NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Soccer Sunday -- July 31 - 2016

Holy Cross :2 vs St. Lawrence : 1

Steve Delong and Jake Warren

 Holy Cross are back
It all started last Wednesday evening when Holy Cross bombed the NL Games team 9 -1. Then on Saturday destroyed the Feildians  5-0 . While on Sunday  Holy Cross were up against the 2nd place  Laurentians who had battled Holy Cross in a superb match  in the earlier part of the season. 
The Laurentians had been defeated on Saturday by Mount Pearl 2-0. It appeared as if the Laurentians. on Saturday had their focus on the Sunday afternoon matinee where they were scheduled to go up against Holy Cross. To all Laurentian players and fans a St. Lawrence / Holy Cross match-up is something special. While the Laurentians have shown some improvement  in 2016 so have Mount Pearl and Feildians. However, neither one of those three clubs have been consistently improved... their performances vary from game to game.  Although, Holy Cross's defense are suspect this season and have been very porous at times, their team are still the class of the league and the team to beat in 2016. Holy Cross again proved this on Sunday. Cross lead by star players Zack Wade, Jake Warren and Steve Delong defeated Laurentians  2 -1. Holy Cross controlled the vast majority of the play with both Warren and Delong pretty well having their way constantly defeating the Laurentians defense on the outside. The Laurentians continue to struggle using the one striker attack. Stefan Slaney, who is having a career scoring year, did score the lone goal for the Laurentians but overall he was very easily kept at bay by the Holy Cross defenders. Next weekend could be the tell the tale when Holy Cross travel to the Booth and take on the Laurentians in a double header. Saturday's game will be played on St. Lawrence Day at 3 PM and Sunday's game is scheduled for 1PM.  

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Soccer Saturday - July 30 , 2016

Big weekend of soccer action on the Avalon as the top four all go to work. Mathematically, everything is still on the line from 1st to 4th. And above is all teams are looking for the edge. They are looking to send a message to the other club. It also could be a good test for some new officials that the league are using this summer. Any way you look at it, it's going to be one heck of a week-end.   
Holy Cross : 5  vs Feildians : 0
Jake Warren

Mike Dunn : 1'
Steve Delong : 4'
Jake Warren (2) : 13', 78 '
Zack Wade : 29'

Shutout : Thomas Pieroway 


Mount Pearl : 2 vs St. Lawrence : 0

Game Summary 

Justin Pickford : 46'
Tyler Forsey : 82'

Shutout : Nick Power

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Holy Cross blast the Games Team

 Zack Wade - Conor Simmons
Kyle Williams


 Holy Cross blasts the Games Team

Holy Cross turned on the jets Wednesday evening at KGV as they blast NLSA Canada Games team 9 -1. The Games team looked rather sharp for the first ten minutes. At the 8 minute mark Jacob Grant broke through Holy Cross's defense and when their keeper, Thomas Pieroway got caught in no man's land, Grant coolly put the ball in Cross's net. After this early goal, it was all Holy Cross. Kyle Williams, who has struggled on the score-sheet in 2016,  scored a pair after after working extremely hard throughout the contest while earning six glorious quality scoring opportunities. Meanwhile, all-star Zack Wade who was celebrating his 28 birthday did it in fine style. Zack who is the league highest scoring  midfielder picked up his 7th and 8th goals of the season. Again, Zack dominated the entire mid-field. Young Connor Simmons, who continues to develop and impress,  also scored a pair. While, singles came from veterans Jon Hawco and Steve Delong.  Mike Dunn completed the scoring  for Holy Cross, scoring his 1st of the season, coming off a beautiful  header.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A newer side of Johnny Douglas

John Douglas

(L-R) Nick Power - Jacob Dyer - Sam Hawco 
Dylan Chrihton - Jack Haywood 

A newer side of Johnny Douglas

Over the past decade most of the soccer enthusiasts in the province have come quite familiar with the Laurentians star goalkeeper, John Douglas. I think it would be fair to say that John Douglas, over the course of his brilliant career,  has allowed  St. Lawrence to compete with the best clubs in the province even during some of the Laurentians leaner years. Furthermore, I  think it would be very fair to say that over the course of John Douglas's career he has had made, many a referee earn their money with some of his goalkeeping ethics. However, for the past two years, we are are seeing a different side of John Douglas. Besides being the Laurentians number one keeper, John is showing signs on the field of mellowing a little and he has taken to coaching. Last season John joined with MUN's Men's coach Jake Stanford as an assistant coach with his primary duties as goalie coach. This year he further expanded his coaching duties, as he has joined with the NL Canada Games team as their goalie coach.  Am I premature in my thinking that a change in career, after 2016,  is about to occur For Johnny DDD ? I guess,only time will tell.

 Note: Pictured above are some of the young goalies who John brings to training once or twice a week. 


