NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Next weekend is St. Lawrence Day and fans are waiting to see how the Laurentians match up against the leagues 1st place team : Holy Cross

Town of St. Lawrence


What exactly are some traits that sets the ‘winners’ apart from the ‘losers’?
  • Having A Dream- All feats of great success and achievement start with a dream. Without a dream you have nothing to drive and inspire you into action. A dream is very powerful motivating force and it can also act as a compass pointing you in the right direction and ensuring you stay on track.
  • Sacrifice-There is no easy path to becoming the best…to becoming a champion.  To achieve your sporting dreams then you have make the necessary sacrifices. Nights out on the town have to be replaced with countless hours of practice and preparation.
  • Hard Work- Winners all have an insatiable appetite for hard work. They understand the values of hard work and they pay their dues through sweat, blood and tears to achieve excellence.
  • Belief- Belief is an absolute must for any success. All the sporting greats of our time had this unquenchable belief in themselves and their ability.  Our inner beliefs originate from the most powerful part of our mind- our subconscious. Our subconscious mind is the power centre which controls all our actions, behaviors and movements.
  • Perseverance- Winners have the ability to hang in there, even when things aren’t going their way.  They possess a mental strength…a ‘never quit’ attitude which enables them to ride the storm of adversity and challenge to come out victorious at the end.
  • Focus- Achieving any dream or goal requires focus. You can’t waiver and get distracted. What makes a winner stand out is their ability to focus somewhat obsessively on their goal. They have an unwavering discipline and determination to shield themselves from everyday distractions and opportunities and focus purely on their goal.
  • Love of Competing- Winners thrive on competition. Having the opportunity to pit their skills against all comers seems to put fire in the bellies and enhances their performance. They don’t shy away and fade into the background.  Their attitude is alike to a gladiator entering the Coliseum. They are prepared and ready for battle.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Mount Pearl gains a valuable point against Holy Cross - Score : 1 - 1

Molson Challenge Cup Action ---Saturday, July 28 ----- KGV 

Mount Pearl: 1  vs   Holy Cross: 1
Goal scorers:
Jay Babstock : Holy Cross – 40 minute
Ryan Caines : Mount Pearl – 42 minute

Next Molson Challenge Cup Action

Sunday, July 29 ----- King George V

2:00 p.m.

C B Auto Strikers vs Feildian/Ernst & Young 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Holy Cross roll past CBS in Challenge Cup Action

Steve Delong & Jake Warren

Holy Cross : 6 vs CBS: 1

Holy Cross Goal scorers:

Steve Delong ( 3) : 40, 43, 66 min.

Jake warren (2) : 79, 82 min.

Zack Wade (1) : 16 min.

CBS Goal scorers:

Chad Seymour ( 1) : 38 min.


Next  Molson Challenge Cup Action

Friday, July 27 ----- Topsail Pitch

7:00 p.m.

 Feildian/Ernst & Young  vs  C B Auto Strikers FC

Sunday, July 22, 2012

St. Lawrence lose to both Feildians and Holy Cross by a 3 - 1 score.

Molson Challenge Cup Action  - July 22, 2012

Holy Cross /Kirby Group: 3  vs St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians : 1

Goal scorers: Holy Cross

Team goal : 42 minute

Zack  Wade : 55 minute – PK

Steve Delong : 89 minute

Goal scorers: St. Lawrence

Clinton Edwards : 79 minute

Molson Challenge Cup Action  - July 21, 2012

Feildian/Ernst & Young; 3  vs  St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians: 1 
Goal scorers: Feildians
Blaise Peters  : (3) -  20, 70, and 90 minute
Goal scorers: St. Lawrence
Rudy Norman: 57 minute

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Laurentians visit the city to play both St. John's teams.

Richard  Kelly , Rudy Norman, John Douglas & Clinton Edwards 

The St. Lawrence Laurentian's who won one and lost one last week against Mount Pearl in St. Lawrence visit the city this week-end. On Saturday, the Laurentians play the Feildians. The Feildians defeated the Laurentians in their 1st outing by a 2- 1 score. St. lawrence will be back to avenge this lost with a couple new additions in the line -up - Tyler Forsey & Richard Kelly.

