NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Arctic Power Video - Click Here

"Happy New Year "

See you all next week !!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas !

A very Merry Christmas to all

At this festive time it is worth making the effort to thank all the people who visit the site and comment on the various issues and articles. It is really appreciated and I enjoy reading your insights, reactions, views and reading your opinions!


The great thing about soccer is that despite the fact that we all believe;we would make a great coach, we all believe we know what players do right and wrong, we all believe we know how the game should be played,we all believe our opinions about players, coach's, refereeing decisions, goals, saves and games are absolutely right, we are all drawn together in an unfettered love of the game.

We can disagree about absolutely everything and yet we are united within the soccer family. We may have completely different opinions about the game than and we might even be able to have heated debates and argue about tiny details, but if you love the game, I have a lot more in common with you than I don’t.

See you in the new year !

Anyway, enough of this. As most of you are aware my wife and I are in the Arctic and our time here is drawing to a close. We will spend Christmas in Nunavut with our oldest daughter Melissa, and we will spend the New Year in Ontario with our other three children , Lori, Mark and Allison . Then it's back to St. John's where I will back at Senior Men's soccer in January getting soccer ready for the 2012 season.

I really do wish you and your families everywhere a very happy, healthy and safe Christmas.



Monday, December 5, 2011

Newman Bartlett passes away

Newman Bartlett

Condolences - Newman Bartlett

I would like to send condolences to the family and friends of Newman Bartlett who passed away on Saturday, December 3 -2011. Newman who was a former NLSA President Bartlett and the fifth individual to be recognized by the soccer association with an NLSA Honorary Life Membership.
Bartlett's soccer career includes playing, officiating, coaching and administration during a 50-year period.He played with Grand Bank Gee Bees teams in the 1960s, including the 1960, 1961 and 1962 provincial champions, prior to graduating to refereeing and coaching. From executive positions with Grand Bank soccer, he moved to the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association as president and to the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association.He is a member of the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Hall of Fame and the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame.

ASSP of St. Pierre Pass Along Their Condolences

Just came back from France and looked at your blog concerning Newman
Would you passed our condolences to the family of Newman on behalf of BILL MILLER MYSELF and the executive of ASSP.

Ronald Manet

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Arctic Stroll

Gord Dunphy
Here I am all dressed and about to embark on my walk to the
Arctic College in Nunavut .

Temperature : -25

Here I am, arriving at school - 1 KM walk

Pictured above is one of my students, Lee Keelak arriving at the college
on his new Polaris.

Lee is a good hockey player !

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Redmond back as NLSA's Top Gun

Doug Redmond of St. John’s was re-elected for his fifth two-year term as president of the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association during its annual general meeting at the Battery Hotel in St. John’s. Redmond was unopposed for the position.Also unopposed and re-elected were youth soccer VP Judi Kelloway of Burin and secretary Dave LeGrow of Mount Pearl.

Senior male VP Gordon Dunphy of St. John’s, senior female VP Dr. Denise Hickey of St. John’s and treasurer Doug Kirby of St. John’s are entering the second year of their two-year terms.
Regional directors elected include Fran Kirby of St. John’s, Shane Dunphy of Marystown, Dennis O’Grady of Grand Falls-Windsor, Pat Wells of Conception Bay South and Evelyn Ryan of Labrador City.Directors entering the second year of two-year terms include Ron O’Neill of Mount Pearl, Brian Rice of Portugal Cove-St. Phillips, Sharon Langer of Corner Brook, Trevor Paine of Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Ronald Manet of St. Pierre and Miquelon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

NLSA - Class of 2011

NLSA Photo

12 New members were inducted into the NLSA Hall of Fame at a banquet held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association at the Battery Hotel in St. John's, Saturday, November 19.
In announcing the 12 new members, Provincial soccer President Doug Redmond cited them as "exceptional soccer people. Their achievements and contributions have been valuable and important to soccer and they will certainly add to the high prestige that the Hall enjoys."
"We are very grateful to the people who took the time to submit nominations and to the selection committee of Jeff Babstock, Gord Dunphy and Angus Barrett for their work on behalf of the Hall. We encourage others to submit nominations of other worthy candidates."
Redmond explained "there were five extra members to consider this year with the 30th anniversary of our Hall of Fame."
Four of those elected are females :

Sandy (Faulkner) Ash of Bishops Falls

Raeleen (Dunne) Baggs of Mount Pearl

Sherry Morrissey of Mount Pearl

Judi Kelloway of Burin.

The male athletes selected are :

Roland "Junior" Doyle of St. Lawrence

Joe Turpin of St. Lawrence

Winse Strang of Lawn

John Humby of St. John's.

