NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, July 30, 2009

St. Lawrence Come Home Year Celebrations 2009 - Saturday, August 1, 2009

Schedule of Events

Saturday, August 1, 2009

St. Lawrence Day:

10:00 a.m. - Parade

- Starting at Parish Hall Parking Lot

12:00p.m. - Opening Ceremonies @ Park

- Salvation Army Marching Band

- Knights of Columbus

- Cake to be cut by the oldest

resident of St. Lawrence

1:00 p.m. - St. Lawrence Day Activities

- Community Booths

- Face painting

- Bounce & Party & Fun Foods

- Wilbur Hobbs Games of Chance

3:00p.m. - Fish & Brewis @ Papa's Chip Truck -

- Souvenirs Available

3:00 p.m. - St. Lawrence vs Holy Cross

9:00p.m. - Torch Light Parade

- starting @ Fire Hall

10:00p.m. - Fireworks

11:00 p.m. - Dance at Ocean View

music by "The Groove."

- Dance at Rec. Center

music by "Tony's Disco."

- Dance at Sweepers Lounge

music by "T-Jays."

Marystown Minor Soccer Featured on BMO

Featured BMO Soccer Club

Marystown United Minor Soccer Program Marystown United Minor Soccer Program

The smell of newly cut grass, the anticipation of fun, friendship and healthy competition fills the air as the children on the Marystown United Minor Soccer Club prepare for the upcoming soccer season.

The Club’s focus is to teach children to master the basics of soccer, and promote the life lessons that can be learned through team sport. This focus is especially important for the youngest group of participants. The objective is to get the kids moving and learning to be active with their bodies by participating in soccer.

"We want to leave the field with kids that are healthier and have had fun becoming so!" states Jo Anne Mallay-Jones, President of the MUMS program. "We are happy to have committed skilled coaches and an involved youth staff to mentor our kids. These kids want to be active and are encouraged by parents who understand the benefits of becoming involved in team sports at a young age. We may or may not get to the world cup but we will have fun doing so!! The smiles on the kid’s faces say it all."

BMO is proud to support the communities in which we live, work and play. We proudly stand behind the Marystown United Minor Soccer Program and the 4 teams playing for BMO in Marystown in 2009.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mount Pearl vs Feildians

Action from Mount Pearl vs Feildians contest

Pickford leads Mount Pearl to victory

A two goal effort from Justin Pickford and shut out goalkeeping by Matt Peddle, led Mount Pearl to a 2-0 victory over the Feildians in Molson Challenge Cup action at Feildians Grounds. Pickford, who has struggled thus far this season in finding the back of the net, opened the scoring at the 12 minute mark of the first half. But for the vast majority of the first half, it was missed opportunities by the Feildians squad that permitted Mount Pearl to carry a one goal lead into the dressing room at half time.
Can't find the net
Actually, if one were to look at the Feildians record this season ( 1 win -6 loses - 1 tie), it is not really indicative of their play. Failing to capitalize on golden opportunities is a real reflection of their squad this season. Early in the second half, the Feildians were pressing but somehow they just couldn't score. Then at the 63 minute mark, Justin Pickford hit for his second goal of the contest and I must add, it was a beauty. But for the remainder of the game, both teams were waiting for goal scoring chances rather than trying to create them. The end result was Mount Pearl did what they had to do, and as a result they were awarded 3 points for their efforts. At this point, the Feildians match against Western United FC scheduled for August 8th in Corner Brook is looking as the game that very well may decide the 4th place seeding for the Labour -Day weekend play-offs.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Coach Corner - Top 20 of 2009

Coach's Corner ... print this article
Top 20 of 2009
Gord Dunphy
GORD DUNPHY Gord Dunphy RSS Feed
The Southern Gazette

There are a lot of good players in the Provincial Challenge Cup League this year. Tomorrow, if I were asked to assemble the top 20 players for a provincial all-star team, here are my choices.

