NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, June 28, 2010

Are you in favour of video replay in soccer ? Place your vote in the poll.

After watching the 2010 World Cup of soccer and seeing the goal which England scored against Germany which wasn't counted, I wonder, has the time come for FIFA to get with the times and use video replay?
Personally, I feel the electronic age is here and it is time for soccer to use video replay only in case of disputed goals. With regards to off-side calls, I feel it should remain in the hands of the officials.

Next Weeks Coach's Corner - Getting to Know - John Douglas

Getting To Know John Douglas

I’ve played with and coached a lot of good soccer goalkeepers over the years, and to say that one has to be a ???? I think it is fair to say that most goalies are generally a very ???? However, I do feel that despite them being a ----They have to have good ???? To get to know this star athlete a little better, I asked him the following questions--

Breen's Jubilee Trophy Goal Scoring Leaders

Laura Breen

Once again it is Laura Breen of Holy Cross Kirby team in familiar territory. She presently has seven goals which ties her with Ericka Lannon of Molson FC/ St Johns for the overall scoring leaders in Breen's Jubilee Trophy Competition. They are close followed by Nicki Locke and Leslie Pope who both have 6 and 5 goals respectively.

Name Team Goals
Laura Breen Holy Cross Kirby 7
Erika Lannon Molson FC/ St Johns 7
Nicki Locke Mount Pearl-Electronic Centre-Paradise Physio 6
Leslie Pope Holy Cross Kirby 5
Jessica Wade Feildians 4
Nicole Smith Feildians 4
Rebecca Green St. Johns U18 4
Katie Dunphy St. Johns U18 3

Holy Cross, leading the current standings

Team # Games Points

Holy Cross Kirby 8 19

Feildians Ernst
& Young Orenda
7 14

Mt. Pearl/That
Pro Look/Molson
6 11

St. Lawrence
Labatt Laurentians
6 10

Rugged Edge Western United FC 8 6

CB Auto Strikers FC 7 4

Challenge Cup Leading Goal Scorers

Zack Wade - Holy Cross

Zack Wade's failure to score in two weekend matches has allowed his team-mate Scott Woodfine and the Feildians, Matthew Wilkins to join Zack for the lead in the goal scoring department. Listed below are the leagues current goal scoring leaders.

Name Team Goals
Zach Wade Holy Cross 6
Scott Woodfine Holy Cross 6
Matthew Wilkins Feildians 6
Zach Hynes Feildians 5
Mike Howlett St Lawrence 4
Colin Power Feildians 4
Patrick Fewer Western United 4
John Grant St. Lawrence 3
Matt Foote CB Strikers 3
Blaise Peters Holy Cross 3
Kegan Ezekiel Feildians 3
David Webb Feildians 3

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Challenge Cup Game Results - Sunday June 27, 2010

Holy Cross 1 vs Mount Pearl 1

12:00 Rugged Edge Western United FC : 4
vs CB Auto Strikers FC : 0
CB Auto Strikers FC: No Scoring
Rugged Edge Western United FC : Kevin Oram (14 min), Patrick Fewer ( 71 min – PK)
Shut–out : Matt Quigley


2:00 St. John’s U-18’s Capital Hyundai : 0 vs Feildian/Ernst & Young Orenda : 4


Feildian/Ernst & Young Orenda: Matthew Wilkins ( 15 & 48 min), David Webb (83 min), Kegan Ezekiel ( 89 min)
St. John’s U-18’s Capital Hyundai: No Scoring
Shut –out : Ryan Decker


4: 30 Holy Cross 1 vs Mount Pearl - 1

Holy Cross Kirby Group: Jake Warren (1 min)
Mount Pearl That Pro Look Molson: John Kelly (17 min)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Molson Challenge Cup Game Results - Saturday - June 26

Saturday - June 26

Holy Cross Kirby Group 7 vs St. John’s U-18’s Capital Hyundai : 0

Feildian/Ernst & Young Orenda: 6 vs Rugged Edge Western United FC: 3


For complete game results visit the NLSA Web

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ryan Dunphy's Collage

Read My Latest Coach's Corner - The Tradition Continues : Click Here

Coach's Corner: print this  article
The tradition continues
Gord Dunphy
GORD DUNPHY Gord  Dunphy RSS Feed
The Southern Gazette

Each year, as one would expect, questions start surrounding the hometown Challenge Cup soccer team. Who’s coaching the team this year? Are all the boys coming back? Who are the new additions? Over the years St. Lawrence has seen bleak moments but when one puts it all together it is amazing how the Laurentians keep compiling a competitive team year after year, despite very trying circumstances. One must realize having a competitive team just doesn’t happen. It’s because the people of the town of St. Lawrence want it to happen.