Steve DeLong

Long time rivals Holy Cross & Laurentians
hit the field on Sunday

On Sunday the Larentians will play the province's number one seeded men's Challenge Cup team for the past three seasons, Holy Cross/Kirby Group. Holy Cross, again in 2012, are supporting the best record in the league. They have the leagues most prolific goalscorer , Steve Lelong and they are again illustrating numbers to show why they are the best defensive record in the league.        However, their one and only lost (4-3)  came to the Laurentians three weeks ago at KGV. That match was the best game of Challenge Cup that I've wittnessed in years. There were some great goals scored and both teams played with heart and displayed toughness.. The referree , Mike Edmunds worked hard for his pay and he wasn'y shy in showing both teams who was the boss, he dished cards  like he was at a bingo game. Fans surely saw great entertainment and  got their moneys worth. Now will we see the same this Sunday at 2 PM.? 

Stay tuned and I'll see you at KGV this weekend to watch soccer at it's best !

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great goalie photo's

 Thomas Pieroway
Photo by Darrin Bent

 Matthew Prim
Photo by Keithy Walsh

John Douglas
Photo by "The Compass"

Grant Abbott
Photo by Gord Dunphy

I took this photo at
the 2011 Nationals

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Congratulations to Kevin Pittman !

Kevin Pittman

Pittman reaches milesstone
Long time NLSA official, Kevin Pittman refereed the Molson Challenge Cup match between St. Lawrence and Mount Pearl and it was his 2000th game.
Actually, I can remember back some 30 years ago when it was Kevin, Alec "Bo" Slaney ,Jackie Walsh and myself that attended a referee's course given at the Burin Peninsula Vocational School. I believe Ern Foote was the instructor. The rest of us did officiate at various provincial levels but it was Kevin who took it to another level. Kevin referred at local, provincial and at National Levels .

What do I most remember Kev for?
 I remember Kev referring one particular game when I was coaching the Laurentians and we were playing a team from Ireland, in St. Lawrence .The team was touring Newfoundland. Kevin allowed 15 minutes of extra time and when  Ireland finally tied the match at 2-2 , he blew the whistle. I know, at that time, I was totally poisoned and I never forgot it. LOL

Congratulations Kevin

On behalf of the sport of soccer in NL, I would personally like to congratulate you on your milestone and wish you all the best in the future.

Gord D. 

Mount Pearl comes back with heart and beat St. Lawrence 2-1

MP vs St. Lawrence
Photo's courtsey of Kristopher Slaney

Mount Pearl That ProLook-Molson: 2 vs St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians: 1 

Goal scorers :

Ryan Caines: 39 minutes ---- Mount Pearl

Matthew Hamyln: 65 minutes  – Mount Pearl

Richard Kelly : 76 minute ------St. Lawrence


Holy Cross Kirby/Group: 4 vs  CB Auto Strikers: 1
Goal scorers :
Jake Warren: 10 minute – Holy Cross
Zac Wade:20 minute – Holy Cross
Steve DeLong: 45 minute– Holy Cross
Mike Brushett: 78 minute – Holy Cross
Mike Luther: 80 minute – CB Auto Strikers FC

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Saturdays Challenge Cup Scores

Centennial Field - St. Lawrence
 Kristopher Slaney Photo

St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians : 1 vs Mount Pear l That ProLook-Molson: 0

Goal scorers :

Sean Edwards – St. Lawrence : 50 minute

Shut-out – St. Lawrence : John Douglas

KGV - St. John's
Gord Dunphy photo

Feildian/Ernst & Young: 3   vs  St. John’s U-18′s Capital Hyundai  : 1

Goal scorers :