Rudy Norman, St. Lawrence Laurentians – He is the heart and soul of the Laurentians. Actually, I would rate him the top soccer player in our province today. He a great team leader with a super attitude. Rudy is the type of player that has all the tools of a great captain.

Clinton Edwards, St. Lawrence Laurentians – He is the league’s most versatile player. He is an all-star center back but is also very strong when playing in the mid-field or even in the striker position. Clinton has excellent vision on the field and plays his position very well.

Marc Pittman, St. Lawrence Laurentians – Marc is the league’s top sweeper. His shot is dynamite, and it is his physical presence and deceiving speed that allows him to keep his opponents at bay.

Andrew Murphy, Mount Pearl – Andrew is the league’s most under-rated player. This kid is a very smart player who virtually does everything well. He is solid player who can perform on the backline or in the midfield. I would use him in the mid-field on my team. I just love watching this young man play.

Jeremy Babstock, Holy Cross – He is a very honest player who is also a versatile player. Jeremy is one of those players that hardly ever has a bad game. He has a great attitude and good knowledge of the game of soccer

Jon Kelly, Mount Pearl – Jon may be the league’s strongest player. He is one of these players that is an all-star in the center back position and that’s exactly where I would play him. He observes the field well and is very strong on the ball.

Jon Hawco, Holy Cross – Hawco is a fierce competitor, who at times loses focus on his duties but the fact still remains, he can score goals. He is one of those types of gamers who needs a fire lit under his butt to get the best out of him.

Justin Pickford, Mount Pearl – Justin is a great worker with two good feet. He is a guy who has the tools of a good striker but despite playing ball at the senior level for the past five years, his game still needs some fine-tuning. He still needs to use his partner and run, using the width of the field more.

Paul Slaney, St. Lawrence Laurentians – A solid player who performs well in the midfield. Paul has good vision and a great shot.

Colin Browe, Feildians – Colin is another under rated player. I feel he is the best left wing back in the province. He plays his position to perfection and he has a great left foot.

Zack Wade, Holy Cross – Zack plays the game with his head. Actually, he is very poised for a young player. His size gives him a decisive advantage over most of his opponents, and it is his smarts that allows him to have a nice finishing touch.

Aaron Anstey, Holy Cross – Aaron is a good solid rookie. He has good size, works hard and knows where the net is.

Ryan Slaney, St. Lawrence Laurentians – A good defensive specialist. Ryan works extremely hard, be it on the backline or from the midfield position.

Kevin Oram, Western United FC – He is a veteran player who would bring experience to any club. Kevin has good defensive skills and when on the attack, he can find the net. Kevin is another one of those versatile players.

Mark Reddy, Mount Pearl – Mark is steady, reliable and has good leadership tools. Basically he is a solid midfielder.

Shane Antle, Mount Pearl – Shane is a veteran midfielder who would bring a great amount of leadership and experience to any club.

Corey Moore, Holy Cross – He is a good veteran striker. Corey has a good eye for the net. He is a strong runner who uses his teammates well when the opportunity presents itself.

John Acreman, Feildians – He is a solid defender who can also play the midfield position.

John Douglas, St. Lawrence Laurentians – John is the league’s top goalkeeper.

Scott Edwards, Holy Cross – You can’t replace experience when it comes to goalkeeping. Right now, Scott is on top of his game despite his age.

Dunphy’s Details: I’ve noticed all Provincial Challenge Cup teams are starting to make a move and are already gearing up towards Labour Day. All teams have added a veteran player to their roster, in hopes their addition can put them over the top.
The Laurentians’ Andrew Perrott is back in uniform. Andrew Moyst of Mount Pearl is back playing again. Craig Edwards of Marystown, is now wearing the Holy Cross colors. Colin Power, also from Marystown, has rejoined the Feildians and veteran Jan Peddle, who played with Marystown when they won the Provincial Challenge Cup in 2004, is now suited up with Western United F.C. team.

