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Sunday, November 30, 2008

St. Lawrence Soccer Association 2008 Award Winners

SLSA's - Team Of Year - Laurentians Challenge Cup Team


SLSA's - Most Valuable Player - Mike Howlett


SLSA's -Most Valuable Player at Nationals - Marc Pittman

SLSA's - Fans Choice Award - Marc Pittman


SLSA's - Gerard Quirke Award Of Excellence - Rudy Norman

SLSA's - Most Dedicated Player - Rudy Norman


SLSA's - Most Improved Player - Sean Edwards

SLSA's - Avondale Music Academic & Athletic Scholarship - Sean Edwards


SLSA's - Most Sportmanlike Player - Clinton Edwards


SLSA's - Top Scorer Award - Jeremy Brenton

Thursday, November 27, 2008

2009 CSA Hall of Fame Inductees

Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame adds seven

Former players Neil Ellett, John Limniatis, Joan McEachern and Mike Stojanovic headed the list of 2009 inductees to Canada's Soccer Hall of Fame announced yesterday. They will be inducted June 6 along with referee Bob Sawtell, administrator Derek Wisdom, historian Colin Jose. Also to be posthumously honoured with the Pioneer Award winner is former player, coach and official Ted Slade. The Team of Distinction Award winner is the 1986 Canadian FIFA World Cup team, the only national side to make it to soccer's grandest stage.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Canadian Soccer Association President, Dominique Mastracci attended the NLSA Annual General Meeting

The NLSA 2008 Annual General Meeting featured a presentation on the Canadian Soccer Association’s new strategic plan by CSA president Dominique Mastracci and CSA director Angus Barrett. Angus and Dominique are joined by NLSA President, Doug Redmond and CSA competitions director, Judi Kelloway


CBS did a marvelous job in hosting the 2008 NLSA's Annual General Meeting. Hats off to CBS !!!!! Pictured on the far right is the new CBS President elect, Pat Wells.

A Group Photo of the 2008 NLSA Award Winners

NlSA's Best in 2008
The 2008 top provincial soccer performers received their awards during a presentation held in conjunction with the annual general meeting of the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association. The winners included, left to right, first row: Junior Female player of the year Michelle Ward of Portugal Cove-St. Phillips; Senior Female Player of the Year, Nichole Adams of St. John’s; Nicole Moores, captain of EPR Kirby/ The Dock, Team of the Year
Second row: Coach of the year Scott Betts of Mount Pearl, Dan Maher of Mount Pearl winner of the Ross Arlett Memorial Award as top contributor to officiating; Senior Male player of the Year Mike Howlett of St. Lawrence; Executive of the year Shane Dunphy of Marystown and Jonathon Edwards who accepted on behalf of his brother Junior Male player of the Year Sean Edwards of St. Lawrence.

The St.Lawrence Connection

Congratulations Guys !!!!

Mike, Shane and Jonathon/Sean, proudly displaying their hardware


St.Lawrence Laurentians, Paul Slaney, at work in his CBS office.


Paul, being joined by Jonathon


BPSA President, Shane Dunphy, saying a few words after accepting his award

Sunday, November 23, 2008

NLSA Soccer Press Release

NLSA Soccer Press Release by Dee Murphy – 722-2137Add Image

St. Lawrence native Gordon Dunphy
is the new Senior Men’s Vice-President
of the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer
Association.He was elected Saturday during the
Association’s Annual General Meeting in Conception
Bay South.

Doug Kirby of St. John’s was elected treasurer while the
position of senior women’s vice-president is vacant and

will be filled by the board of directors in the near future.

Board positions are for two-year terms and President
Doug Redmond of St.John’s, youth vice-president Judi
Kelloway of Burin and secretary Dave LeGrow of Mount Pearl
are starting the second year of their terms.

Following the elections, directors of the association
include Bob Antle of St. John’s, Ron O’Neill of Mount Pearl ,
Jeff Clancey of Paradise, Sharon Langor of Corner Brook,
Trevor Paine of Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Ronald Manet of
St. Pierre and Miquelon, Pat Wells of Conception Bay South,
Shane Dunphy of Marystown, Chris Murley of Gander and
Don Stoddart of Labrador City.