Keith Storey of St. John's

Ben Dunne of Mount Pearl

Jerry Gallant of Stephenville

Murphy of St. John's.


Sandy (Faulkner) Ash (Athlete)

Sandy (Faulkner) Ash epitomizes soccer excellence, longevity and the competitive desire to succeed. For almost 25 years she competed at the highest level of women's soccer in Canada. Her exceptional pace, quickness and technical ability created havoc in her opponent's defense area of the field and provided inspiration and motivation for her teammates. During this time she had stints with the Women's National Soccer Team, competing in a CONCACAF Qualifying Competition, competed in a North American Women's Semi-Pro Soccer League, represented her Province at 13 Jubilee Trophy competitions and competed in the Canadian Intercollegiate Athletic Union (CIAU) Championships. During her career, she was a Top Scorer, an MVP and received numerous All-Star selections in Newfoundland and Labrador and in Alberta where she now lives. Her 13 times competing in the Canadian Jubilee Trophy Championships with three gold, one silver and three bronze medals must be close to or a Canadian record


Raeleen (Dunne) Baggs (Athlete)

To summarize an outstanding career in the sport of soccer, one only has to say brilliance and
brains. With a technical ability and a mind to see beyond, Raeleen (Dunne) Baggs stepped beyond the ordinary and into the world of greatness. Throughout her career she recognized that to succeed, you must be physically fit, play with determination and grit and demonstrate an intelligence and understanding that garnishes the respect of both players and coaches. Along the way, she had two invitations to National Team Training Camps, competed in the Canadian National Jubilee Trophy and Canadian Intercollegiate Athlete Union (CIAU) Championships. She was named a CIAU All-Star and a CIAU Academic All-Star, a Provincial and Canadian Universities Player of the Year, and an Athlete of the Year. To recognize her greatness and exceptional ability, the Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer Association has honoured her with two distinctions; the Provincial Jubilee Trophy MVP award is named in her honour and for her play throughout the 1990′s, she was named NLSA Player of the Decade.


Roland "Junior" Doyle (Athlete)

Versatility is one of the keys to being successful. For almost 40 years Roland "Junior" Doyle was able to take on any role or position on the soccer field. From being a goalkeeper, a striker or a playmaker, he was up to the task to fill the need for his team. Although most of his success was with St. Lawrence, he did help CBS with two 2nd Division Provincial Titles in the 1980′s. It was however, his years with his St. Lawrence Laurentians that his overall play stood out. During this time he received individual recognition with scoring titles and MVP awards. As well, he helped St. Lawrence win Burin Peninsula, Provincial Challenge Cup and Atlantic Soccer Championships. He was also part of the St. Lawrence team which won silver medals at the Eastern Canadian and National Challenge Cup Competitions as well as two gold medals at the Eastern Canadian Masters Championships. He is a member of the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame and a member of the St. Lawrence team which was named NLSA Team of the Decade for the 1970′s.


Ben Dunne (Builder)

For more than 20 years the growth of women's soccer has steadily increased in numbers and intechnical capability. This ongoing success can be attributed in part to the efforts of Ben Dunne, particularly in the late 1980′s and 1990′s. His efforts at the club level with Mount Pearl minor and later at the provincial team and senior women's level is why female soccer is strong across the province. On the coaching side, he coached teams from Under-8 to Under-18 leading Mount Pearl teams to seven straight provincial championships. As a senior coach, he was head coach of the Newfoundland and Labrador 1993 Women's Canada Games Team and twice coached teams to the Provincial Jubilee Trophy Championship. In addition to his coaching he has worked in many capacities at the executive level to help raise the profile of women's soccer. For his efforts as a builder, he was inducted into the Mount Pearl and St. John's Soccer Halls of Fame and the Mount Pearl Sports Alliance Hall of Fame


Jerry Gallant (Builder)

The strength of soccer in Western Newfoundland, particularly Stephenville, is in part due to the efforts of Jerry Gallant. For over 20 years Jerry worked on behalf of Stephenville and the Western Region in promoting the game of soccer at the local and provincial level. Through his position as president of Stephenville soccer and his time on the Technical Committee of NLSA he stressed the importance of a strong technical background for players and teams if they wished to move forward. This strong belief paid dividends during the mid nineties as he and his Western teams won three straight provincial championships and the right to represent the province at the National Club Championships. His belief in technical development saw him earn the designation of course conductor which allowed him to encourage this belief among the coaches for whom he was responsible for certifying


John Humby (Athlete/Builder)

John Humby has the distinction of playing and officiating at the highest level of soccer in the province for more than 35 years. As a player, he distinguished himself as a wise player while playing for Holy Cross. His pace and ability to provide crisp accurate crosses into the penalty area saw him help lead Holy Cross to a National Bronze Medal, three provincial Challenge Cups and eight St. John's Championships. As an official, he officiated at all levels of play for 25 years. In a word, he was known as "Mr. Dependable". During the days when officials were difficult to obtain, he was always an individual upon whom the league could call to cover a game when they were short of an official. This willingness to always be there and the feel for the game he learned as a player, earned him the respect from both league administrators and players alike. For his contribution to the St. John's League, he was inducted into its Hall of Fame.


