NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, September 29, 2014

Ryan Dunphy displaying a little soccer skill

Ryan - shielding the ball
Ryan  doing the
bicycle kick 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Holy Cross /Triniity Pub Masters are New Brunswick Bound for the Eastern Canadian Masters Championship

2014 Holy Cross Masters

 Sheldon Barry scored the goal to give
Holy Cross a 1-1 tie in the first game of
the Eastern Canadian Championships.

No gameDateHourReceiverResultsVisitorFields
M02 (M O-35)2014-09-2513:00NS-Athens United
5 - 0
NB-New BrunswickUNB
M01 (M O-35)2014-09-2515:00NL-Holy Cross Trinity Pub
1 - 1
QC-CS LongueuilUNB
M04 (M O-35)2014-09-2611:00ON-Ottawa Royals OT1
NB-New BrunswickUNB
M03 (M O-35)2014-09-2613:00PE-PEI Molson Masters


QC-CS LongueuilUNB
M05 (M O-35)2014-09-2713:00NL-Holy Cross Trinity Pub

0 - 3

PE-PEI Molson MastersUsher Field
M06 (M O-35)2014-09-2715:00NS-Athens United
ON-Ottawa Royals OT1Usher Field

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Holy Cross are medal contenders

Holy Cross : 2014
NLSA Challenge Cup Champions

Gold, Silver, or Bronze
For the past  five decades the NLSA has given a team the prestigious honor of being named the "Team of the Decade". The teams that have won that distinction over the years are clubs which have generally dominated at the provincial level and have been legitimate medal contenders at the national level. The Laurentians  first won the "Team of the Decade" in  the 1970's. During that particular period, they won two national silver medals. Holy Cross, who were "Team of the Decade" in the 1980's, won both a "Gold" and a silver medal at the nationals. The Laurentians were again named " Team of the Decade" in both the 1990's and for the first 10 years of the 2000's. During this time they  found themselves on the podium three more times,winning a national silver and two national bronze medals.
 Holy Cross Today
This brings us to the current edition of the Holy Cross/Kirby Team. This club is definitely on pace to be a serious contender in winning the next NLSA "Team of the Decade" honor. They have won the NLSA Provincial Challenge Cup five out of the past six seasons. They know how to win and they know the hurt of a loss. The loss they suffered to the Feildias in 2013, in a semi- final match, may be just what this team needed. As most clubs do when they excel, they get over-confident, they get a little to cocky for their own good. The 2013 loss may have brought the team back to reality. Holy Cross came back in 2014 under the guidance of  Jake Stanford,  much more focused, determined and disciplined. Yes, the Laurentians did challenge Holy Cross this season and they played Cross with heart . But  in the end Holy Cross  answered the bell when it mattered the most, by winning the Challenge Cup in a pretty convincingly style with  a 2-0 score. 
National Championship - Vaughan, Ontario
Next comes the real big challenge, the National Sr. Men's Challenge Cup, and it will take place in Vaughan, Ontario from October 8-13. The Sr. Men's Championship is now played  with  four divisions of three clubs with the top two teams advancing to a quarter final play-offs. Holy Cross are by no means in an easy division. They are grouped with Saskatchewan and Quebec. Saskatchewan  at one point were mediocre at the National level but for the past five or six years they basically have a stacked team and it will be no different this year.  Quebec are always competitive and are generally medal contenders. Where does this put Holy Cross? Holy Cross will be no push over. They have the experience and are going to Ontario for all the right reasons, to win. Holy Cross's rookie goalie Thomas Pieroway,  who was named "Rookie of the Year", brings stability to this key position on any soccer team. Chris Pope, who is the leagues most underrated fullback, along with Andre Le and Jeff Slaney are very solid. Coach Staford will have to determine who his fourth back is from Brian Reddy, Alec Pretty and his son Andrew.  Holy Cross will more than hold their own with any club in the country in midfield,with all-stars Matt Breen, Mike Brushett, Zack Wade , Jon Hawco and Scot Woodfine .Add to the mix here is their former captain Ryan Yetman and big Mike Dunn, both of whom bring strength and a physical element to the game. Up front the team has the leagues MVP, Jake Warren and the best striking playmaker in the game today, Steve Delong who also can put the ball in the net. 
Ready for the Big Show !
There is no doubt in my mind this club got what it takes  and  are ready for the big show.  However, victory and winning doesn't come easy. Getting to the National Challenge Cup isn't easy and it should never be taken for granted. One must realize that each time you get there it could be your last.
 Despite all of this, I feel the time has come that Holy Cross will again stand on the podium and another medal will be added to the Holy Cross showcase. 

