NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Friday, May 30, 2014

Molson Challenge Cup Soccer Scores : Games 5, 6, 7, 8 Results --- May 31 & June 1 - 2014

Current Standings - June 1, 2014 

1.Mount Pearl : 10 points

2. Holy Cross : 8 points

3.St. Lawrence : 2 points

4. Feildians : 1 point


Sunday, June 1 - 2014 

 Holy Cross: 2 vs Feildians:0

Holy Cross Goalscorers:
Jake Warren (L) & Jon Hawco (R)

 Holy Cross   Shut -out : Thomas Pieroway (M)

Sunday, June 1 - 2014 
Mount Pearl: 2  vs St. Lawrenc: 0
Mount Pearl Goalscorers:
Ryan Thistle & Chris White

Mount Pearl  Shut -out : Michael Delong 

Note: This was Delong's second shut-out of the season


St. Larence Laurentians - Adam Kelly

I was very impressed with this young  16 year old boy.
I felt he was the Laurentians best player today.

Saturday May 31 - 2014 

St. Lawrence: 2  vs Holy Cross : 2

Holy Cross : Matt Breen (2 goals)

St. Lawrence Goalscorers:  Jordi Slaney  & Corey Mullett


Saturday May 31 - 2014

Mount Pearl: 1 vs Feildians: 0

Mount Pearl  goalscorer : Justin Pickford

Mount Pearl  Shut -out : Michael Delong 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Molson Challenge Cup Soccer Scores : Games 1, 2, 3, 4 Results --- May 24 & May 25 --- 2014

Game 4 : Holy Cross: 1 vs Mount Pearl: 1

Scotty Woodfine - HC goalscorer

Mount Pearl  Golscorer :  Team Goal  - 3 minutes
Holy Cross:  Goalscorer  : Scott Woodfine - 82 minutes

 Coach's Corner Game Comments: Although, the season has just barely began and Mount Pearl have a win and tie it's first two games these four big points got to be a great moral booster for the club. While Holy Cross may never want to admit it the loss of Tyler Forsey and his 31 goals from this squad may be a challenge that the club has to overcome all season.  


Game 3 :    Feildians:1 vs  St. Lawrence:1

Stefan Slaney - Laurentian Goalscorer

Sean Fardy -  Feildians - Goalscorer

Game  Goalscorers:

Feildians Goalscorer : Sean Fardy - 15 minutes
St. Lawrence  Goalscorer  : Stefan Slaney - 28 minutes

Coach's Corner Game Comments; Overall, a well played contest. Both teams looked fairly even and were looking for a victory after having lost their opening matches on Saturday. At the 15 minute mark, the Feildians  Sean Fardy scored a beauty after the ball was headed three times by the Feildians players inside the Laurentians box.  However, at the 28 minute mark Stefan Slaney booted a  dandy after beating a hand full of Feildian players all by himself. The score remained 1-1 for the first half.
The second half was  evenly played with regards to ball possession but  it was the Laurentians who definitely had the better quality scoring chances. Jordi Slaney, Sean Drew and Corey Mullett all had glorious chances but to no avail. The games final score was 1-1 and this closeness in ties is something I feel will be all to familiar  before the season's end. 

You can bet - We are in for one heck of a Challenge Cup Soccer Season !


Game 2.   Holy Cross :1  vs   Feildians :0

Thomas Pieroway - Holy Cross Keeper

Aaron Anstey - Holy Cross Goalscorer

Holy Cross Goalscorer : Aaron Anstey : 71 minutes

Shutout : Thomas Pieroway

Coach's Corner Game Comments: Holy Cross came out strong and pretty well controlled the tempo of the game for the majority of the game. Holy Cross appears to be the team to beat again in 2014. The addition of Thomas Pieroway in net has solidified an area that Cross were very vulnerable in . The return of  striker Aaron Anstey, who scored the games only goal, was all that Holy Cross needed to open the 2014 season for an easy three points. Chris Pope was a standout for Cross nullifying any attempt that newcomers Tyler Forsey and Jeremy Babstock made in their opening debut with the Feildians. 


Game 1.    Mount Pearl :2  vs  St. Lawrence:0

Nick Power  - Mount Pearl Keeper

Mount Pearl Goalscorers :  Team Goal : 53 min ; Ryan Caines : 90 minute

Shutout : Nick Power

Coach's Corner Game Comments : A well played opening match. Both teams were very aggressive on the ball . Douglas made a great save in the first half to preserve a 0-0 draw at half time. In the second half , St. Lawrence defender Marc Pittman, in a clearing attempt, made a major blunder and put the ball across Douglas at the 53 minute mark for a team goal and a 1-0 Feildian lead. For the remainder of the half the Laurentians pushed , scratched and at times were cautioned, but to no avail as they could not beat 16 year Nick Power who picked up his first shutout in Challenge Cup. Then in referee's time veteran Ryan Caines put in an insurance marker as he side stepped John Douglas in center field and put the ball into a yawning net. Andrew Murphy, who has returned to the yellow and black as a player/ coach, was the games first star.    Putting all things aside, this was a huge win and 3 points for Mount Pearl.