Judi Kelloway (Builder)

Judi Kelloway has distinguished herself at all levels of soccer throughout Canada. Her abundance of energy and her specific attention to detail, has seen her serve on, chair and represent Newfoundland and Labrador and the Canadian Soccer Associations on many committees. For the NLSA, she heads up its youth division, rules and regulations and harassment committees. As well, she serves on the CSA's Competitions Committee and represents it at many National Tournaments. Her knowledge of rules, regulations and protocol, often sees her as the focal point of procedure for many events. For her efforts as a leader, she has twice been named NLSA Executive of the Year as well as Sport NL Executive of the Year. For her efforts and outstanding contribution to the game at the provincial and National levels, the Canadian Soccer Association has awarded her its Award of Merit


Sherry Morrissey (Athlete)

Sherry Morrissey was an athlete and an impact player on the soccer field. Although small in stature, she played as big as any player in the women's program. Technically skilled and with speed to go along with competitive desire and toughness, she brought fear to all those she faced on the soccer field. These abilities made her one of the dominant players of the eighties. As a perennial scoring leader, both within her team and in the league, she was known for scoring the big goal. When a game winner or game breaking goal was needed she could be counted on to come through. In the 1980′s she played on three St. John's and three provincial championship teams. She was recognized for her athletic abilities by being named St. John's Female Athlete of the Year. She was the first female player to be inducted into the St. John's Soccer Hall of Fame and she is a member of the Mount Pearl Sports Hall of Fame. The NLSA also honoured her by naming her Female Player of the Decade for the 1980′s.

Dee Murphy (Builder)

For more than 50 years Dee Murphy has served the soccer community either through his
Add Imageposition as a sports writer, television commentator or as a soccer volunteer. Through his many contacts, he has helped promote soccer throughout the province and in the rest of Canada in his role as Public Relations person for the NLSA. Every young player throughout the province who has made a provincial team or has made good on the National scene has had a story or their name mentioned in their local media. This recognition has inspired many young players to seek out their dream goals as soccer players. Through his efforts, the NLSA has established itself as the best when it comes to reporting results on provincial and National Tournaments. In addition to reporting on soccer, Dee has chaired a committee to record the history of soccer in St. John's. He was a member of the NLSA Hall of Fame Committee for 15 years and has coached the Black Horse Women's Soccer Team to three St. John's and two provincial championships.


Keith Storey (Athlete/Builder)

The moment Keith Storey arrived from England in 1971 he immediately made an impact. His robust take charge style of play quickly established him as a leader and one who would influence the game and those around him. Known for his physical presence and style of play, he was recognized for his ability to win the ball in the air and in 50-50 challenges. Although he gave no quarter, his respect for the game and those around him earned him respect from the soccer community. His intelligent and skilful play was quickly recognized, thus earning him the status of perennial all-star. His impact on the game wasn't only as a player. He has served as a director and president of St. John's Youth Soccer, coached at the club and provincial levels and was an advisor to the Feildian Soccer Club. He has won St. John's League Championships and individual MVP and Most Gentlemanly/Spirited Player Awards. He has also been inducted into the St. John's Soccer and St. John's Youth Soccer Halls of Fame


Winston (Winse) Strang (Athlete)

Winse Strang has the distinction of playing for the Lawn Shamrocks for more than 40 years. During that time, he has captured provincial championships at every level of senior competition. The highlight of his career however was in 1987 when at the age of 43, he returned to the senior team and helped them win the provincial Challenge Cup title. Known for his determination, speed and bullet-like shot, he often brought fear to the minds of goalkeepers when he got in close. Recognized for his play, he was often selected to Burin Peninsula All-Star Teams to play against St. John's and St. Pierre. To further indicate the type of player he was, at the age of 49, he was named MVP of the provincial Senior B Championships. For his play on the field, he has been inducted into the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame'


Joe Turpin (Athlete)