Good luck guys ! 

Senior Men's and Women's Schedule
Game 1 - Men.-Wednesday, Oct 8 : Holy Cross vs Sask  at 5:30 pm
Game 2. - Men - Thursday, Oct 9 : Holy Cross vs QC at 5:30 pm
Game 3. - Women - Thursday, Oct 9 : Kirby United vs Ontario # 1 at 8:00 pm
Game 4. - Women  -  Friday, Oct 10 :  Kirby United vs Alberta at 5:30 pm
                 Note : Men : Off Day
Game 5. - Women - Saturday, Oct 11 : Kirby United vs Ontario # 2 at 5:30 pm
                 Note : Men's Game TBD


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Molson/ Duke of Duckworth are 2014 All - NL "A" Division Master Champions

2014 Molson All - NL "A" Masters Champions

Duke of Duckworth have won the "A" Masters Championship. Duke defeated Holy Cross on pk's after both teams were deadlocked at 1-1 after regulation time. Bernie Manning scored the goal for Holy Cross and Robie Mills replied for Duke. 

Holy Cross to travel to New Brunswick
Holy  Cross had earlier in August captured the right to represent the NLSA at the Eastern Canadian championships which are to be played in New Brunswick later in September.

(L) Gerard Kenny - CBS Soccer 
Tournament MVP - Ed Mills

(R) Gerard Kenny CBS Soccer 
Tournament MSP - Sean Connolly 

Paradise 1% Realty are All - NL "B" Division Master Champions

All -NL "B" Champions : Paradise 1% Realty

1% Realty squeezed by  Cooper's Heating/Dewalt by a 1-0 score to capture the All - NL "B" Division Championship at Nugent's Field, in Kelligrews. Lloyd Slaney scored at the 60 minute mark to lead 1% Realty to victory. Charlie Harris, recorded his third shut-out of the tournament as he was named tournament MVP.

Tournament MVP : Charlie Harris (L) 
(R) Gerard Kenny (CBS Soccer ) 

Tournament MSP : Rod Millie (L) 
(R) Gerard Kenny (CBS Soccer )

2014 Marystown United Masters Soccer Team

2014 Marystown United - A team full of energy and fun !

Thursday, September 4, 2014

CBS Hosting the Molson All NL Masters "A" & "B" Tournament

Gerard Kenny & Darin Bent

It's a ten tournament hosted by CBS.  $ teams are competing in the "A" Division
and 6 teams are competing in te "B" Division 
In the"A" Division is: Holy Cross, Mount Pearl, Feildians and Duke
In the "B" Division is ;
MUFC/Goulds, CBS and Cooper Heating  in one division.
While the other group is comprised of Martstown, Coast 101 and 1 % Realty

Wednesday, September 3
6:00 p.m. – MUFC/Goulds: 2 vs Conception Bay South : 1
Game decided on PK’s
Thursday, September 4
6:00 p.m. - 1% Realty; 3  vs Performa Coast 101 : 0 
Friday, September 5
6:00 p.m. – Marystown Mariners ; 0 vs 1% Realty; 3
7:00 p.m. – Holy Cross ;2 vs Molson/Duke of Duckworth; 1
7:45 p.m. – Cooper Heating/DeWalt; 3 vs MUFC/Goulds; 0
Saturday, September 6
11:00 a.m. – Performa Coast 101:0 vs Marystown United:1 
1:00 p.m. – Cooper Heating/DeWalt: 3 vs Conception Bay South: 0
3:00 p.m. – Holy Cross: 1 vs Feildians : 0
5:00 p.m. – Mount Pearl : 0 vs Molson/Duke of Duckworth : 4

