NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Final Today - Holy Cross vs St. Lawrence : The Best Rivalry in all of NL Sports

 St. Lawrence vs Holy Cross
Photos from 1978/79

2013 - Molson Challenge Cup Champions
St. Lawrence Laurentians

2009/2010/2011/2012 - Molson Challenge Cup Champions
Holy Cross Crusaders


Holy Cross vs St. Lawrence : The Tradition Continues

There is no doubt that the Molson Challenge Cup final  between the St. Lawrence Laurentians and the Holy Cross Crusaders is the "Best Rivalry in all of NL Sports." Both teams have a long tradition of winning, both teams don't like each other on the field both but I must add both teams have  a great "Respect" for each other.  Some of the greatest players that ever don a soccer uniform have worn the Laurentian Blue and some of the greatest players that ever played the game in Newfoundland have worn the Red & Gold for the Holy Cross Crusaders. Some of the greatest players that have played the game in recent years will be in uniform during todays match.
What can one expect today? Actually, it a very hard call. Both teams have played each other 6 times this season and their record is 2 wins - 2 loses & 2 ties. Virtually, record wise there is no difference. Defensively, the Laurentians are a better team. Offensively, Holy Cross are a better team. Midfield: the injury to Jordi Slaney has hurt the Laurentians. Fan wise: the Laurentians have the best fans in the sport of soccer in all of Canada and can rank with the best fans in the world.
Who is going to win ?  Score wise, it's up for grabs but I can tell you the "Beautiful Game" is the winner today because the long time rivalry that exists between St. Lawrence and Holy Cross.

Laurentians defeat Mount, 3-1 in the Semi -finals

Paul Slaney

Laurentians on there way to the big dance !

Veteran St. Lawrence Laurentians player, Paul Slaney has spent a career saving his best for the big games. It was no different for Paul in the 2014 Molson Challenge Cup Final. Slaney opened the scoring, when he scored the first goal at the 12 minute mark and he scored the Laurentians 3rd goal which was the final goal  of the contest at the 58 minute mark. That goal basically knocked out Mount Pearl and put them on the canvass . They could not recover after the Laurentians took a 3-1 league. The Laurentians second goal came from a Rudy Norman corner kick and it was the Laurentians Corey Mullet who headed in the net at the  Norman who was a standout in the match had also assisted on Paul Slaneys opening goal. It was 13 minute mark. Justin Pickford, who was Mount Pearl's best player on the field scored for Mount Pearl at the 15 minute mark.His goal was  nothing more than a gift given to him by the Laurentians keeper.
The Laurentians will now go up against Holy Cross in the final on Sunday.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tribute : To St. Lawrence Laurentian's Great : Norm Kelly

 It is with  great sadness that the family of the late Norman Kelly of St. Lawrence announces his passing at The U.S. Memorial Health Care Centre in St. Lawrence, NL, on Wednesday, August 20th, 2014, at the age of 75.Resting and visitation will take place from St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church in St. Lawrence, on Thursday, August 21st, 2014, beginning at 3:00 p.m.; and Friday, August 22nd All Day. The Funeral Mass of Christian Burial will take place on Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 at 11:00 a.m. Interment will follow at Mount Cecilia Roman Catholic Cemetery in St. Lawrence


St. Lawrence Laurentian's -1967

Front Row - L to R: Ray Slaney, Frank Tobin, Bob Slaney, Cyril Quirke, Carl Farrell, Bren Slaney

Second Row - L to R: Gerald Fitzpatrick, Ray Farrell, Jerome Slaney, Wils Molloy, Ron Slaney

Third Row - L to R Howard Lake, Mike Quirke, Keith Walsh, Keith Farrell, Carl Ferrie, Hugh Tarrant, Norm Kelly, Reg Farrell, Jack Lundrigan (Coach),Fred Tessier (President BPAAA)

Fourth Row - L to R Patrick Slaney, Ronald Kelly (President SLSA)

Super Hero's

The 1967 Laurentians were the first team to 
ever represent Newfoundland in 1967. The 
St. Lawrence team traveled to Ontario
and played Toronto under the lights,
the Laurentians lost by a very
narrow 3-2 score. Norm Kelly
and Wils Molloy scored
for St. Lawrence.


