NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Two Proud Soccer Dads:Shane Dunphy & Noel Doyle by Gord Dunphy

Shane Dunphy & Noel Doyle

Parker Doyle & Ryan Dunphy

Kids First Game as a Laurentian
Gord Dunphy

Victoria Day Weekend is generally know throughout Canada as the first day of the summer for fishing and camping. But this wasn't the case with Noel Doyle and his son Parker nor was it the case with my brother Shane and his family.  This year I was forced to schedule the Molson Challenge Cup on the "Long Weekend" because of field restrictions the following weekend at KGV.  But who really cares, it's Victoria Day Weekend and you`re originally from St.Lawrence and you get that call that the Senior Laurentians want your boy to dress with them for the weekend. When you get that call and your blood is tainted blue you avail of the opportunity and hope for the best. This weekend the Laurentians performed very well defeating CBS 4-0 and giving their long time rivals the Holy Cross Crusaders all they could handle while coming up on the short end of a 3-1 score. But this loss was a very respectable loss. It was one of the best games the Laurentians played against Cross in the past five years. The Laurentians played with guts and determination, an old trademark of Laurentian teams of the past.In both games, both Parker and Ryan received fair playing time while looking a little shallow. In the mean time, while the kids were learning how to play the game, both of their dads were sitting there, enjoying the moment while beaming with BLUE PRIDE.        

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