The meeting attracted 50 delegates from all areas of
the province and they discussed various reports that
demonstrated that 2008 was a very successful year for
soccer. The association’s financial report showed it
is in excellent shape.

The meeting featured a presentation on the Canadian
Soccer Association’s new strategic plan by CSA President
Dominique Mastracci and CSA director Angus Barrett.

Awards to those judged the best junior and senior
female player, junior and senior male player, coach,
team and executive were presented to the winners.
The Ross Arlett Memorial Award went to Dan Maher of
Mount Pearl as he was deemed to have contributed most
to soccer officiating during the past year.

The Voice of St.Lawrence

Don Turpin
I dropped by to visit a good friend of mine and a great friend of St.Lawrence, Don Turpin's earlier today and had a chat with him. Don informed me that he has his good days and his bad days. He is still on top of all the current happenings that are taking place in the province. I had a great chat with Don about the 2008 NLSA's AGM and the Nationals. I asked Don if he would allow me to take his photo and I would put it on my Blog? Obviously Don agreed.
Randy Turpin - A Laurentian in 2009 - ????
I had a good yarn with Don's grandson, Randy Turpin. Randy is contemplating if he will have another go at playing senior soccer next season.I feel he's got a couple of good years left in him yet.

NLSA Soccer Association Election of Officers

Newly elected, Gord Dunphy, V.P. of NLSA Men's Soccer

The Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association held their election of officers at their AGM.

President : Doug Redmond
VP Men's : Gord Dunphy
VP Women's : Vacant
VP Youth : Judi Kelloway
Secretary : Dave Legrow
Tresurure : Doug Kirby

I would like to thank the outgoing VP of Men's Soccer, Kevin Pittman.I would like to thank my wife, my family , my friends,the delegates and all individuals that supported me in any manner during the election.

Gord Dunphy's Platform

My goals, as Men’s VP of the Newfoundland Soccer Association are :

  • To further the work and establish soccer as the premier organization of all sports in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador

  • To become a team member and help the NLSA to operate in complete unity.

  • Work toward refining content and give a greater promotion to the game.

  • To actively assist all regions of Newfoundland and Labrador in recruitment of more new men’s soccer teams at all levels

  • To increase dialog between clubs, regions and the provincial governing body on a ever ending continuous basis.

  • Work toward assisting all regions of Newfoundland and Labrador in upgrading and obtaining bigger and better soccer facilities.

  • To bring a bigger and broader vision with a more open perspective to the sport.

  • To attend all NLSA meetings and various regional meetings upon request.

  • Work toward raising the various levels of local, regional and provincial governments in Newfoundland and Labrador to see soccer for what it really is the Number One sport in the World
* I will give it my all !!!

Thank You
Gord Dunphy






Saturday, November 22, 2008

2008 Awards Presentation 9;00 pm Friday,11/21/08 - Conception Bay South Soccer Hut- " Recognizing the best of 2008"

Michelle Ward - Jr. Female Player of Year presented by NLSA Youth VP, Judi Kelloway


Nichole Adams - Sr. Female Player of Year presented by NLSA 2008 Women's VP, Paul Miller


Sean Edwards - Jr. Male Player of Year presented by NLSA Youth VP, Judi Kelloway
Accepted by brother Jonathon


Mike Howlett - Sr. Male Player of Year presented by NLSA Technical chair, Jeff Babstock


Shane Dunphy - Executive of Year presented by NLSA President, Doug Redmond


Dan Maher - Ross Arlett Memorial presented by NLSA Director of Officials, Martin Batterson


Scott Betts - Coach of Year presented by NLSA Technical Director, Dragon


EPR Kirby/The Dock - Team of Year presented by NLSA Regional Director, Bob Antle
accepted by team captain, Nicole Moores and team-mates Michelle Ward, Nichole Adams and coach - Scott Betts