 St. Lawrence Laurentians -1968

Members  of the team :
FR: Ray Slaney, Bren Slaney,Norm Kelly, Mike Quirke, Frank Tobin, Cyril Quirke
BR:Gus Clarke, Hugh Tarrant, Wils Molloy, Carl Farrell, Yves Nicholas, Keith Walsh, Bob Slaney, Reg Farrell, Sam Tobin, Jack Lundrigan - Coach 


Tribute to St. Lawrence Laurentian's Great : Part 2

Norm Kelly : In his playing days

Flashback – Norm Kelly   ; Note I wrote this for the Southern Gazette in 2009.

Norm Kelly began his soccer career in 1956 at the age of 17. His career was one to be respected by many as he dominated the game of soccer year after year.
He was an invaluable member of the St. Lawrence Soccer Team who was known for his ‘bullet’ shot and dominant play at midfield. Kelly is regarded by many as one of the top Laurentians of all time.
Norm was inducted into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame in 1982, the Burin Peninsula Soccer Hall of Fame in 1989, and the Newfoundland Soccer Hall of Fame in 1989 and, in 2003 he was inducted into Sport Newfoundland and Labrador Hall of Fame. Here are a few questions I asked Norm:

1. What is the biggest change in soccer you have seen in the last 50 years?
The biggest change I have seen in soccer in the past 50 years has to be the skill and fitness of the young players. It seems with the improvements to the regulation size soccer fields, the players have a lot more room to move about with greater ball control and accuracy, thus exercising their skills, speed and knowledge of the game.The small fields created congestion and therefore allowed the game to be very chippy.
The Eastern Representative of CSFA, Jim Andrews, who has held that position for the past 13 years, predicts bigger fields are needed to boost soccer calibre. These fields are a must for every soccer-playing town in the province in order for the standard of soccer to improve.
2. You must have some great memories of playing soccer. Would you mind sharing a few of those stories with us?
I do have some great memories of playing soccer. One of these was in 1968 when we played the London Lions of St. John’s in a home-home series for the Provincial title.
It was a carry-over from 1967, when we defeated London Lions to go to the Challenge Cup in Toronto. It was the toughest game we ever had to play. There were no cheap shots – everyone dished it out and everyone took their knocks.
The next morning our local doctor, Dr. Hollywood, was a busy man as about two-thirds of the London Lions were at his office in the hospital getting patched up. Believe it or not we won both the game and war.

3. Tell us what the games were actually like between St. Lawrence and Grand Bank back in the 60s and 70s?
The soccer games between St. Lawrence and Grand Bank were always highly competitive, and both players and fans looked forward to them with great enthusiasm.
Rivalry was the name of the game when it came to Grand Bank games and that always led to very tense, competitive games. There was a lot of animosity on the field but when the game was over, we all socialized and had great fun.
One of my most memorable soccer games against Grand Bank was in 1961. A riot broke out on the field; players and fans alike were all involved. I was not dressed for the game as I had been injured, but as the tempers flared, Theo Etchegary and I jumped onto the field to help out our players, to get them off the field.
All I could hear from the fans was ‘Get Kelly’. Theo and I stood back to back and kept some of the fans away from us. The Town Cop from Grand Bank finally got us into the dressing room as we were surrounded by fans. I just couldn’t believe what was happening as Grand Bank was leading 3-0.
I had a new Volkswagen so I threw the keys to my wife to go and start the car so we could make an early exit with the Town Cop escorting us off the field. I jumped into the car and took off with rocks bouncing off my new car. They chased my car, pelting rocks at me until I got to the welcome sign outside Grand Bank. Needless to say, we did not finish the 1961 season.
4. You have always been a great supporter of the St. Lawrence Laurentians.
Realistically, how much longer can St. Lawrence continue to survive as a dominant force at both provincial and national soccer?
I think our Laurentians will continue to dominate for another year or two on the provincial level, and hopefully hold our own at the national level. At some point though we will have to start rebuilding, as there are still quite a number of potentially great soccer players in our town.
Hopefully, the economy in our town will pick up and we can go back to all our players practicing and living in our town. As it stands now the majority of our players, while they are from our town, are employed elsewhere and thus their practices, etc. go ahead in St. John’s. It must be very challenging for coaches and players.
This practice also has an effect on our fans because, as you know, many of them thoroughly enjoyed watching the practice sessions every evening and they miss this very much.

5. Name three of the greatest players that you ever played with?
Three of the greatest players I ever played with were Reg Farrell, Wils Molloy and Frank Tobin.

