NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Holy Cross blanked at the Senior Men's Challenge Cup

Holy Cross - Men
For the second consecutive day Holy Cross were shut -out at the National Challenge Cup in Winnipeg. Yesterday, the 2011 reigning champions from Saskatchewan  narrowly squeaked by  Holy Cross with 1 - 0 score. Today, the Ontario reps blanked Holy Cross by a 2 -0 score. Holy Cross now will play Nova Scotia on Monday for a 7/8 place seed at 11:00 AM NL time.
Holy Cross - Women
Meanwhile, at Juvbilee Trophy action in Winnipeg, the Holy Cross women were also shut-out today by a score of 2 -0 by Ontario. Yesterday Quebec reps beat the NL reps  by a 4-1 score . On Monday Holy Cross  will play Alberta for a 7/8 place seed. The game will be played at 11:00 NL time

You can tune into the game by listening to radio on the following :

CHCM - 740 in Marystown
CKYQ -  930 :This is Newfoundland and Labrador

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Holy Cross men's wins a thriller - defeat Nova Scotia 3 -2

Holy Cross advances to quarter finals at 2012 Nationals 

Wow  - what a game !
To date the Nova Scotia vs Holy Cross men game was the most exciting game of the 2012 National Challenge Cup. It had flare, it had toughness and it sure had excitement. Holy Cross opened the scoring early when sniper John Hawo scored on a beautiful shot at the 9 minute mark. Nova Scotia scored a dandy themselves when a shot was taken at the 41 minute mark by a NS mid-fielder leaving Holy Cross goalie with no chance on the play.
NS takes the lead
NS scored their second goal of the contest at the 65 minute mark of the second half on another super shot. Cross pressed after that but NS seemed destined for a victory until the game had a little less than 10 minutes remaining on the score clock. That's when cross put the pedal to the medal and put the gear shift in overdrive. At the 82 minute mark Jake Warren scored the goal of his life. He moved around two defenders knocked of two more defenders and beat the goalie giving Holy Cross a final breath of hope and another breath of life.
We all remember - Henderson Goal for Team Canada
I guess most old folk's will always remember Henderson's goal so will the Holy Cross fans that witnessed Steve Delong goal at the University of Manitoba Indoor Soccer Complex. Delong, who is this years MVP and top goal scorer, scored a thriller as he picked up the ball inside the NS 18 and lobbed the ball over the head of the NS keeper. This sent the NL fans,who were in attendance, into a frenzy and gave Holy Cross a 1Win  - 1 Loss record in their division with Manitoba and Nova Scotia.

Tie breaking rules
When all teams have an identical record at the Nationals in a three team division the CSA use the following tie breaking rules.  First, it is goal differential. In this case all teams were tied at 0. Second, it was goals scored. Because Manitoba only scored one goal in their two games and both Nova Scotia and NL had scored three goals, Manitoba were eliminated from the 2012 play-offs. Next, the CSA had to determine who was 1st or 2nd place team in this division. This was to be decided on 5a PK shoot-out.  PK's were then taken after the completion of the match by each team. NL won the PK shoot-out and as a result finished 1st in their division.
Play-off picture

This now sets up a Holy Cross play-off match where they play against, the 2011 National Challenge Cup Champions, Saskatchewan in a quarter final show down. All matches on Saturday will be played outdoors. The Holy Cross men will play 4 pm NL time. While the Holy Cross women are scheduled to play Quebec at 2 pm NL time.
The games three stars

1st Star - Steve Delong

2nd Star - Jake Warren

3rd star - John Hawco 


Friday, October 5, 2012

The Nationals News from : Winnipeg, Manitoba

 Photo : Game 1 -- Holy Cross vs Manitoba

Tonight - Holy Cross face Nova Scotia
 Holy Cross men may have their backs against the wall  when they face Nova Scotia tonight but I feel you will see the best of this club tonight. In game one, when Cross played Manitoba, I witnessed the best  soccer this club ever played during the first half. The team were very unfortunate not to have scored and were even less fortunate to have allowed a goal but that's soccer. 
 All on the line
Tonight, Cross will have to lay it all on the line. This team has worked extremely  hard for the past four years and this year it was no different. The team has too much character and talent to bow out of medal contention after two just games at the 2012 Nationals. I feel you will see this club put on their most courageous performance ever. 
Good Luck !

At this time I would like to wish the team well and just give it your all and the wins will take care of themselves.

 Holy Cross (Women) vs Nova Scotia

Good Position
The Holy Cross  women have positioned themselves nicely after their opening two matches. They opened the tournament with a tie against Nova Scotia. That's very good considering Nova Scotia have performed well at the National level over the past decade. Then  a 1-0 victory over Manitoba last night has given the club 4 out of a possible 6 points which is great. 
 Winning doesn't come easy
The team must rest today and build from their impressive start. Cross's next two games will be a challenge to the body and souls of this club when they face Quebec and then Ontario. Winning doesn't come easy at the National Level and the team will have to give it their all.
Good Luck!
I do feel that this team can find a medal in Winnipeg but as I mentioned earlier, it won't come easy and I wish them good luck the rest of the way.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Oct. 4 - All JT/CC Moved Indoors to University of Manitoba for Today

University of Manitoba
Indoor Soccer Complex 

Due to in-climate weather all Challenge Cup and Jubilee Trophy games (8)  scheduled at the National Tournament for today, October 4, 2012 are cancelled at the outdoor facilities .

However, arrangements have been made to have all eight of these these games to be played indoors at a University of Manitoba indoor soccer complex.

The rescheduled games will be 2 x35 min. halves with a five minute break.

The NL women are scheduled today to play Manitoba at 9:30 PM   ------------ 12 midnight NL Time

The NL men are off today

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Follow Holy Cross at the Nationals in Winnipeg

========================================================================  Challenge Cup

Thurs. October 4 - Men : Day Off

Wed. October 3, 2012 ---Game 1 : Men : Manitoba - 1 vs Holy Cross - 0 

Jubilee Trophy

Thurs.October 4,2012 ------- Game 2 - Women : Holy Cross vs Manitoba 
 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Wed. October 3, 2012 -----Game 1 - Women : Holy Cross -1 vs N.S. - 1