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Friday, June 23, 2017


BPSA Home Field  - Marystown Centennial

BPSA President Shane Dunphy & 
his boys Shayne & Ryan 
in Flordia

One of Marystown's
greatest volunteer's 
Bern Pike

 BPSA 2017 Summer Student
Jordon Pike Jordon will work with the BPSA
program while also  developing 
a new BPSA Web-site and working 
on the data for the BPSA HOF

BPSA Under 13 

The BPSA currently has U-13, U-15, U-17 teams in both all boys and girls categories.That's very impressive ! A big thank you must go out to the coaches: U 13 Girls :  Derek and Michelle Strang, Trevor Walsh. U 15 Girls : Joanne Mallay & Elaine Senior. U -17 Girls : Yvette Quirke & Frank Lambe.  U -15 Boys : David Walsh & Chris Rideout. U - 13 Boy's : Mike Kelly, Lorne Barry & Marcia Hanrahan .  Under 17 Boys : Parker Doyle, Jeff Oake and Mackey Loder . 

L-R : Andrew Moulton ( Referee)  -  Nicky Kerr - Ethan Walsh

The BPSA recently had a referees clinic with 14 new people joined on as new officials. These officials will be helping out at the BPSA Minor Provincial League as referees and assistant Referees. Some of them will even be on the line for Challenge Cup League Games. Corey Walsh who has returned home to St. Lawrence will be home from Alberta will be refereeing Challenge Cup League Games. Actually, Corey refereed this past weekend against St. Lawrence and I was rather impressed. He knows the game well and he takes no nonsense from the players.  This is definitely a huge step to help develop officials on the Burin Peninsula.

 Corey Walsh : Laura Windsor Photo 





Dragan Mirkovic

GD &  Dragan Mirkovic

Some of Marystown's greatest fans

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

DUNPHY'S CORNER : Weekend Wrap-up : June 17/18, 2017

Gord Dunphy


 Mark Reddy - Mount Pearl

Got to say,"I loved it the Mount Pearl / St. Lawrence series"

Hey, what a battle this past weekend. It was in St. Lawrence between the Laurentian's and Mount Pearl . It was sort of old time soccer, the teams battled hard and made the officials earn every cent they are paid. More importantly this past weekend referee Corey Walsh and his two young linesmen got it right, they allowed the teams to play the game. To often, I witness a referee not allowing any flow to the game. For most part we all know who the referees are, we don't need them, nor do we want them to be the center of attention in a game. They need to control the game and yes at times there will be a need to issue cautions to control the game. However, I also realize that there are times that verbal reprimands should be given to players before the referee goes deep into his pocket or on his jersey to retrieve a yellow card.  I know there are other times a straight yellow can be warranted or for that matter a straight  Red Card is deserved but there is no need for the officials to be card happy.
"Very enjoyable soccer"
Moving on from this early week rant, I must add, Mount Pearl put on a great show in St. Lawrence where the ghosts at the St. Lawrence Centennial field usually lead the home team to victory. It was very enjoyable soccer.   On Saturday, Mount Pearl  were persistent in their efforts and as a result they tenaciously earned a point in a 2-2 draw. Besides the goals scored by the Laurentians Sean Drew and Brent Hennebury,and Mount Pearl's Tyler Forsey and Scott Woodfine, I liked  how Mount Pearl's veterans battle including Andrew Murphy, Kevin Oram, Taedy O'Rourke, Ryan Thistle and Mark Reddy wouldn't back down, they simply wouldn't go away.   I also have a great amount of respect for the offensive abilities of Tyler Forsey, Scott Woodfine and Ronaldo Morris.  Meanwhile, when it comes to the Laurentian players, you can be guaranteed where there's a little commotion happening, you can count on Laurentians captain  Marc Pittman to be there. Now the Laurentian's have newcomer Marc Brefo who hails from Ghana.  Brefo is dynamic, he is another player who draws players and officials to his area of play. I would have to say he is the most physical player in the league but he also has talent. I totally admire his skill set and physical strength. He is Ghanaian version of former St. Lawrence Laurentian star player Alec Turpin. Now proceeding on to Sunday when the Laurentians defeated and shutout Mount Pearl 3-0.  Folks, don't let the score fool you. Mount Pearl and St. Lawrence again clashed and at times both teams viciously fought for supremacy. There's no doubt the Laurentians had the better quality scoring  chances throughout the entire contest but two of the Laurentian goals, Sean Drews and Devon Ryans markers were scored late in the dying minutes. The other Laurentian goal was scored by Brent Hennebury  at the six minute mark. However throughout the contest, Mount Pearl had their chances too, but they couldn't capitalize. During this contest, referee  Corey Walsh handed out five yellows, three going to St. Lawrence and two to Mount Pearl. These sort of contests are what the fans want, they want action, they want teams to illustrate heart and above all they want quality soccer, that's what they saw in both matches between Mount Pearl and St. Lawrence this past weekend. 


