for young people.”
“Jeff Babstock has contributed continuously to the betterment of soccer within our province,” Redmond continued. “There is no job too big or too small if it is good for soccer and he’ll undertake all of them.”
“We are proud to recognize the value of this individual within our soccer.”
“In addition to soccer, he enjoyed success in rowing, hockey, five-pin bowling and basketball.”
Babstock is the sixth Association honorary life member, joining Angus Barrett of St. John’s, Newman Bartlett of Grand Bank, Gus Etchegary of St. Lawrence, George Innis of Happy Adventure and Ben Lake of Fortune.
He will receive his membership during the Association’s hall of fame banquet Saturday, November 21 at the Battery Hotel in St. John’s

Hall of Fame add Seven New Members

Seven to be inducted to Hall of Fame

(SOCCER - NL) Newfoundland & Labrador Soccer Association

Tue Sept. 22, 2009 - Seven new members have been elected to the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Hall of Fame. Names of the seven, who will be inducted during a November 21 banquet, were announced by provincial president Doug Redmond.

The seven are:

Len Aucoin -Corner Brook

Charlie Chaytor - Mount Pearl

Fred Brien - St.John's

Jim Hamlyn - Feildians

Don Hodder - Guards

Jim Royle - Feildians

Darryl Smith - Holy Cross

"They are seven very worthy soccer individuals," Redmond said. "Their exceptional achievements and contributions are well documented and they are certainly excellent additions to the Hall of Fame."

"Our thanks goes to those who nominated these people and we are hopeful that nominations of similar soccer people will continue to be submitted. There are many others who deserve consideration for Hall of Fame membership." Redmond had "thanks for the manner in which the Hall of Fame Selection Committee fulfilled its mandate this year." Jeff Babstock of St. John's is committee chair with Gordon Dunphy of St. Lawrence and Angus Barrett of St. John's as the other members.