Gord Dunphy is a former 1990s Challenge Cup Al -Star coach of the St. Lawrence Laurentians and National Bronze Medallist. He can be reached by e-mail a ‘’.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Alberta Soccer

Wedding Champs

Silver Medalist

L-R : Joe Dunphy,Dave Dunphy, Darin Dunphy & Shane Dunphy

Looks, as if Darin and Joe ( on the ground) lost out here


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NLSA All -Star Scores

Three Newfoundland and Labrador all-star soccer teams suffered very lopsided shutout defeats Tuesday as the national championships opened.

At Richmond, British Columbia the Under-16 NL Boys' Team was edged 2-1 by Manitoba.
Also at Richmond, the Under-14 NL Boys Team were blanked 7-0 by Manitoba.

The girls played at Laval, Quebec with the Under-14 NL club being defeated 6-0 by Quebec.
Also at Laval, the Under-16 team lost 7-0 to Nova Scotia.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Challenge Cup Schedule

Laurentians goalkeeper, John Douglas, keeps the ball out of his net
while preserving a shut-out and leading the St.Lawrence Laurentians
to a 2-0 victory over the Feildians

Molson Challenge Cup Action

Sunday July 19/09

Game 1

12:00 o’clock NL Provincial Canada Games Western United

Location -Topsail Field, CBS

Canada Games - 1 Western United - 1

Half-time Score: Canada Games - 0 Western United - 0

Goal Scorers

Canada Games : Jon Grant – 90 min
Western United: Kevin Oram – 64 min

Referee: Shannon Tobin

Cards :

Canada Games : Michael Dunn (Y)

Western United : Pat Fewer (Y) , Greg Keats (Y) , Mark Fitzpatrick (Y)

Game 2

2:30 - Feildians Ernst & Young Orenda vs St.Lawrence Labatt Laurentians

Location - Feildian Grounds

Feildians - 0 St. Lawrence - 2

Half-time Score: Feildians - 0 St. Lawrence - 0

Goal Scorers

Feildians : Nil

St. Lawrence : Marc Pittman (52 Min) , Rudy Norman (72 min)

Referee: Rob Antle


St.Lawrence – nil

Feildians – Alex Mitchell (Y), John Acreman (Y) , Steve Howell (Y)

Challenge Cup Weekend Action

St. Lawrence 2 - Mount Pearl 2

Challenge Cup Action – Saturday July 18/09

Game One

NL Provincial Canada Games Team vs Feildians Ernst & Young Orenda

Location: CBS –Topsail


Canada Games - 4 Feildians - 1

Half-time Score: Canada Games 3 - Feildians 1

Goal Scorers

Canada Games: Sean Edwards 11 min, Albert Anstey 35 min, Boyd Roul 44 min, Brady Cole 75 min..
Feildians: David Webb 24 min.

Referee: Mike Howlett

Canada Games - Sean Edwards (Y)
Feildians - No Cards

Game Two

Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson vs St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians

Location : Mount Pearl – Smallwood Complex :

St. Lawrence - 2 Mount Pearl - 2

Half-time Score: St. Lawrence 0 - Mount Pearl 0

Goal Scorers

St. Lawrence: Paul Slaney 56 min, Ryan Lane 89 min.
Pearl: Justin Pickford 49 min, John Kelly 68 min.

Referee: Mike Edmunds

St. Lawrence - Ryan Slaney (Y), John Douglas (Y), Paul Slaney (Y)
Mount Pearl - Ian Macleod (Y)

Game 3

Holy Cross/The Dock vs Western United

Holy Cross - 5 Western United - 2

Half-time Score: Holy Cross 3 - Western United 1

Goal Scorers

Holy Cross: Corey Moore 17 min, Aaron Anstey 19 min, Zack Wade 37 min, Jake Warren 46 min, Connor Furey 86 min.

Western United: Paul Prosper 2 min, Nick Park 64 min min.