Holy Cross lose again
 CBS pick up four points in Corner Brook

Erick Mathiasen

I would have to say the biggest surprise this season is the fact that  Holy Cross has faltered so much in the start to the 2017 season. On Saturday at KGV , the Feildians shout-out Cross 1-0.
Simon Pope scored the lone goal for the Feildians. The loss for Holy Cross puts them into 5th place with a 1win -3ties - 3 loss record. I can't say anyone would have predicted such a horrendous start for Holy Cross who have virtually owned the regular Challenge Cup season for the past eight years.  CBS Strikers, playing out of Topsail, are off to their best start in years. This past weekend CBS collected four points defeating Corner Brook 3-0 on Saturday, with league leading goalscorer Erick Mathiasen, scoring a pair for CBS.  On Sunday the teams played to a scoreless draw. CBS's four point weekend currently puts them into 3rd place, with 14 points, behind the 2nd place Feildians who has 15 points, while the 1st place Laurentians, have 22 points. 


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

DUNPHY'S CORNER : Welcoming The Newest Laurentian Newcomers To St. Lawrence

Welcoming The Newest Laurentian Newcomers To St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence Laurentians will play their first home games of the 2017 season on Saturday at 6 and Sunday at1. The Laurentians have three new additions this year: George Lawton, Mark Brefo and Devon Ryan. There is a reason that the Laurentians are currently holding  down first place in the league and the three newcomers have played an very important role in it. Before these guys go to the "Soccer Capital of Canada" I want to introduce them to you.

First, I will introduce to you former Captain of UNB wearing
St. Lawrence Laurentians #16 - George Lawton  

George Lawton - #16
George Lawton lives in St. John's, NL  where the  motive for his initial move to St. John's, NL was to live with his fiancĂ©e after he graduated in December.  After choosing not to chase a professional career in England he opted to look elsewhere to play football. The University of New Brunswick was my chosen destination where I would go in the play five years for the varsity reds under head coach Miles Pinsent. I enjoyed lots of success at UNB; winning three consecutive AUS titles, a national bronze medal . Mark captained the  UNB side to the national final in 2015, where they unfortunately lost. Lawton moved to St. John’s  at the turn of the new year and then he decided he wanted to play Challenge Cup soccer so he knew he must  find a new team. As captain of UNB I knew the majority of players around Atlantic Canada. Jordi Slaney was my link to St. Lawrence, and he introduced me to John Douglas who really took me under his wing when I knew very few people. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with St. Lawrence, however, I am struggling to adapt to football as the 'new kid on the block' when it comes to officials.  Off the pitch I am a realtor for Oceans Edge by Exit. I have links to the company in Fredericton and I'm hoping to build a good foundation in St. John's too.
 Dunphy’s Comments
 George has been a tremendous addition to the Laurentians. He stands very tall on the field while demonstrating great leadership abilities. He greatest asset is his vision. He sees the plays so well while directing the traffic and illustrating superb ball distribution. Hey George Lawton , welcome to the St. Lawrence Laurentians.


Secondly, I would like to introduce to you from Ghana who will be wearing the St. Lawrence Laurentian #18.  
Mark Brefo - #18
Mark Brefo: (Born , August 20, 1990) is a Ghanaian international student pursuing Masters of Philosophy in Humanities after successfully completing a first degree program in Psychology. Mark has combined education with soccer up to this level and had seen him represent his schools and nation (Shenzhen, 2011). His dedication towards sports has decorated him with many laurels, captainship and being adjudged the best graduating sports personality in 2013. His first entrance to the Memorial soccer team saw the Sea Hawks qualify for AUS championship. Although quiet in the game, his presence is highly noticeable. His aim is to see the Laurentian Army crowned Champions.
Dunphy’s Comments
 I had a little issue for some time getting the pronunciation of this guy’s name right but I finally got it after Blair Aylward did a little tutoring me.  As we are all aware all clubs needs a player who has a physical presents . Well , Mr. Brefo certainly has added this much needed physical presence to the Laurentian midfield. Brefo compliments his midfield mates Jordi Slaney and Jon Grant very well. Mark also adds versatility to St. Lawrence’s lineup. He can play in the backfield or the midfield. He is another solid addition to the Laurentian lineup. Hey Mark Brefo , welcome to the St. Lawrence Laurentians.