Community Support

Both the St. Lawrence Town Council and the St. Lawrence Soccer Association see that soccer continues. There are always various people (volunteers, for the most part) who are determined to keep the soccer tradition alive.
Some of them basically have dedicated their life to the sport. The fact players, who reside outside the community, keep playing for their hometown amazes all sports minded people all over Newfoundland and Labrador.
Maybe the fact it’s instilled into the heads of youngsters of St. Lawrence that it’s an honour and a privilege to don the Laurentians Blue helps St. Lawrence’s cause. And of course St. Lawrence has always recruited some of the best talented soccer players available. Again this year it is very evident. I also feel it’s great to see so many young potential soccer stars back into the Laurentians’ fold in 2010. Not only is it good for St. Lawrence soccer, but also it is good for NLSA soccer. Actually, it augurs well for the entire sport. Below, you will see a number of the young guys the Laurentians are starting to mould, who very well may be their future stars.
I have contacted and received responses from a number of these young players, who range from 15 -18 years of age. Hopefully these few questions and answers may give you a better insight into what the Laurentians are hoping to build their future.

Name: Sean Edwards
Age: 18
Position: Left Midfield
Former teams: NLSA Teams – Under 13, Under 16, Canada Games Under-18 team
Favourite player: Harry Kelly
Future goal in soccer: Win a National Gold Medal.
Coach’s Corner Comments: When Sean is on top of his game, he has the abilities to be the best Under -20 in the province. But like any athlete, to be the best you must do it on a consistent basis.

Name: Jonathan Grant
Age: 18
Position: Center Midfield
Former teams: 2009 Canada Games Team, St. John’s Under 18s
Favourite player: John Douglas
Future goal in soccer: To win a national championship
Coach’s Corner Comments: Jonathan is very strong on the ball, has average skill but it is his old fashioned work ethic that gives him the edge on players his age.

Name : Boyd Roul
Age :18
Position: Left Wing Midfield
Former teams: Lawn and St. Lawrence Intermediates, Canada Games NLSA Team
Favourite St. Lawrence player: Adam Loder or Rudy Norman
Future goal in soccer: To win the Challenge Cup and be named to the Challenge Cup All Stars
Coach’s Corner Comments: Generally, when I think of Lawn players I think of players that play with guts and determination, and really Boyd is no different. He is the type of player who gives his all.

Name: Steven Slaney
Age: 17
Position: Striker/Midfielder
Former teams: Minor soccer in Marystown and Burin, BPSA ‘A’ teams, St. Lawrence Intermediate, NLSA Under-15 and Under-16 teams
Favourite St. Lawrence player: Rudy Norman
Future goal in soccer: To play soccer at the highest level for as long as I can.
Coach’s Corner Comments: I can’t really say I know a lot about the talents of this young player, but I do know he is very coach-able and committed to the game. As long as a young player has those attributes he has a future in soccer.

Name: Stefan Slaney
Age: 16
Position: Striker/Midfield
Former teams: St. Lawrence minor teams, Canada Games, NLSA Under-13, NLSA Under-14, NLSA Under-16, St. Lawrence Intermediate
Favourite St. Lawrence player: Richard Kelly
Future goal in soccer: To win a Men’s National Title with the St. Lawrence Laurentians
Coach’s Corner Comments: One thing I realized after seeing Stefan play the last number of years is this young man has talent. He is super skilled and is great with both feet. I have no doubt when the day arrives Stefan plays to his full potential, he will be a Challenge Cup All-Star.

Name: Patrick Slaney
Age: 16
Position: Goalkeeper
Former teams: NLSA Under -16, BPSA Under-16, St. Lawrence Intermediate
Favourite St. Lawrence player: Well obviously I look up to John Douglas, being his back up. I expect to pick up and learn a lot from him. He has been a big help for me so far. Besides him, my favourite player would be Johnny Grant. Nobody works harder than Johnny on the field, and any keeper would want a player like that in front of him.
Future goal in soccer: To help St. Lawrence win a National Championship
Coach’s Corner Comments: As long as I can remember the strength of St. Lawrence teams have always started with having great goalkeepers. From what I have seen of Patrick thus far, he has the all the tools to be the Laurentians’ future keeper.

Name: Jordi Slaney
Age: 15
Position: Center Midfield
Former teams: St. Lawrence minor soccer, BPSA & NLSA Teams for five years
Favourite St. Lawrence player: Clinton Edwards
Future goal in soccer: To be the best I can be and eventually contribute to the Laurentians
Coach’s Corner Comments: Personally, I think this young kid is the best minor soccer player in the province. When a kid puts on a Challenge cup uniform in St. Lawrence you can bet he is a future senior star.

