NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, August 19, 2013

Burin Eagles win the Provincial Molson Intermediate "A" Championship

2013 Burin Eagles
Members of the Burin Eagles "A" Championship Team are: Brandon Wrice, William Grant, Warren Cox, TJ Dober,Jeremy Brenton,Matt Fewer, Ryan Lane, Tyler Kenway, David Baker, Kyle Edwards, Stephen Lambe, Ryan Hanrahan,Mitchell Edwards, Josh Miller, Zachary King, Albert Anstey Jr., Kevin Hillier, Adam Banister, Stephen Andrews, Chad Chislett, Coaches : Albert Anstey Sr., Wade Roul


Championship Game Burin Eagles: 3 vs Miquelon (ASM): 2 

Burin won on penalty shots 

NOTE : Burin went undefeated in the tournament:  
Game 1. Burin: 3 vs St. Pierre (ASIA) - 2 
Game 2. Burin : 4 vs St. Lawrence - 1 

Game 3. Burin: 3 vs Miquelon: 2

 Stephen Lambe - Burin MVP
Micquelon MVP - Olivier Norel : Simply Outstanding !
 Fans at the Intermediate Final
 Good to see - All kinds of Eagle fans at all Burin matches

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