Finally, I want to introduce to you the youngest of the trio, who hails from the "Big Land" & will be wearing the St. Lawrence Laurentians #4 - Devon Ryan .

Devon Ryan - #4  

Name: Devon Ryan Age 20 Position: Winger Grew up in Labrador City, played for Newfoundland provincial team from U-13 to U-18. Devon grew up playing with CBS in the provincial league. After completing high school Ryan went and played a year at Cape Breton University where I was a red shirt for one AUS season. Devon my first Challenge Cup season last year with the CBS strikers.  After one year of university at CBU he transferred to MUN for his second year of university and played as a Sea hawk. This season Devon Ryan has decided to play with the Laurentians this past winter and he loved every minute since he’s started playing.
Dunphy’s Comments
In order to maintain a solid program you need to add youth to your lineup. Devon Ryan brings to the Laurentians much needed youth, speed and a ton of experience of having played in the NLSA elite program. Sure this kid will suffer some growing pains but I feel he is a great investment for the present and the future of the St. Lawrence Laurentians. Hey Devon, welcome to the St. Lawrence Laurentians. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Dunphy's Corner : Holy Cross Finally Hits the Win Column

Gord Dunphy


Thomas Pieroway - Jake Warren - Tyler Kirby
Holy Cross Hits the Win Column

 With six points on the table this weekend for Holy Cross , Mount Pearl , Feildians and St. Lawrence a lot was at stake for all four clubs. When the final tally was done Holy Cross had the greatest tally this past weekend achieving four out of a possible six points.  Holy Cross on Saturday battled to get only their third point of the season tying Mount Peral 1-1. All-star Jake Warren scored his first of the season and it was Scotty Woodfine beating  Thomas Pieroway to allow Mount Pearl to clinch a tie.  This tie by Holy Cross was followed up with their best game of the season when the Crusaders  blanked the 1st place St. Lawrence  Laurentians on Sunday by a 2-0 score. Against St. Lawrence,  Tyler Kirby may have not hit the scoreboard on Sunday but it was his running ability combined with his passing skills which set up goals from Holy Cross's, Mike Dunn and Jake Warren thus allowing Holy Cross to get their much needed first win of the season.  On Sunday, the Laurentians started well but lacked discipline throughout the contest. As a result of their undisciplined play before the contest concluded, they were playing two men down as a result of two red cards issued to their players.  St. Lawrence on the other hand on Saturday were were in excellent form. They defeated Feildians 3-0  in a very convincing form with goals coming off the boot of Laurentians Stefan Slaney, Brent Hennebury and Jordan Caines.  John Douglas recorded the Laurentian shut-out.  Meanwhile Mount Pearl managed to get two points over the weekend with their 1-1 tie against Holy Cross and with their scoreless tie against Feildians on Sunday.  Meanwhile, Feildians who had gone into the weekend with an undefeated record, failed to score a goal in their two contests but did manage to pick up one point in their scoreless tie on Sunday in Mount Pearl.
Dunphy Details 
To date, it is St. Lawrence leading the pack with 18 points , followed by Feildians with 12 points, tied for third is Mount Pearl & CBS both with 10 points, Holy Cross with their four point weekend are in fifth position with six points. In the cellar we have Corner Brook who have yet to collect a point after six matches

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Molson Challenge Cup Soccer Stats Update

Stats - June 8 -2017


Played Won Drawn Lost  For  Against Points
St Lawrence 6 5 0 1 16 2 15
Feildians 5 3 2 0 12 3 11
Strikers F.C. 7 3 1 3 10 10 10
Mount Pearl 5 2 2 1 6 5 8
Canada Games 5 2 1 2 8 10 7
Holy Cross 4 0 2 2 2 7 2
Corner Brook 6 0 0 6 1 18 0
Top Goalscorer's Goals
A.Buckingham 4
T. Forsey 4
E. Mathiasen  
E. Dolo 3
J.Slaney 3

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dunphy Corner - Weekendend Wrap-up

Gord Dunphy

Patrick Slaney

Slaney Blanks Corner Brook 

St. Lawrence Laurentians lead by their goalkeeper blanked Corner Brook 4 -0 and 3 -0 this past weekend. Both Brent Hennebury and Jon Grant scored a pair  over the weekend for the  Laurentians  who now moved into 1st place in the NLSA Molson Challenge Cup Leaague . 