 Noah Wrice

Meet Noah Wrice 

Noah Wrice is a minor league goalie who played most of his early development soccer years on the Burin Peninsula Soccer Association. But since moving to St. John's, with his parents,  he now plays with the St. John's Feildians Soccer Association. It was great last Wednesday to see Noah, for the 1st time,  don the Double Blues Challenge Cup uniform as he played backup duty for the Feildians as they played the NL Canada Games Team in a Challenge Cup league game.

 Congratulations Noah !

Sunday, July 24, 2016

July 24 - Soccer Sunday

September 2013 - Challenge Cup Final in St. Lawrence

Laurentians win the Cup - Photo at the Trophy Lounge 


Sunday July 24/16

Feildians : 1 vs Corner Brook : 1

NL Canada Games : 1 vs St. Lawrence : 1

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Soccer Saturday - July 23\16

Saturday July 23 

Feildians :0 vs Mount Pearl :0

Holy Cross: 4 vs Corner Brook : 3

St. Lawrence : 3 vs NL Canada Games: 0

Friday, July 22, 2016

2016 Molson Challenge Cup Play-offs


DATE : SEPT 2 - 4, 2016 





AT 1 PM : 1ST VS 2ND
AT 4 PM : 3RD VS 4TH












Who can forget the fans

(L-R) Tom Reid - Eugene Brushett - Jocelyn (Wife) - Keith Farrell
Howard Slaney and Kristopher Slaney 


This out of town group of fans are at the Laurentian games, 
game in and game out. 


Nothing better than having mom and dad at your game.
Here we have #7 Mike Dawe parents who traveled to take
in the  Feildians /St. Lawrence series.

#22 : Zach Hynes ....... Far Right / Coach Stephen Howell

Parent Combos : Father and daughter / Father and son

Kent Slaney with his daughter
at the 
Atlantic Under 13   Championships

*NLSA won Silver

Bob Spearns and son 

Bob coaches his son with the 
BPSA Under 14 Team


Aubrey Brenton and son.

Aubrey coaches his son with the
Feildians Under 14 team 


Keith Jackman and son .

Keith's young fellow plays with
the BPSA Under 16 team. Keith 
is a minor coach with the 
St. Lawrence Soccer Association

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reflecting on the Past and Present of NLSA Jubilee

Gerry Kirby & Scott Betts 

 Reflecting on the Past and Present 
of NLSA  Jubilee Competition

After taking in the Jubilee Trophy game on Wednesday,  July 14 , when the Kirby team were playing Holy Cross with 1st place on the line, I sat back and reflected, how far the NLSA Jubilee teams have come over the past decade. While there is still room for improvement we have definitely come a long..... long ways the last ten years. Personally, I feel today's NLSA Jubilee competitiveness can be contributed to Gerry Kirby and Scott Betts. Gerry who is a very successful businessman, has always had a keen interest in soccer, wanted to get involved in the sport. And yes, when he put his game plan in action he did this in fine fashion which originally caused quite the stir around the NLSA soccer fraternity. However, he backed it up by putting his money where his mouth is. He started off with a huge bang, he first financed the team by sponsored it and he then went out and recruited head coach Scott Betts. Scott was a very technically sound individual who had a solid background in coaching. He had coached at the Challenge Cup level, was a Provincial Champion in 1993 and was the head coach at MUN, while coaching their men's squad. Next Kirby and  Betts did some nasty player recruitment.
Laura Breen
First of all, I think it was safe to say they recruited the best female players in the province. The Kirby team started with star player Laura Breen. Laura at the time was dynamic, you could say she was dynamite. I would have to say that Laura Breen would go on to be the best female ever to don a pair of soccer boots in this province.  