Friday, November 21, 2008

BPSA President, Shane Dunphy
In a press release dated, Nov. 20 2008, the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association, has released the that following 25 Burin Peninsula individuls will be participating in the NLSA All- Star programs during the 2009 soccer season:
Under 13 Provincial Boys
Shayne Dunphy - Marystown
Christian Lace - Burin
Adam Kelly - St.Lawrence
Assistant coach - Shane Dunphy
Under 14 Provincial Boys
Jordi Slaney - St.Lawrence
Under 15 Provincial Boys
Michael Scott - Marystown
Michael Baggs - Lawn
Zachery King - Burin
Under 15 Provincial Girls
Kristen Anstey - Burin
Under 16 Provincial Boys
Patrick Slaney - St.Lawrence
Tyler Forsey - Fortune
Stefan Slaney - St.Lawrence
Chad Miller - St.Lawrence
Aaron Buffet - Grand Bank
Steven Slaney - Burin
2009 Canada Games Men’s
Sean Edwards - St.Lawrence
Boyd Roul - Lawn
Albert Anstey - Burin
Tyler Beck - St.Lawrence
Mark Lundrigan - Burin
Stefan Slaney - St.Lawrence
Head coach - Albert Anstey
Assistant coach - Paul Slaney
Manager - Duane Evans
2009 Canada Games Women’s
Erin Edwards - Burin

Monday, November 17, 2008

2008 NLSA Award Winners

NLSA President, Doug Redmond

The eight 2008 provincial soccer award winners have been announced by Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association president Doug Redmond of St.John’s. The eight will receive their awards Friday night at Conception Bay South Soccer in conjunction with the Association’s annual general meeting.

Players recognized include senior female Nichole Adams of St. John’s and junior female Michelle Ward of Portugal Cove-St. Phillips and senior male Mike Howlett and junior male Sean Edwards, both of St. Lawrence. Coach of the year is Scott Betts of Mount Pearl and executive of the year is Shane Dunphy of Marystown. The female EPR Kirby/The Dock Club is team of the year and Dan Maher of Mount Pearl was selected winner of the Ross Arlett Memorial Award that goes to the individual judged to have contributed most to soccer officiating during the past year.

In announcing the winners, Redmond cited them as “very deserving of these honors. They all played major roles in the very rewarding success that soccer enjoyed during the past year within Newfoundland and Labrador. Our soccer has been fortunate again in the high caliber of these winners.” He said, “the winners will be nominated for provincial sport recognition.


2008 Team of the Year - "EPR Kirby/The Dock "

EPR Kirby/The Dock owns the best showing ever by a Newfoundland and Labrador female senior soccer club in Canadian championships. The well-coached, well-trained, well-balanced club earned a fourth place result at the 2008 BMO national women’s championships, competing against the very best female teams within Canada.

In fact, the national championships highlighted a tremendously successful season for the talented and dedicated team. In national and provincial competition, the club lost only two games, one to British Columbia and one to Manitoba. It recorded a truly remarkable 2008 performance,
In the 2008 provincial Breen’s Jubilee Cup, EPR Kirby/The Dock went undefeated for the complete schedule. In round-robin play, the team won 15 games and tied three for a 48-point first place finish. The club scored a remarkable 77 goals while allowing only 13 in 20 provincial games.

The formation of the club was the result of dedicated soccer people seeing the need to put together a team that would be very competitive at the national level as a method to encourage more female players to devote the time and effort to improve the overall local women’s soccer calibre and it appears to be successful.

Under coach Scott Betts, the team was formed and top-level talent put together into a strong and cohesive unit. For eight months the players worked out at least four days per week getting to excellent condition, working on individual skills and learning a playing system that would bring encouraging results.

Overall, determination and a willingness to make sacrifices provided the necessary support for the desired success.

Members of the EPR Kirby/The Dock team include Janine Bursey , Simone Quinlan, Jenn Murphy, Ashley Dawe, Nicole Moores, Leighanne Tobin, Layra Tilley, Jullia Whitten, Meghan Felt, Jess Wade, Sam Hansford, Malorie Harris, Leslie Pope, Kayla Franey, Renee Jerrett, Laura Breen, Jess Stanford, Gillian Baker, Nichole Adams, Dana Brewer. Hannah Rivkin, Michelle Ward, coach Scott Betts, assistant-coach: Gerry Kirby and managers Geralyn Hansford and Sue Wade.