 Emmanuel Dolo

Dolo scores hat-trick  to pace Games Team to
their 1st victory
 Emmanuel Dolo in his first game of the 2017 season put on shire magic while scoring a hat-trick in steering the NL Canada Games Team to their first victory of the season. It was Dolo's , quickness, skill and tenacity that shocked the Mount Pearl team. Gary McKewon scored Mount Pearl's other goal. While Mount Pearl's  Tyley Forsey connected for a pair and put on a clinic of his own with his great shooting and scoring ability.  


 Tyler Forsey 

 Aaron Buckingham

Forsey back in familiar territory

Here we are after nearly a month of soccer and again I'm seeing  Tyler Forsey  battling it out with Aaron Buckingham for the Wils Molloy "Golden Boot Award".  I know it;s only early but I do realize, it's been nearly a decade now since Forsey first entered the NLSA Molson Challenge Cup League and it's a fact  that where ever Tyler Forsey has played goals seem to follow him around . Somehow, I don't think this is coincidental, personally,  I feel he is as good of a goalscorer as there is in the country at the Challenge Cup level. He has dazzling speed with a shot that can be struck with either foot. In fact on a given day he can be a goalie's worse nightmare. While the Feildians Buckingham tends to be more of a soldier, a lanky player who is very strong with a rather big frame, who shields the ball well and when given a scoring opportunity can find the back of the net.   

Monday, May 29, 2017

Dunphy's Corner - Laurentians thump Holy Cross 4-0

Gord Dunphy


 Latest Live-stream -

 Johnny Duke watching the St. Lawrence vs Holy Cross
match on 28 May via live-stream. Randy Melloy Photo


Laurentians thump Holy Cross 4-0

I've been around the sport of soccer a long time and there is no doubt the greatest rivalry in the history of the sport is the rivalry between the St. Lawrence Laurentians and the Holy Cross Crusaders. Both teams have dominated provincially. The Laurentians have won 25 Challenge Cup Championships out of a possible 50.  Holy Cross have captured 17 Provincial Challenge Cup titles. In the Laurentians 25 appearances at the Nationals, the Laurentians have won 3 Silver & 2 Bronze. In Holy Cross's National appearances, the red and gold have captured one each of Gold, Silver and Bronze. It's only fair to say Holy Cross have dominated provincially the past eight years under the direction of Head Coach Jake Stanford , winning six Provincial Titles. 
 Holy Cross Currently Struggling
  While I wouldn't entirely write off  Holy Cross in 2017 , to say that they are struggling thus far is an understatement. So far this season, Cross are winless after three contests  0W - 1T - 2L. This is a record that this club is not exactly accustomed to plus Holy Cross's losing their opening game in 2017 to CBS shocked the soccer fraternity. I sort of feel for Holy Cross's new coach Jeremy Babstock. On the surface it somewhat appears as if several of  Cross's former players have jumped ship. Others are asking,  did Holy Cross's  loss in the 2016 playoffs in St. Lawrence on Labour Day weekend destroy this provincial powerhouse?  Holy Cross had gone to St. Lawrence needing only one win to advance to the 2016 National Championships which were being hosted in St. John's. While in the mining town the near impossible happened. Holy Cross loss their opening match to Mount Pearl in the 1 vs 2 contest. This loss was followed by a dramatic second loss in the semi-finals, this time to the Laurentians , who went on to win the Challenge Cup. Furthermore, adding insult to injury, because Holy Cross had accumulated two losses, this knocked them out of the 2016 Nationals.
             Laurentians dominated
On Sunday what was built to be another provincial soccer thriller, became anti-climatic before the game ended. The new look Holy Cross team were dominated by the Laurentians from the opening whistle. The Laurentians opened with two first half goals by Stefan Slaney and Adam Kelly and looked far superior to their arch-rivals . Holy Cross's frustration became very apparent before the first half ended, with Chris Pope and  Tyler Kirby getting ejected . The Laurentians captain, Marc Pittman was also sent off for an early shower. In the second half with the Laurentians playing 10 against nine, Laurentians scored another brace. This time it was Sean Drew and Jordi Slaney denting the twine. The Laurentians new 2017 additions, who consisted of George  Lawton, Mack Brefo and Devon Ryan all performed admirable. Patrick Slaney made an outstanding save on Sean Henderson to record the Laurtentian's shut-out. 
 Dunphy's Details
The beauty of this game was the stream-line on social media. In less than 24 hours it has over 4000 viewers , 28 shares, 200+ comments and umpteen likes. It went all over North America and even reached Phil Greene in Egypt. Folks, technology is here , it is a growing trend and if we don't adapt we will get run over.    