 Malorie Harris
The club followed up with luring Malorie Harris into their fold. Harris was the kid with great goal-scoring ability. She would go on to be the best female goalscorer the province has ever produced. She twice was the recipient of the National Golden Boot Award.
 Nicole Moores
Next came the leadership and controversial Nicole Moores. Nicole is what every good team needs, she's a leader. Nicole Moores, you can love or hate her, but I feel she has done more for the growth and development of ladies soccer in this province than any other lady. Yes, she may be a little controversial but sometimes we need controversy rather than everyone reading from the same scrip and hoping to make further progress. Well, the critics of this new club approach were livid. They were ready to dismantle both Betts and Kirby.... starting with Kirby, while Betts friends were dropping off by the bucket loads. However, right from the beginning I made it know to both individuals that I supported their new venture. As a province I knew we had to make changes, I just knew we must do something in order to compete at the Nationals. Since 1993, when I first coached the St. Lawrence Laurentians to victoryand went to the Nationals, I have been present at every National Challenge Cup / Jubilee Trophy National Championships. During this time, I can tell you, I seen some NLSA Jubilee Representatives getting beat by some humiliating scores.  At that time most of those one sided loses to the NLSA reps really hurt me. Furthermore, when I got into broadcasting, some 15 years ago, the hurt extended even deeper especially when my province was on the low end of the score-sheet and you are the person who is doing the color for the National Radio Broadcasts.
The Present
However, it appears that those lean years of NLSA ladies soccer are over at the Senior National Level and I should include Memorial University. MUN won the AUAA two years ago and I must tip my hat to coach, Walt Mavin and the players for this great accomplishment... Well Done folks!  Since Kirby initially came on stream in 2007, the league and the competition has grown. During this time Kirby themselves has had several player changes and Coach Betts has moved on and the team is now coached by Dragan Microvic.  The three team league now consists of; Kirby , Holy Cross and Feildians. There is no doubt that Kirby and Holy Cross are the two top favorites. Feildians are an improving squad but still have a ways to go. Holy Cross are now at a point where they are ready to challenge Kirby for the NLSA Championship. They are a new club with  hungry aspirations. They want nothing less than a provincial championship. I like the fact that both of these two teams don't have a lot of likeness for each other. That is how good rivalries are created. Both clubs play very physical, very determined and are very well coached by coaches who like to win. This combination should call for a very interesting 2016 play-offs.



Thursday, July 14, 2016

NL Canada Games wallop CBS , 6 -0

Jacob Grant - Jonathan Leckie - Mitchelle Barry
Elonda Felly - Goalie : Jack Hayward


Mitchell Barry : Hat-trick


NL Canada Games : 6 vs CBS : 0
Game Summary
Mitchell Barry (3) : 11, 23, 69 minutes
Jacob Grant : 53 minute 
Felly Elonda : 59 minute
Jonathan Leckie : 74 Minute
Next Molson Challenge Cup Action 
Note : The Game team will be in Corner Brook this weekend for a doubleheader.
While, the Feildians travel to the Burin Peninsula to take on the Laurentians.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

SOCCER SPECIAL --- Special times for Mike Edmunds

Mike Edmunds : NLSA Director of Referee's

Mike Edmunds with his step -daughter, Claire Kean 

Claire Kean

NLSA - U13 Atlantic Bronze Medalist  -- Club's MVP

 Special times for Mike Edmunds
Claire Kean is a member of St. John's Soccer Association  U -14 NLSA Provincial League. Provincially she is a member of the NLSA Under -13 squad. Claire scored the all important goal against PEI in her team's 1-0 victory while clinching the Bronze Medal. There is no doubt after watching her play this past weekend, she has a bright future ahead of her in ladies soccer.  Her Under - 13 NLSA team was coached by Nicole Moores and Raeleen Baggs , two of the better females to ever play soccer in Newfoundland and two great NLSA qualified coaches.  While at the St. John's Provincial League level, Claire is presently being coached by her step-dad Mike Edmunds. Mike has had Claire under his wing since her early childhood days when all he would talk about was getting her involved with playing the sport of soccer.  Mike has sure helped Claire with her soccer development.  He was a player who had played in the St. John's  soccer system. He then went on to reach monumental heights as an official;he started out at the local level, advanced to provincial level and went on to become a National Certified referee. He is currently the Director of NLSA officials. After watching him take in the Atlantic tournament this past weekend in St. John's, I would have to say the proudest achievement of  them all was watching and coaching his step-daughter play while wearing the St. John's and the  NLSA stripes.

Monday, July 11, 2016

NL- U14 Girls Win Silver / NL - U13 Girls Win Bronze

NLSA - U14 wins Atlantic Silver 

NLSA -U14  Coaching Staff

Scott Betts - Tracy Oliver - Michelle (Cooper ) Carpenter


 NLSA -U13 Wins Atlantic Bronze

U13 - Coaching Staff

Nicole Moores (middle) -- Raeleen Baggs (Right)

Fans at the NLSA - U13 Championships 

July 9-10 Challenge Cup Wrap Up

Sunday July 10 : Holy Cross : 2  vs CBS : 0
Zack Wade
Steve Delong
Thomas Pieroway

Game Summary 
Holy Cross Goalscorers
Steve Delong : 59 "
Zack Wade : 71 " 
Holy Cross Shutout
Thomas Pieroway

Sunday July 10 : Mount Pearl : 3 vs Corner Brook : 0
Tyler Forsey
 Nick Power

Game Summary 

Mount Pearl Goalscorers
Tyler Forsey  (3) : 40 , 69, 82 minutes

Mount Pearl Shutout
Nick Power


Saturday July 9 : Mount Pearl : 3 vs Corner Brook : 1
Kevin Oram

Complete Game Summary

Mount Pearl Goalscorers
Chad Seymour: 44"
Kevin Oram : 75 "
Ronaldo Morris : 90 "

Corner Brook Goalscorer
Ian MacDonald : 63 "