2008 "Coach of the Year" Scot Betts

The coaching leadership of Scott Betts was an important and valuable factor in the outstanding showing that the EPR Kirby/The Dock female team achieved within Newfoundland and Labrador soccer and within Canadian senior championship soccer during the 2008 season.
The veteran and extremely knowledgeable coach prepared a highly successful lengthy training and conditioning schedule that he coordinated and integrated into a playing system that took the team to the best showing ever in Canadian championships by a female team from Newfoundland and Labrador.
Utilizing fully his expertise and acknowledged ability to motivate players, he was able to get the very best from the EPR Kirby/The Dock players, resulting in an undefeated championship record in provincial Breen’s Jubilee Cup competition and a fourth place finish in the Canadian senior championships.
Scott Betts played a major role in putting the team together and worked its members four days every week for nearly ten months to produce the impressive season that the team enjoyed. In many important ways he was the liaison around which the team performed.
Overall, EPR Kirby/The Dock lost only to Manitoba and British Columbia all season.
The fine success that Memorial University’s female varsity team achieved was assisted greatly by his work with the EPR Kirby/The Dock club as 14 MUN players benefited greatly in conditioning and individual skills that were improved by their summer with Scott Betts.
Coaching a very young MUN male team in Atlantic Intercollegiate competition, he worked well with the club that had only five returning players. The club earned two wins and two ties while losing six games, of which four were by one goal.


2008 "Executive of the Year" Shane Dunphy

In 2008 Shane was President of the Marystown Minor Soccer Association and worked diligently to revive soccer in Marystown. He has been successful in securing other adults in the community to coach Marystown’s youth teams and join the executive of that Association. He obtained sponsors to supply uniforms to all Marystown teams and he started an indoor league in the spring besides running the summer program. Shane also coached in this system both in the spring league and the summer program.

He has also been instrumental in forming a Masters’ team in Marystown. This team played regularly in Marystown and also participated in the Provincial Masters’ Tournament on a recreational basis.

In November 2007, Shane became President of the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association. This election meant Shane was taking on the daunting task to revive soccer on the Burin Peninsula. His first project was to set up weekly mini-tournaments for the U-12, U-14 and U-16 Boys and the U-12 and U-14 Girls which led to the Burin Peninsula Championships. These tournaments were a success this year with most teams playing more than 1 game a week for the first time in years. The U-6, U-8 and U-10 players on the peninsula took part in Invitational tournaments on a weekly basis.

Another of Shane’s aims was to get the Burin Peninsula back in the Provincial “A” Tournaments. While the Burin Peninsula has a great soccer history, participation in the top Provincial Youth Tournaments has been declining. Shane was successful in getting coaches for all level but in the end only the U-12 Boys, U-14 Boys, U-16 Boys and the U-16 Girls went to the “A” Provincials. The U-12 Girls had intended to go into the U-12 11x11 tournament but in the end it was decided they would be better suited to the 8x8 Mega. In this goal, Shane led by example and coached teams at both the U-10 and U-12 age levels.

Part of the reestablishment of the “A” teams on the Peninsula included participation in the Boys’ U-14 Provincial League. While this league was in the very beginning stages in 2008, Shane supported the idea of the league and made sure the Burin Peninsula was represented in it. The team travelled to both Corner Brook and Gander for games and they hosted both teams on the Peninsula also. This was the first time a team had played organized competitive games at their age level before participating in the Provincial tournament.

Shane was also involved in organizing the Intermediate League on the Burin Peninsula and encouraged the Boys U-16 BPSA team to participate in it. This gave this team games before going to Provincials. The success of this was evident at the tournament as the BPSA time won the silver medal.

On top of this, Shane invited teams from Portugal Cove/St. Phillips and St. Pierre to visit the Peninsula to play games. He also arranged for the U-8, U-10 and U-12 teams to participate in Invitational tournaments in the Metro area.