Friday, May 26, 2017

Sunday May 28 -2017 St. Lawrence v Holy Cross - Live-stream on Facebook

Sunday's Game at 1PM - Live-streamed 
Sunday May 28 -2017
 St. Lawrence vs Holy Cross at KGV

Saturday May 27-2017

Saturday May 27 - 2017
At 4  -- St. Lawrence at CBS  -- Topsail Field
At 4  -- Feildians at Holy Cross  -- KGV
At 7  -- Corner Brook at Mount Pearl  -- Smallwood


Sunday May 28  --2017
At 12 -- Corner Brook at CBS - Topsail Field
At 1   -- St. Lawrence at Holy Cross - KGV


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Max Kettle - RIP

Max Kettle : RIP 

St. Lawrence Laurentians - 70"s
My Sincere Condolences  

On behalf of the entire soccer fraternity in Newfoundland and Labrador, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Max Kettle. Maybe the best know Kettle in soccer is Max's younger brother Dion but I can attest that Max Kettle was a great player too. The problem was in the 60's  & 70"s there were just so many great players in St. Lawrence.  Max played when the game when it was played with a 5 -3-2 format. Max played outside left, had great speed and booming left foot shot. He played most of his career with the 2nd Division Laurentians but was a regular call-up to the 1st Division Laurentian's. 
Sharing With You .... One Of My Secrets !
 In the 70's when I was fairly young.. 17... 18, I was called up to the  2nd Division Laurentian's to play a BPSA 2nd Division g=Game in Fortune. In those days you would drive, in your own vehicle,  and the players would share the cost between them.  On this given day, I went to Fortune with Jackie Walsh,  Max Kettle and Mookie Turpin Sr. It was in this particular game that a linesman chased me all over the field because I told him to go back to the Legion and call it an evening..... he then chased me around the field, trying to catch me, if he had caught me I'm sure he would have laid a solid pounding on me. In this case, the official got thrown out of the game for his actions.... Lol !  After the game, the team headed for the Legion to have a few cold ones and on this particular night we had a few more & a few more cold ones. Once we left the Legion it didn't stop there, we stopped at a local store and picked up a few more. Then, on the way back from Fortune this is where it all happened?  Getting half ways going the Marystown route... we were being followed by the RCMP and eventually got hauled over to check us out. There our driver took off into the woods .....  he presumably got scared ... LOL ! The other three players stayed in the car and when questioned by the police,  "Told the cops we were hitch-hiking and had gotten picked up and coincidentally the players told the police they didn't know who the driver was. The police never did find the driver while one player stayed behind looking for the driver and the others were brought to Marystown to find a way home.  
RIP Max Kettle    


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dunphy's Corner : Grand Bank Gee Bees win Corner Brook 2017 Invitational


Gord Dunphy


2017 - Grand Bank - Gee Bees 

Gee Bees win  Corner Brook Invitational

Through thick or thin - rain or snow - the Western Cup was a go. This was the case again in Corner Brook in 2017 despite some adverse weather conditions.  This invitational tournament is guided by the Western Region - Corner Brook Senior Men's League and I must add they are doing it right .... this tournament continues to flourish and grow annually. No, it may not be your Challenge Cup but don't tell that to the competing clubs. Grand Bank has entered this tournament for a number of years and there's no doubt in my mind their goal is to win.  This year the Gee Bees went undefeated, defeating the Monarchs 4-1 in the championship contest. In the semi-final they defeated Gander by a 7 -0 score.  In round robin play Grand Bank defeated the Corner Brook Masters by a 5-0 score and the Corner Brook Monarchs by a 4-1 score. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Dunphy's Corner : St. Lawrence Laurentians are the team to beat in 2017.