Claude Howard - SJU-18’s : 16 minute

Matthew French – Feildians : 22 minute

Mike Dawe - Feildians : 59 minute –PK

Ian Manderville - Feildians : 70 minute

Mount Pearl faces a big week-end in Molson Challenge Cup Action

Tyler Forsey

Mount Pearl

Mount Pearl out on the Burin Peninsula

The St. Lawrence Laurentians will play host to Mount Pearl in Molson Challenge Cup action this week-end. Mount Pearl currently sits in 5th place in the Challenge Cup standings. Holy Cross are 1st, St. Lawrence are 2nd, CBS are 3rd and Feildians are in the final play-off position,4th.
Mount Pearl main struggle this season has come in the goal- scoring department.Mount Pearl's top scorers have only scored 10 goals between them.  Both, Hassan Kamara and Matthew Hamyln, have scored three goals each. While their team-mates Nick Chretian and Sean Manning both have scored twice.
Things are not going to get much easier this week-end for Mount Pearl. St. Lawrence have now added Tyler Forsey to their roster. Tyler, was last year's NLSA Jr. Player of the Year and has played with and gained experience and knowledge with the Atlantic FC this year. The Laurentians have won their last 5 games . Game  time are 6 pm on Saturday and 2pm on Sunday.

Mean while on the Avalon, at the KGV pitch, the U-18's play Feilians at 6 pm on Saturday and Holy Cross play host to CBS on Sunday at 2 pm.


Friday, July 13, 2012

2nd Annual Randy Douglas Memorial Golf Tournament

Hi to All,

Once again this year, we are hosting a Memorial Golf Tournament on Friday, August 3rd, 2012 in memory of Dad. This will be the 2nd Annual Randy Douglas Memorial Golf Tournament and we are looking forward to spending the day with Dad’s friends and golf buddies. The tournament will be held at Grande Meadows Golf Course in Frenchman’s Cove and will be a best ball tournament with a shot gun start. We are hoping to get underway in the early afternoon.
I'm not sure of the cost yet, but last year the cost was $35 which included golf and a steak dinner. There will be prizes as well as a trophy presented with the winners names engraved on it, to be hung up at the golf course chalet.
The golf course can only accommodate around 80 people. Therefore, the family is asking those they think would be interested to reserve a spot in the tournament before the spaces are filled. If you wish to enter a team you can or we can pair you with a team.If you are interested in attending, please let me know. I will ensure that a spot is saved for you.

Please be sure to pass this along to anyone you think may be interested.

John D.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Late goal allows CBS to tie Mount Pearl

Photo Courtesy of Darin Bent

Mount Pearl and CBS batlle to a 2-2 tie 

Mount Pearl Goal- scorers :
Nick Chretien at 31"
Shawn Manning at 40"

CBS Goal -scorers :
Chris Mallard at 54"

                                                                Ayuba Kamaro at 84"

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Molson Challenge Cup Action

Wednesday, July 11

9:00 p.m.

C B Auto Strikers  vs


Challenge Cup   Current Standings

Holy Cross Kirby - 27

St. Lawrence Labatt  Laurentians - 20

CB Auto Strikers -13

Feildians Ernst & Young - 13

Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson - 11

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coach's Corner by Gord Dunphy : Southern Gazette

Flashback --- Frank Brenton

Frank Brenton’s soccer career started in 1958 and continued some 30 years later, playing Masters. In the beginning, Brenton played his minor career in Burin and at the mere age of 16 years, he was selected to the Burin Peninsula All-Stars. While playing minor which was then called the  junior league, he won three  MVP awards. In 1970 while playing for Marystown, he was named to a Provincial all-star squad for National play and earned two more MVP awards. In 1971 Brenton moved to St. John’s and suited up with the Feildians. Between 1971 and 1981, Brenton was a member of Feildians team that won three St. John’s championships. Frank was voted to three St. John’s all-star teams and won an MVP honor. He was a member of  the St. John’s club that won the 1981 Atlantic championship in Nova Scotia. In 1994, Frank Brenton was selected as one of the top ten players to ever play in Newfoundland and Labrador. Here Frank Brenton reflects on the past and gives some advice for the future. 

1.     What is the biggest change that you’ve seen in soccer over the last 50 years?
The biggest change in soccer has been the size of the soccer fields to a regulation size & the change in systems. The old 5-3-2 system to 4-2-4 system to  4-3-3 systems and variations of the newer systems as well. Coaching is still a major problem. You can’t just put eleven players on a field and, play a certain way using a particular system. The players need to understand how the system works and how they need to execute the system.