Dunphy’s Details: Both Jimmy Cluett and Clarence Senior told me, they feel the 2010 Challenge Cup Championship is up for grabs this season more than ever.
However, Clarence feels Holy Cross’s depth could be the difference in them winning. While Jimmy Cluett feels home field advantage will give the Laurentians the nod on Labour Day

Monday, June 21, 2010

St. Lawrence vs Holy Cross - June 20, 2010

Photo's courtesy of Vicki Etchegary Lockyer

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Zack Wade, "The Dominator"

Zack Wade - "The Dominator"

Every so often in provincial soccer a great player comes along and he steals the show and it's exactly what soccer needs. There is a new kid now that's starting to dominate Senior Men's soccer. The guy that I am referring to is Number 22 of Holy Cross, Zack Wade. Last season, Zack was no slouch either. He was an All-Star, won the scoring title and was awarded MVP for his achievements. But now, in the 2010 season, he has taken his game still to another level, on the field , winning the hearts of all soccer enthusiasts. Suddenly people are saying and are taking note," this guy is for real."
One man show
In a game played earlier today in St.Lawrence, although, the Laurentians were missing several key starters from their lineup, they were looking to get revenge. Just a day earlier Holy Cross shutout the Laurentians on two beautiful second half goals from Scott Woodfine and Jake Warren. In the first half of the second match, the young Laurentian squad played rather well and had several good chances. As I watched the match I felt that their inability to finish was something that could come back to haunt them. I also realize that soccer games are won or lost in the mid-field. Actually, Zack Wade dominated mid-field in both contests. He ran the field and won the vast majority of the 50/50 battles. He brought Holy Cross even on the score sheet at the 57 minute mark, just 3 minutes after Boyd Roul had opened the score for the Laurentians. Then at the 81 minute mark, he scored his second marker of the contest, giving his team six points on the weekend and giving him a two goal lead on the provincial goal- scoring race. Zack Wade now has 6 goals in 6 games and is on par for a 20 plus goal season.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Holy Cross to Play Laurentians in St. Lawrence on June 19 & 20


Battle of the Undefeated

It's early in the 2010 season and there's going to be a battle of the undefeated in St. Lawrence this weekend. Both Holy Cross and St. Lawrence are virtually at a stalemate if statistics are anything to go by. Just look below at both of their records after four games of competition and you will see there is not much of a difference.
Getting an edge !
Actually, the difference maybe decided this weekend. So, what's at stake this weekend? Although, it's early in the season both of these teams look at their games more than just a win . Each club is looking to gain an edge. You will be able to decide, who you think got the edge if you are able to witness these two arch-rivals play on Saturday at 6 PM and again Sunday at 2 PM

Team # Games Wins Losses Ties Points
St. Lawrence
Labatt Laurentians
4 3 0 1 10
Holy Cross Kirby 4 3 0 1 10

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Molson Challenge Cup Action - June 13, 2010

June 13

St. Lawrence: 2 vs Feildians: 1

Rugged Edge Western United FC : 2 vs CB Auto Strikers FC : 1

Video of St.Lawrence vs Feildians Match

Molson Challenge Cup - June 12, 2010

Saturday - June 12

Feildian/Ernst & Young Orenda : 1 vs Holy Cross Kirby Group : 1

CB Auto Strikers FC: 1 vs Rugged Edge Western United FC: 0

St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians: 0 vs Mount Pearl - That ProLook-Molson : 0

Check NLSA Web for complete game results.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Molson Challenge Cup Action - June 9

Molson Challenge Cup Action

CB Auto Strikers FC: 0 at Mount Pearl: 2


CB Auto Strikers FC: No Scoring

Mount Pearl: Ian MacLeod (61), Ryan Caines (63)

Shut –out : Tyler Putt (Mount Pearl)


Next Action - Saturday June 12, 2010

4:00 - St.Lawrence at Mount Pearl

6:30 - Holy Cross vs Feildians - KGV

7:00 - CB Auto Strikers FC at Western United FC

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My note book is my wife Jocelyn's hand

This is my wife's hand, that I used for a notebook,
after receiving a call from Corner Brook while at
the CBS vs Feildians game on Sunday

The 5-1 represents the score Holy Cross won by.
The P. Fewer 27 represents the time of Western United FC's Patrick Fewer scored.
The A. Anstey 8 represents the time of Aaron Anstey's goal.
Woodfine , 66, 84 represents the time of Scott Woodfine's two goals.
The Z. Wade, 45 is the time of Zack's goal.
The C. Lynch, Y, represents Colin Lynch's yellow card.
The LaSaga, Y, represents Kevin Lynch's yellow card.
The HC, Y, represents the yellow cards to Scott Woodfine, Chris Pope and Corey Moore of Holy Cross .
You can barely see John Hawco's goal but if you look closely it is there

CBS joins Challenge Cup by Gord Dunphy - Double click for full enlargement of photo's

Opening Ceremonies - Challenge Cup 2010
CBS vs Feildians at KGV

1st half : It was all Feildians - 2-0

2nd half : It was a different story.
Above Matt Foote of CB Auto Strikers FC
scored the tying goal for a final 2-2 draw

CB Auto Strikers FC Goalscorers :
# 9 - Mike Hamyln & # 10 - Matt Foote

Matt Foote with his father, Dale Foote.
Dale who was a very good soccer player in his day