Shane was also Technical Director for the Burin Peninsula in 2008 and coached Regional teams at the U-10 and U-12 age levels. In this role, he invited Dragan to visit the Peninsula to hold coaching courses. He also met with young coaches on the peninsula to develop a training/skill development plan for all age groups.

On the Provincial level, Shane was the Regional Director for the Burin Peninsula. In this role, Shane represented the BPSA well and gained the respect of all NLSA Board Members.

He was also named the Burin Peninsula Representative on the NLSA Technical Committee. Here Shane strived to make sure all youth players on the Burin Peninsula are aware of the Provincial Team Program. He strongly encouraged and supported BPSA youth players to be involved with this elite program. As a result of his efforts fifteen BPSA players played on Provincial teams.

One of Shane’s biggest accomplishments this season was the hosting of the first Boys' U-12 8x8 Mega tournament. Plans for this began several years ago when Shane booked all the hotel space in the Marystown area to make sure teams had accommodations for the tournament. All sixteen teams that participated in this tournament were pleased with the organization of it along with the caliber of play and the level of officiating.

This year Shane also began coaching in the Provincial Team Program when he was named Assistant Coach of the U-13 Boys team. This meant monthly training sessions in St. John’s and an Atlantic tournament in Moncton – another major commitment on his part.

2008 has been a trying year for Shane. The demands on his time often exceeded the actual time he had to give. He continues to have great ambitions for the revival of soccer on the Burin Peninsula even though there have been and will continue to be many stumbling blocks to accomplish this goal. Shane is to be commended for his accomplishments this season


2008 "Senior Male Player of the Year" Mike Howlett

Mike Howlett put a banner soccer season together during 2008, much in the same excellent manner that he has for 17 provincial and national Challenge Cup competitions. Utilizing exceptional determination and desire to well support the natural skill and talent that he has developed, he provided impressive leadership on and off the field for the St. Lawrence Laurentians, both provincially and nationally.

Drawing often and well on the valuable experience that he earned in Alberta as well as Newfoundland and Labrador, Mike Howlett played a major role in the great record that St. Lawrence posted in provincial Challenge Cup competition. The Laurentians lost only one game in their provincial schedule and he contributed greatly to this exceptional showing,

The manner in which he played in each and every game was recognized when he was named winner of the Dick Power Memorial Award after being selected the Most Valuable Player for the regular season. Voted to the provincial all-star team as striker, he added the Gerard Quirke MVP Award for the playoffs.

Bothered by injuries all season, he scored five goals in provincial regular season play and continuously fed his teammates timely and well placed passes that allowed them to score goals. His knowledge of the game and determination to contribute to his team was very evident and a great example of his contributions to the St. Lawrence club.

Mike Howlett continued his exceptional play into the Canadian championships where he scored two goals and earned several assists playing against the finest amateur soccer players within the nation.

Overall, Mike Howlett again demonstrated his soccer prowess during 2008, setting an example of top level play that may certainly be used as a model for younger players. He ranked highly with the very best within Canada.


2008 "Junior Male Player of the Year" Sean Edwards

Sean Edwards repeated as the province’s top junior male soccer player during 2008 after earning the same selection for 2007. Following in the footsteps of his Hall of Fame father Clem, he enjoyed exceptional personal and team successes at every level of soccer from high school to senior Challenge Cup.

Continuously demonstrating why he is regarded as one of the most promising young players within Atlantic Canada, he continuously demonstrated exceptional talent and skill as both a striker and mid-fielder . Conspicuous as a leader, both on and off the pitch, he displayed a soccer knowledge well beyond his age.

Despite his youth, he was able to earn a berth on the St. Lawrence Laurentians club that won the provincial Challenge Cup championship. He took full advantage of his playing time to earn selection as the Laurentians’ most improved player and contributed much to the team’s successes.

His valuable contributions were a major factor in St. Lawrence Academy winning the provincial school title and he led St. Lawrence to the Under-16 provincial “B” championship while being voted the top male player in St. Lawrence youth soccer. Named to the Canada Games player pool, he was a member of the Under-16 provincial all-stars.