6. Name three of the greatest players that you ever played against?
Three of the greatest players I ever played against were Bo Collier (Fortune), Tom Rose (Grand Bank) and Bernie Bennett (St. John’s).
7. What’s does the future hold for Newfoundland and Labrador Soccer?
I feel the future of NLSA soccer is still bright, as interest in the game continues to grow and more and more kids are joining our minor leagues.
My concern has to be the number of games played in our season compared to the other provinces. This is very evident each year when we enter the Nationals.
I realize money is the bottom line in any sport and money is needed to have exhibition games with top teams both here and other provinces during our regular season. I’m not sure what we can do to change this but, if we are to compete nationally and be successful, I feel we need a lot more competitions leading up to this event. I think this is one thing the President of NLSA could look at in the future.

Norm’s Picture
I can’t help but share this Norm Kelly and wife Betty story with you. In 2004, I was president of the St. Lawrence Soccer Association and I invited Gene Tsartolias from the Quebec Provincial Champion Panellinios Soccer Club to come to St. Lawrence and be guest speaker at our annual Soccer Association Awards Banquet.
When Gene arrived, I went to buy a renowned photo of a soccer ball and the pair of boots from a local photographer, Cynthia Farrell. My plans were to present this famous photo to Gene for coming to St. Lawrence and being our guest speaker.
When I checked with Cynthia about getting one of these pictures, she informed me she had neither one of these pictures left, but Norm Kelly bought one some time ago.
I then went over to Norm’s home and marched right in their home and explained to them about Gene being in town and that they had a picture I would like to have. Norm and Betty took the picture off the living room wall and gave it to me to be present to Mr. Tartilios.
Betty, I can remember you wiping of the picture while myself and Norm just stood there laughing.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

CBS -- 2014 NLSA Molson Provincial Sr. Men's Intermediate "A" Champions

CBS - 2014 Molson Intermediate "A" Champions


2014 Runner Up - Burin Eagles 

2014 Schedule 

August 14
CBS : 1 vs Burin Eagles : 0

August 15
CBS : 3 vs  Christian"s: 1
Burin : 4 vs Miquelon : 0

August 16
Miquelon : 2 vs CBS : 1
Burin : 1  vs Christian’s 0
Miq : 3 vs Christian’: 2

Stats after completion of round robin:

Burin: 2W + 1L = 6 points : +4
CBS :  2W +1L = 6 points : +2
Miquelon:2W+1L = 6 points: -2
Christian's Pub FC : 0 points 

Sunday - August 17, 2014 at KGV

Championship Game at 2pm 

CBS: 1vs Burin: 0


Monday, August 11, 2014

Holy Cross win the NLSA Masters Qualifiying Tournament.

2014 - Holy Cross Masters

Shelon Barry - Tournament  MVP

 Vince McDougall - Tournament MSP

Holy Cross Masters off to New Brunswick

The Holy Cross masters will be representing the NLSA in New Brunswick at the Eastern Canadian championship in Sept. Holy Cross won the NLSA Qualifying Tournament by defeating the Feildians 1 -0 on a penalty kick shoot out and then beating Mount Pearl by a 1-0 victory.  Holy Cross's, big center back, Sheldon Barry was the tournament MVP and Mount Pearl Vinny McDougal won the honor of the tournaments Most Sportsmanlike Player

Mount Pearl going to the Big Dance

Andrew Murphy & Ryan Caines

Play-off Bound

Mount Pearl led by new bench bosses Andrew Murphy and Ryan Caines will be centering off on Labor Day Weekend against the 2013 Challenge Cup Champions, St. Lawrence Laurentians. Mount Pearl defeated the Feildians on Saturday by a 4-3 score and they acquired a 1-1 tie with Feildians on Sunday. The four point weekend gave Mount Pearl all that they needed in securing a play-off position.     

St. Lawrence Clinches 2nd Place & A Semi-final Berth

St. Lawrence : 2 vs Holy Cross : 0

St. Lawrence blanked the Holy Cross Crusaders on Saturday, August 9  in the Soccer Capital by a 2 -0 score. The Laurentians were led by by their veteran players. It was Rudy Norman who was the NLSA's last Player Of the Decade who opened the goal scoring at the 5 minute mark. Then in less than 10 minutes Marc Pittman scored another  goal on Holy Cross's rookie goalkeeper, Thomas Pieroway. Pieroway was later replaced in goal by Brandon Noseworthy. John Douglas recorded the shut-out for St. Lawrence.  
The victory secured a 2nd place finish for the Laurentians in Molson Challenge Cup and a semi - final berth. Holy Cross's had earlier clinched 1st place a berth in the Molson Challenge Cup Final.