Referee: Kevin Pittman

Holy Cross - Zack Wade (Y)
Western United - Pat Christopher (Y)

Next Molson Challenge Cup Action

Sunday July 19/09

Game 1

12:00 o’clock NL Provincial Canada Games Western United

Location -Topsail Field, CBS

Game 2

2:30 - Feildians Ernst & Young Orenda vs St.Lawrence Labatt Laurentians

Location - Feildian Grounds

Friday, July 17, 2009

Under 13 Boys and Girls Atlantic Tournament


Game 1.

NLSA : 3 vs N.B. : 0

Goalscorers: Shayne Dunphy, Christine Lace and Julian Pond

Shutout: Shared by Zac Taylor and Kyle Kinellsa

NL Player of the game - Simon Pope

Game 2.

Nova Scotia : 1 vs NLSA : 0

Game 3 - Bronze Medal




Game 1.

NB : 2 vs N.L. : 1

Goalscorer: NL Megan Normore

NL Player of the game - Megan Normore

Game 2.

NS : 0 vs NL : 2

Game 3 - Bronze Medal


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Holy Cross: 3 Mount Pearl: 1

#14, Mark Reddy getting ready to attack

2009 Molson Challenge Cup

Date: Saturday July 15/09

Holy Cross/ The Dock: 3 vs Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson: 1

Goal Scorers:

Holy Cross: Zack Wade (55min.,90min) Aaron Anstey ( 88min.)

Mount Pearl: Kurtis Walsh (45 min)

Referee: Shannon Tobin

Holy Cross - Aaron Anstey (Y), Chris Bolger (Y)
- Justin Pickford (Y)

Next Challenge Cup Action – Saturday July 18/09

2:00 Topsail Field, CBS : NL Provincial Canada Games Team vs Feildians Ernst & Young Orenda

4:30 Smallwood Complex : Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson vs St. Lawrence Labatt Laurentians

7:00 Feildian Grounds : Holy Cross/The Dock vs Western United

Laurentians Mid Season Report - Click Here

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Coach's Corner Getting to Know : Scott Edwards - by Gord Dunphy

Getting To Know – Scott Edwards

When one talks about soccer in Marystown, and you mention the word ‘keeper’ or ‘goaltender’ you automatically think of Scott Edwards.

When I think of Scott Edwards, I think of a gentleman who, because of his dedication and his strive for excellence, has had continued success at the highest level. He has been around the game at the Challenge Cup level a long time – since 1988.

Scott Edwards plays the goaltending position very intelligently, and maybe this has a lot to do with the fact this man is an intellect. By profession Edwards is a pharmacist with a PHD.

Nickname: ‘Dud’
Status: Holy Cross - Goalkeeper
Height: 6’ 3”
Weight: 215 pounds
Date of Birth: Aug 13, 1971

Soccer Inspirations: Growing up on the Burin Peninsula in the 70s and 80s was all the inspiration anyone would need for soccer. The community involvement and the high quality of soccer was a huge driving force for my ‘addiction’ to this game.

First Soccer Memory: I don’t ever remember not playing soccer. My two brothers (Paul and Craig), and a group of our friends grew up playing soccer in the meadow near our house in Marystown. Then as soon as we were old enough, we would go to the Marystown soccer field every day for more soccer.

Leisure Activities/Interests: Spending time with my wife Kimberly, our children (Anna, Kirk and Laura), and our family and friends.

Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption

Favourite TV Show: Family Guy

Musical Tastes: New Country, Newfoundland music

Last Book Read: Tuesdays With Morrie

First Job: Working in the Aylward’s warehouse in Marystown

Favourite Goalie Uniform: Peter Schmeichel, Man United Green Jersey.

Pre-game Feeling: I just try to relax.

Favourite Meal: My wife Kimberly’s homemade omelette.