His great talent and skill earned him a spot at the National Training Centre in Halifax and he was one of eight players from this province selected to play with Team Atlantic at the Quebec National training center.

Devoted to soccer, he worked hard and tirelessly during 2008 to further improve his skills, making exceptional personal sacrifices for training and conditioning sessions. He is simply a very talented and dedicated young soccer player who is striving to get even better


2008 "Senior Female Player of the Year" Nicole Adams

Nichole Adams was the dominating senior female soccer player within Newfoundland and Labrador during 2008 as she excelled at every level of competition from provincial to Atlantic Intercollegiate to national. An extremely dangerous striker on every team for which she played, she demonstrated her great skill and talent in every game in which she played and was of great benefit to her teams.

At the national senior women’s Jubilee Cup championships, she emerged as the top goal scorer with an impressive eight goals in four games. Playing against the finest female players in Canada, she more than held her own as she used her overall soccer talent, especially her extremely strong and extremely accurate shot, to pace her team to a great fourth place, the highest ever for any Newfoundland and Labrador team. She was simply a standout for her club in every game.

In the provincial season-long Breen’s Jubilee Cup competition, she was truly outstanding as she scored 21 goals in 18 regular games and earned the Most Valuable Player Award. She continued her scoring magic in the provincial playoffs with two goals in a 4-0 semi-final decision over Holy Cross and the winning goal in an overtime 2-0 win over Holy Cross in the title game. Naturally she was voted to the League all-star team.

A fourth-year student at Memorial University studying Kinesiology and working towards a medical degree, she was awarded CIS academic all-Canadian for 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 as a member of the University varsity soccer SeaHawks. In her fourth season with the SeaHawks, she was third in Conference scoring with seven goals and earned selection as a Conference second all-star as she helped her club to the Conference semi-finals.

She won St. John’s female Athlete of the Month for June and August, 2008 and was selected Athlete of the Week four times.

In her spare time she volunteered with Eastern Health at the Leonard A. Miller Centre and the Health Science Complex but changed to Planned Parenthood in early 2008. She recently signed up with Big Brothers/Big Sisters as a volunteer.


2008 "Junior Female Player of the Year" Michelle Ward

Michelle Ward enjoyed an impressive and defining season during 2008. As a member of the St. John’s Under-16 “A” All-Star Team, she began to take a leadership role while her work ethic and determination along with her improved technical play was the standard for the club. Her inspired effort provided evident motivation for the rest of the team.

The Provincial Championships provided an opportunity for her to demonstrate the characteristics of an elite player. Her play at these championships helped solidify in the minds of provincial coaches that her improved play and leadership was not by chance. It confirmed that her increased commitment and positive attitude was paying dividends.

This year’s Under-16 Provincial Team was one of the strongest and competitive entries in the National Championships. The exceptional play and leadership ability of Michelle Ward really stood out. Her exceptional play caught the eye of national coaches who were in attendance. Her outstanding play was rewarded with an invitation to the National Training Centre in Halifax.

Her increased commitment and desire to improve technically, has produced the desired result. The change in attitude and maturity impressed her teammates. They looked to her for leadership and recommended her for captain.

At the provincial try-outs for the 2009 Canada Games Team, she demonstrated all the characteristics that a coach seeks in a player and that she is in a good position to make a strong challenge to make the final selection.

For the National Jubilee Cup Championships held in St. John’s in October, Michelle was one of the players picked up by the provincial representative, Kirby Team to replace an injured player. Playing against seasoned senior players, she more than held her own thus proving that her addition to the team was justified.


2008 "Official of the Year" - Dan Maher

"Ross Arlett Memorial"

Dan Maher’s soccer career goes back 45 years to 1964 when he played at Kelly’s Brook in the St. John’s Minor system and his officiating contributions date from 1991 when he graduated from playing to refereeing. In all aspects of his career he has maintained a record of positive contributions that have made him a model for exceptional behavior.