Points "A" Division
Holy Cross : 6
Mount Pearl : 0
Feildians : 3 and +2
Duke of Duckworth : 3 and +3
Points "B" Division
1% Realty :6
Marystown :2
Coast 101 : 0

MUFC : 2
CBS : 1
Coopers Heating : 6
Sunday, September 7

12 Noon – “B” Championship game 
                      1% realty vs Cooper's Heating/ Dewalt

2:00 p.m. – “A” Championship game
                     Holy Cross vs Duke of Duckworth/Molson

Monday, September 1, 2014

Molson 2014 Challenge Cup Champions : Holy Cross Crusaders

Holy Cross : 2014 Challenge Cup Champions

The Big Red Machine defeated the Blue Machine 2-0

Ultimately, it was the offense of Holy Cross that eventually broke down the Laurentians defense that would decide the final outcome of the final 2014 Molson Challenge Cup Championship game.. Holy Cross opened the game on the attack and pretty well carried that strategy for the entire match. The Laurentians were led throughout the game by Clinton Edwards, who was named the leagues top defender prior to the game and showed why he earned the title in fine fashion. Clinton was the Laurentians MVP in the contest. Edwards supported by his partner Marc Pittman and wing backs Darren Pike and Shane Perrott were all forced to be the top Laurentian players throughout the match. These players were repeatedly under constant pressure and fortunately for them they were supported by the leagues top goalie, John Douglas. But as time went on Holy Cross's dominance of the match ultimately paid off. Matt Breen, hit a free shot from about 30 yards and his shot deflected of Corey Mullett at the 78 minute mark and gave Holy Cross that one important goal and a 1-0 Holy Cross lead. For the remaining minutes the Laurentians showed some glimpses of desperation but it was Ryan Yetman who at the 88 minute mark when hit for a beautiful shot from 25 yards and it was a second Holy Cross goooooooool ! A goal that would that would send Holy Cross to victory and it would be the final nail that ended any Laurentian hopes of a 2014 Provincial Championship. Holy  Cross will now advance to the National Canadian Championship in Vaughn, Ontario in October.


Championship Game MVP : Matt Breen

Matt is presented the Gerard Quirke Memorial Trophy
by Gerard's brother, Phil.

A Great Weekend of Soccer

Wow !
 NL fans love their soccer.

The King was there all weekend !

Great Crowds !

Little Nathan Slaney, all wrapped in the Laurentian Blue,
with his parents, Kris and Joanne Slaney


Again, CHCM's Russ Murphy was there.

VOCM's Backtalk host Pete Soucy joins Russ Murphy
during the championship game
and talks soccer.

Way to go Pete !

Molson 2014 Challenge Cup All - Stars

All Star Goalie : John Douglas - St. Lawrence

All Star Defenders :  Clinton Edwards - St. Lawrence
                                     Andre Le - Holy Cross
                                     Greg Reid - Feildians
                                     Andrew Murphy - Mount Pearl

All Star Midfielders : Matt Breen - Holy Cross
                                      Mike Brushett - Holy Cross
                                      Rudy Norman - St. Lawrence
                                      Matthew Hamyln - Mount Pearl

All Star Strikers :   Jake Warren - Holy Cross
                                  Tyler Forsey - Feildians

All Star Coach : Jake Stanford - Holy Cross

Molson 2014 Molson Challenge Cup Individual award Winner

Al Slaney Award : All - star goalie : John Douglas - St. Lawrence

Jeff Babstock Award : Top Defender : Clinton Edwards - St. Lawrence

Johnny Breen Award : Top Midfielder : Matt Breen - Holy Cross

Wils Molloy Award : Top scorer : Tyler Forsey - Feildians

Phonce Warren Memorial : All star coach : Jake Stanford - Holy Cross

Ed Moyst Award : Rookie of the Year : Thomas Pieroway - Holy Cross

Jim Goff Memorial Award ; Most Spirited Player : Andre Le - Holy Cross

Dick Power Memorial Award : MVP Regular Season ; Jake Warren - Holy Cross

Gerard Quirke Memorial Award : MVP Playoff : Matt Breen  - Holy Cross