Gord Dunphy

 St. Lawrence Laurentians have won 25 Championships 
in the 50 year history of NLSA Challenge Cup


 Laurentians again are the favorite in 2017

If early goings of the 2017 season are any indication of what 2017 Molson Challenge Cup season are all about, I predict the St. Lawrence Laurentian's are the team to beat this season. I realize they lost their opening game to Mount Pearl by a 1-0 score but sometimes upsets occur where a team may have a dominating performance and still lose the contest. If early goings are a further indication, it appears Holy Cross maybe still a good team but their loss of coach Jake Stanford and some key players will definitely stop their dominance in league play.   
 Laurentian - Coaching Staff
St. Lawrence are currently led by the best coaching staff in the league with Derek Strang and Paul Slaney at the helm. Derek at times may be very shrewd coach, while Paul only appears to be a mellow dude, he too can add an arm of shrewdness.  However or whatever,  put both of these different personalities together and the Laurentians have proven winners behind their bench.  
                                                                        Laurentians key players
The Laurentians are strong down the middle. They have John Douglas , the best goalie in the league . They have captain Marc Pittman, top defender in the league and Jordi Slaney, who in my estimate is the best midfielder in the Challenge Cup League.  Besides this, the Laurentian have Stefan Slaney who can be their "ACE IN THE HOLE"  if he is physically fit. Personally, I  like Sean Drew. I feel he is the most under-rated player in the league. The Laurentians are very keen in their development process, they continue to develop players such as Adam Kelly , Shane Perrott , Mike Gregory,  Patrick Slaney Jordan Caines, Daniel Carew, Parker Doyle and Brent Hennebury and make them appreciate every minute of playing time they get. 
 2017 - Loses vs Additions
This year the Laurentians may have lost the regular services of future HOF'er Clinton Edwards and journeyman Darren Pike  but they have added some quality players; George Lawton - Former UNB Captain, Mark Breto - Ghana, and  Devon Ryan - former CBS Strikers player . It's really a little early yet for me to give a good assessment of these players who have the honor of wearing one of the most respected amateur soccer jersey in all of Canada. However,  I did like like my first look at George Lawton but only time will tell. These new players will really need to go to St. Lawrence and play on St. Lawrence Day to get a real feel for the Laurentian tradition and what it means to play for this prestigious club.  I also understand that Corey Mullett - former Holy Cross player  is again back wearing the blue and white this year.  Corey can add some debt to the 2017 Laurentians team. 


2017 - St. Lawrence Coaching Duo


New Faces 

Laurentian Newcomers - (L) George Lawton - (R) Mark Breto


Jordi Slaney -  All - Star Midfielder



Mark Pittman - All Star Center Back



John Douglas - All Star Goalie 



Leagues Most Under-rated Player



Laurentians "ACE" Player

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dunphy's Corner - Lets Meet the 2017 CBS Strikers

Gord Dunphy


Challenge Cup - Lets Meet the 2017 Strikers

2017 CBS Strikers - Team Photo 

 Gary Forsyt - Head coach 

Let's Meet Gary Forsyth
Gary Forsyth has been around the block a little to say the least. This is Gary's second stint at being the Head Coach of the CBS Strikers. He definitely brings a lot of enthusiasm to the job and at times may even a little to much - lol !. After bringing the CBS team back into the fold in 2015 after the club was absent from Challenge Cup in 2014 the team is off to a tremendous start in 2017. Last year CBS only managed two draws on the year. This year CBS has 2 wins and 1 tie after three matches. Gary is convinced his team are ready to compete for a play-off position in 2017. He said we are ready to roll some heads and make a little noise this year.  Hopefully, what Forsyt said comes true because the league will only get better with teams competing for the final four. 

Erick Mathiasen : He is a newcomer to CBS and Challenge Cup.
                               Erick came to NL as a foreign student who played at MUN. 
                                He is the man who scored two goals against Holy Cross and 
                                led them to  a 2-1 unset victory in their first game 
                                        of the season in 2017 .


D'Arcy Bennett : CBS's goalkeeper. Hey , two shut-outs
in his first three games of the season and a 2-1 victory
over Holy Cross, what more can I say than,  "Bennett
is off to a great start after only allowing one goal 
in three starts" .  Keep it up !


(L-R) : #16- Fouad Matar  ----- #6 -Daniel Quinn
 New Faces in CBS 
CBS definitely has a lot of new faces in 2017. Throughout the season we will meet some  more of them on my Blog.  Pictured here are (L-R) : #16- Fouad Matar  ----- #6 -Daniel Quinn. They were the two players who scored for the Strikers in their 2-0 shutout victory over the NL Canada Games team .