2.     You must have some great memories of playing soccer. Would you mind sharing a few of those with us?
When I was a small boy of age  9-10 years old, my older brother Joe always took me to the soccer field with him. It was the old soccer field in Burin. We had to walk in over the hills (there was no road) to get to the field. There was a small brook that ran down one side of the field (old players will certainly remember it).   I remember one time Joe bought a new pair of  boots with the hard noses and bars across the bottom for cleats. He would go over and stand in the brook for five minutes. He told me the boots would take the shape of his feet & they would be more comfortable.

Later in life when I was playing Challenge Cup with the Fieldians in Grand Bank, we were on the field kicking the ball around, warming up .Ed Arnott wore a beard and just down from his chin there was a small spot of grey. I’ll never forget when a small chid ran on the field ,ran up to Ed and said “Hey mister, you got paint in your beard”.

In 1973 I was playing midfield for Fieldians. We were playing St. Lawrence in the Challenge Cup .I scored 4 goals in the first two games. In the third game there was a scramble in front of the St. Lawrence net with 5 or six players involved. The ball bounced up in the air and I was the only player still on my feet. A sure goal for certain .I jumped in the air to head the ball into the net but jumped too quick and the ball went over the top of the bar. I can’t remember how the four goals went in but the one I missed haunts me to this day.

3.     Tell us what the games were like when you played with Fieldians against St. Lawrence?
Playing in St. Lawrence was an experience in itself .The games between us were very intense to say the least. We had lots of confident and skillful players, but we couldn’t score. We lost three championships in a row to them. No one will convince me we should have done better. At the end of the day people only remember who won! I loved playing there but we had some players who just couldn’t adjust to 1000 fans ready to break their necks every time they touched the ball. Winning there was like winning the lotto. You had a chance but it was slim.

4.     Name the three toughest players you ever played against?
Three of the toughest players were Ed, Doug and Frank Whelan—the three Whelan brothers. They didn’t know when or how to quit. They would still be playing in the dressing room ten minutes after the game was over. They were great players. All three were midfielders. If you played against them you were in for a hard game.

  1. Name the three greatest players I ever played with?
Three of the greatest players I ever played with were:  Ed Arnott, Howard Morris and Keith Storey.

6. Name three of the greatest players you ever played against?
Three of the greatest players I ever played against were : George(Bow) Collier, Max Hollett and Frank(Red) Fizzard

7.     If I could change anything in Newfoundland soccer.
I would try and increase the number of teams in the league. St. John’s with a population of 200,000 people has two teams .Mount Pearl has one team. C.B.S. which is a bigger town than the city of Mount Pearl has one team. If soccer is to improve we need to increase the number of teams. It will make for better competition.The club system worked the best for our games. When I played, we had six teams: Fieldians, Guards, St. Pat’s,  Gonzaga, Holy Cross and Crusaders. The games were more competitive. It was a community- like thing. Players had a dislike for each other ,the fan support were great. Playing soccer  was like going to war.

There are so many things the executive can do to make changes but it seems they are content to keep their team strong at the expense of soccer itself. Too much emphasis is placed on Challenge Cup. Maybe we should back off a little on Challenge Cup and try to build up our league first. Create more teams which will make us stronger, more competitive. Then come back to Challenge Cup later.

8. What do feel the future holds for Newfoundland & Labrador soccer?
With the number of soccer players registered in Newfoundland and Labrador, soccer  holds a very bright future. Over the past ten years the numbers have increased twenty fold. There are leagues for 8-10,10-12,  12-14 year olds up to senior soccer so it has to get better. We need better coaching if we are to develop better players. To coach is one thing but to know how to coach is another. For example, St. Lawrence doesn’t have a strong team but they are a real good team because they know the system they are playing and how it should be played. They’re one up over the other teams and that’s why they are so successful.Today with new soccer facilities ,artificial turf and indoor facilities which makes for longer seasons, more playing time, better skills, and better training, the sky’s the limit. We need to work on the technical part and get our act together.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

2012 Bell Aliant U 13 Atlantics at Topsail Field in CBS

Boys Medal Games Sunday July 8 at Topsail Field


At 8:00 AM

Bronze Medal Game --- NB  and PEI 


At 10:00 AM

Gold Medal Game ---  NS and NL