After he joined the ranks of the provincial level, he moved through the officiating levels until he attained his Level One status and continued to officiate in the St. John’s Metro League and at provincial and national tournaments for 15 years. He regularly officiated provincial level championships and has officiated in games at designated national levels up to and including refereeing national Challenge Cup games.

As a referee assessor and instructor. he has made valuable contributions to the overall improvement and increase within the provincial soccer officiating situation. In this area of soccer he has continued to enhance his reputation
n 2006, Dan was invited to join the Provincial Referee Committee and coordinate the delivery of the provincial referee instructional program. During the last three years the program developed more than 600 new youth and senior level officials. The coordination of this activity ranks as a highlight in his career. He plans to continue to instruct and assess in the future.

He played senior soccer for Holy Cross until the mid-1970’s and he played recreational soccer in Mount Pearl until the late 1980’s. He was involved in the Mount Pearl Soccer Association as a coach for nine years, served on the executive for a year, was a division coordinator for three years, a youth referee for ten years and an overall volunteer for 30 years..

He is a worthy recipient of the Ross Arlett Memorial Trophy.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mount Pearl hires new Technical Director

Jimmy Hamlyn

Mount Pearl's new Technical Director

Well known soccer personality Jimmy Hamlyn has joined the Mount Pearl Soccer Association as their new Technical Director. Hamlyn brings a wealth soccer knowledge and a great passion to the game. I know Jim and I know him well - "He is a good soccer man". He lives and dies the sport. Actually, I feel it's a excellent move by Mount Pearl. No doubt it will be a little different not seeing Jimmy Hamlyn as a Feildians man. Both Hamlyn and Jimmy Royle have been the heart and soul of the Feildians organization for years. I guess it would be a fair statement to say, " It's Mount Pearl's gain and St. John's loss"

Good luck Jim in your new position !!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

BPSA Hall of Fame Honours 208 Years of Soccer by Cynthia Farrell - " Southern Gazette"

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Six new inductees into the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame included (seated, from left): Judy Kelloway, Eugene Brushett and Melaine Lambe. Standing: Rod Roul, Russ Murphy and Gord Dunphy. Cynthia Farrell Photo

Six new inductees into the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame

BPSA Hall of Fame honours 208 years of soccer Post a comment
Six new inductees to the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame were honoured Nov. 1. During a ceremony at the Little Bay Heritage Centre, BPSA president Shane Dunphy welcomed the hall’s newest members. (more) 12/11/08 9:18 AM

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

In Memory of St.Lawrence Native - Private Kevin Kennedy

St.Lawrence Laurentian- Kevin Kennedy

Private Kevin Vincent Kennedy

Died: April 8, 2007

Age: 20

Hometown: St. Lawrence, Newfoundland and Labrador

Unit : 2nd Battalion, The Royal Canadian Regiment (Gagetown, New Brunswick)

Private Kennedy was killed when the armored vehicle he was in hit a roadside bomb. Kennedy was a member of the 2nd Battalion, Royal Canadian Regiment.

Wreath laid by Kay & Myles in honor of Kevin on Nov. 11, 2008

Just arrived home from the Memorial Day Service held in St. John's on Duckworth Street. It was quite an emotional service. During the Memorial, an unveiling of a new plaque by Premier Danny Williams took place. The plaque is dedicated to the fallen victims of our Newfoundlanders who were killed in the line of duty in Afghanistan
Myles and Kay were in attendance
Former St.Lawrence natives, Myles and Kay Kennedy, the parents of Kevin Kennedy were there and laid a wreath in honor of their son. Kevin's brother Michael could not attend. He was involved in a ceremony in Halifax. After the ceremony was over I shouted out to Myles, he came over and we had a good chat . Obviously, he spoke about Kevin and Michael and then we chatted about the Nationals.
Shortly after speaking to Myles, I saw Kay. I then called out to her and Kay came over. Kay was very emotional as one would expect from a mother on this day. We had a great yarn . We talked about the loss of Kevin and you can see that Kay is still hurting. She also mentioned about when Kevin was playing soccer out home and we were involved with the fundraising for BPSA Team of which Kevin was a member. She said, "Life was so simple and she mentioned how it could change in the matter of minutes". I guess this could be a lesson for us all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Burin Peninsula well represented on the 2009 Provincial Teams Selected

