NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 Molson Challenge Cup Regular Season Wrap-up

Holy Cross Crusaders

Holy Cross kirby Group : The "Drive for Five " is on !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:19 --- L:3--- T: 5 ---Pts : 62

Strength:  They are 20 players deep. They know how to win - currently are 4 time defending champs.
They are an offensive weapon: I consider Forsey , Delong, Warren, Hawco and Woodfine all lethal
offensive weapons. Both the midfield and defense are strong.

Comments: Simply put -- Cross are the team to beat. Only three loses  this season and only a handfull of loses in the last five years at the provincial level.

St. Lawrence Laurentians 

Rookie Coach - Blair Aylward

St. Lawrence: Are hungry for victory !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:15 --- L:5--- T: 7 ---Pts : 52

Strength: John Douglas/ Patrick Slaney combines for super goal-tending. Clinton Edwards is one of the leagues best defenders and Darren Pike has had a career year. Allan Dalton has nicely fitted in to the Laurentian program.  Laurentians are super strong in midfield : Jordi Slaney, Jon Grant, Sean Edwards, Sean Drew, Rudy Norman, Paul Slaney and Andrew Perrott.

Comments:How rookie coach Aylward  handles this squad and uses the talents of his core player may be the key to the teams success.

Mount Pearl That Pro Look / Molson 

Veteran Coach : Walt Mavin

Mount Pearl : Not to be under estimated !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:12 --- L: 11--- T: 4 ---Pts :40

Strength: Their coaching staff of Walt Mavin and Jimmy Hamyln are by far the most experienced coaching staff in this years play-offs and experience can be a huge strength. The back-line combo of Victor Dray and Jon Kelly gives Mount Pearl a solid defense. Matthew Hamyln is fast becoming one of the most promising up and coming mid-fielders in the game. Yianni Harbis brings a good level of toughness to the team.

Comments: Mount Pearl will need veterans Justin Pickford and Ryan Caines at their best to advance beyond the semi-finals.

Feildians Ernest & Young

Feildians : The team to watch out for !

2013 Stats : GP: 27 --- W:10 --- L: 8--- T: 9 ---Pts :39

 Strength: Feildians game depends on their running.They are fit and play as a team. No individuals on this team. They are the best team in the air. Their goal-tending duo of Bartellas and David Hickey ranks up with the best in the league.

 Bartellas has had a career year.

Comments: John Acreman / Phil Oliver  has done a remarkable job with the Feildians. If  the Feildians were to hoist the Molson Challenge Cup at the end of this years  play-offs  don't be shocked !


NLSA 2013 Molson Challenge Cup Top Goal Scorers

Tyler Forsey - 31 goals

 Steve Delong - 16 goals

Sean Drew - 14 goals
Stefan Slaney - 12 goals

 Jake Warren - 10 goals

Jon Hawco - 10 goals

 Jeremy Babstock - 9 goals

Paul Slaney - 9 goals

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