Joe Turpin has distinguished himself as a team leader at every level which he played. Whether it was for the St. Lawrence Laurentians, the University of New Brunswick team or when he represented his province, he was a force to be reckoned with. Personal achievement and success followed him at every level. He was a key member of the Newfoundland and Labrador U-18 Team which won the National Championship, he twice won National Challenge Cup silver medals as well as being a member of the Province's Canada Games Team. He has won seven provincial Challenge Cup titles, he has been an MVP, a Top Defender and an All-Star at the provincial and university level. In addition, he received a try-out with the National Team. For his outstanding play, he has been inducted into the St. Lawrence and the Burin Peninsula Soccer Halls of Fame.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NL Men's Canada Games Team

Men’s Canada Games Team Player Selections

Head coach Mike Power and assistant coach Dr. Paul Slaney
have selected the following 19 players:

Conway, Joshua – St. John’s
DeLong, Michael – St. John’s
Dunphy, Shayne – Marystown
Furlong, Greg – Paradise
Gamba, Bobby – St. John's
Hanrahan, Josh – CBS
Kavanagh, Sean – St. John’s
Kirby, Tyler – St. John’s
Mackey, Carter – St. John’s
Mouland, Zachery – Mount Pearl
Noseworthy, Matt – St. John’s
Perrot, Shane – St. Lawrence
Pretty, Alex – St. John’s
Pieroway, Thomas – CBS
Porter, Matthew – CBS
Slaney, Jordi – St. Lawrence
Thistle, Ryan – Paradise
Westcott, Jacob – St. John’s
Williams, Kyle – Goulds

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

MCHS wins 4 "A" High School Soccer Championship

Marystown wins 4 "A" Soccer Championship

Marystown Clippers defeated Mount Pearl High by a 1-0 score to win the
Provincial 4 "A" High School Championship last weekend. Marystown were coached
by Shannon Brushett and Dwayne Evans. Five teams from across the province
participated in the tournament namely; Mount Pearl High, Holy Spirit from Manuels, Holy Heart from St. John’s and Corner Brook High.

Congratulations MCHS !!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

2011 National Challenge Cup Jubilee Trophy Championships - Click Here ! ! !

Host: Brossard QC - 2011

Canadian Soccer Association Representative - Judi Kelloway

Judi and myself proudly displaying our NL colors

Myself with Kevin Jones -CSA Director of Officials

QC Federation had a social for all the Provincial Rep's

Sitting with the NB rep (L) and the BC rep (R)

Myself and the QC Rep

Myself and the Alberta Rep

Ontario virtually stole the Bronze Medal from the NLSA Representatives - Holy Cross .

2011 National "Senior Men's"

Challenge Cup Championships

Date : October 5-10, 2011

Location : Brossard, Quebec

Gord Dunphy Photo



2011 -NLSA Challenge Cup Champions

Holy Cross Kirby

2011 - Holy Cross Men's Team Performance at
the National Challenge Cup


Gord Dunphy

* H.C. - goalkeeper and their defense were outstanding.

* H.C. - completed round robin play with a 1 win 1 loss record.

*H.C. - defeated Alberta in the quarter finals by a 4-0 score.

*H.C. - lost in the semi final 2-1 to B.C. on a Penalty Kick.

* H.C. - In their final contest, they scored two early goals and maintained that lead
for 80 minutes but in the end, they lost to Ontario in the Bronze Medal contest on PK's.

Note : Overall, Holy Cross had a very solid tournament for a relatively young team.



Video - BC 's PK against Holy Cross

Final Score : BC -2 vs NL -1

Date : October 09, 2011



See Photo's Below by Gord Dunphy

Jon Hawco -Scoring on his PK against Ontario

Ontario win PK shoot-out to clinch Bronze

Ryan Yetman - " Always, always a very steady performer"

Zack Wade had the best game of his career leading Holy Cross
to a 4-0 shut -out victory over Alberta while scoring two goals.
John Douglas was simply outstanding in the tournament as he registered two shut-outs.

Zack Wade scoring against Alberta

John Hawco scored two goals in the tournament and scored on
a PK in the Bronze Medal shoot-out.

Ryan Yetman, Jeff Slaney, Chris Pope, Jeremy Babstock & Andrew Lee
all had a very strong tournament defensively.

Aaron Anstey also had a good tournament and scored
two beautiful goals

Michael Dunn - 2011 NLSA Rookie of the Year.
Scored one goal in the tournament and scored
on a PK in the shoot-out.

# 9 - Matt Breen : Matt scored one goal at the Nationals
NL - 1 vs PEI -0.He also scored in the PK shoot-out.
He has good vision of the field and super passing skills.

Oh ! The sweet taste of victory.

Jeremy Babstock - "Battles"

Hawco and his teammates celebrating a Hawco goal.