Coach Mike Power and assistant Nicole Mooores have selected the following 21 players for the 2009 Canada Games Women's Team Player Pool:

Katie Dunphy (St. John's), Kylie Delong (St. John's), Kaelyn Burke (St. John's) Kiera Eavis (CBS), Kristen Elliott (Mount Pearl), Maris Miller (St. John's), Paula Whitten (Mount Pearl), Heather Williams (St. John's), Lauren Windsor (Mount Pearl), Jennifer Burry (Portugal Cove-St. Phillip's), Michelle Ward (St. John's), Hannah Rivkin (St. John's), Shauna Gilpin (St. John's), Rebecca Green (Harbour Grace), Nicole Jesso (Mount Pearl), Laurianne Sutton (St. John's), Kelcie Winters (Happy Valley-Goose Bay), Emily Gatehouse (St. John's), Jenna Bowman (CBS), Maria Oliver (St. John's) and from the Burin Peninsula: Erin Edwards (Burin Bay Arm)


Head Coach Mike Power along with a selection committee of NLSA provincial team coaches have selected the following 22 players for the Boys Under 16 Provincial team player pool:

Brandon Noseworthy (Mount Pearl), James Seifert (Mount Pearl), Conor Daly (St. John's), Hassan Kamara (St. John's), Tyler Sturge (Mount Pearl), Taylor Smith (St. John's), Matthew Noseworthy (Mount Pearl), Lyle Griffin (Corner Brook), Eoin Millan (St. John's), Alec Darby-Keats (St. John's), Steven Johnson (St. John's), Ryan Somers (Mount Pearl), Alex White (Carbonear), Darren Mulrooney (Mount Pearl), Brandon Ezekiel (Corner Brook), David Martin (St. John's) and from the Burin Peninsula Chad Miller (St. Lawrence), Aaron Buffet (Grand Bank), Steven Slaney (Burin), Patrick Slaney (St. Lawrence), Tyler Forsey (Fortune) and Stefan Slaney (St. Lawrence)


Head Coach Charlie Simmonds along with a selection committee of NLSA provincial team coaches have selected the following 19 players for the Boys Under 15 Provincial team player pool:

Errol Elli (St. John's), Ben Collingwood (St. John's), Luke Bennett (St. John's), Ben Maynard (Corner Book), Doug Warren (Corner Brook), Glen Tobin (Gander), Tyler Butt (Victoria), Darian Rogerson (St. John's), Patrick Dyer (St. John's), Evan Royle (St. John's),Jeffery Au (St. John's) Mitchell O'Brien (Paradise), Justin O'Brien (Paradise), Steven Sharpe (St. John's), Stewart Sharpe (St. John's), Carter McCormack (Gander) and from the Burin Peninsula: Zachery King (Burin Bay Arm), Michael Baggs (Lawn) and Michael Scott (Marystown)


The NLSA is pleased to announce the roster for the 2009 BU14 Provincial Team. The roster is as follows:

Dawson Cole (St. John's), Bobby Gamba (Portugal Cove-St. Phillip's), Josh Hannrahan (CBS), Brandon Heath (Mount Pearl), David Johnson (St. John's), Chad Jones (Corner Brook), Carter Mackey (St. John's), Jonathon Morris (Paradise), Matthew Noseworthy (St. John's), Matthew Porter (CBS), Alex Pretty (St. John's), Ryan Thistle (Paradise), Stephen Trickett (St. John's), Zachary Tucker (St. John's), Jacob Westcott (St. John's), Adam Wicks (St. John's), Paul Young and Jordi Slaney (St. Lawrence)


Gord Dunphy Photo

Team enjoys end of year party

Coast 101 FM had their end of year party at the Star of the Sea Hall on Henry Street. It was a great time, a well organized party. What can you say it was a free bar all night. It had lots of good soccer yarns with lots of great stories from the past.