Greatest Soccer Moment: Winning the Challenge Cup title in 2004. Marystown had never captured the Challenge Cup Provincial Title and it was extremely rewarding to finally win.

Most Painful Soccer Moment: Losing the 1999 Challenge Cup final in Marystown to St. Lawrence. All our players worked so hard to finally get a title for themselves, and for the town of Marystown. It was devastating to let our one goal lead slip away, especially since we were leading at the half 1-0 and up a man due to a St. Lawrence red card.

Closest Soccer Friend(s): My twin brother Craig, of course. My training partner Jonathan Edwards. I played with all the boys from Marystown for so long they are all good friends. Jake Stanford and the Holy Cross boys have been great as well, and hopefully we will all become closer as we try to bring a Cup back to Holy Cross.

Funniest Player Encountered: Melvin Stacey. An example of Melv’s humour was when I was coming out from St. John’s to play a Wednesday night game in Marystown versus St Lawrence. I asked Melv if it was windy in Marystown? He said, “He just came in from outside and it was so windy the wind just blew the teeth off his handsaw.”

Top three players you played with: Craig Edwards, Troy Pickett and Stewart (Darrell and David) twins.

Top three players you played against: Rudy Norman, Jeff Warren and Jamie Howlett.

Toughest Competitors: Dion Durdle, Junior Farrell, Pat Kennedy and Vinnie MacDougall.

Favourite Soccer To Watch: I would watch any soccer but I really enjoy watching local soccer, especially when it is one of the higher skilled teams. There are a lot of skilled players in the Challenge Cup league now, and a lot of the young guys on our Holy Cross team are great to watch with lots of skill. Hopefully, they can bring this to the field every game this summer.

Funny Soccer Memory: It was my first year of Challenge Cup at age 17, and I was playing a game with the Canada Games team against the Shamrocks in Lawn. Lawn had a soccer player named Scott Edwards as well. I was in the net closest to the change rooms and a group of ladies from Lawn were behind the net cheering for Scott Edwards. I turned around and jokily said “Thanks.” I was shutdown very quickly though when an older lady from the group said “Not you, you b… from Marystown.”

Most Memorable Soccer Save: At the Challenge Cup Nationals in 2004, we were playing New Brunswick. We were trying to get the first ever win for Marystown at a Challenge Cup National tournament. It was 1-0 for us and a N.B. player shot the ball from inside our box. The ball went through Craig’s legs and was headed for the low corner. I saw the ball at the last second and managed to parry it wide. We thankfully were able to get this huge victory for our club and the town of Marystown.

Most embarrassing soccer moment: There are too many to mention. I try not to think of them but my buddies are good at keeping those moments alive.

Favourite non-soccer sport to watch: Basketball and hockey

Personality Qualities Most Admired: Determination and Perseverance – I think a lot of teams over my career have had many skilled players but the teams that consistently win are those with skill, that train hard and work hard.

One thing I would do if I were NLSA President: I think the NLSA is doing a great job and since I am not involved it is hard for me to comment on changes. I am concerned with the lack of Challenge Cup teams on the Burin Peninsula though, and I wish there was a way to get some of our teams back again.

Gord Dunphy is a former 1990s Challenge Cup All-Star coach of the St. Lawrence Laurentians and National Bronze Medallist. He can be reached by e-mail at ‘’

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Molson Challenge Cup Action

A struggling Justin Pickford (1 goal), who at this point looks very dejected, is about to retrieve the ball as his club rebounded from a 2-0 deficit to earn a draw.

Holy Cross/ The Dock: 2 vs NL Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson: 2

Goal Scorers:

Holy Cross: John Hawco 5 min, Aaron Anstey 47 min.

Mount Pearl: Brett Lepore 52 min, Ian Macleod 89 min.

Holy Cross - Jeremy Babstock (Y)
Mount Pearl- Brett Lepore (Y), Ian Power (Y)

Game 2

NL Provincial Canada Games Team; 4 vs Western United; 1
Goal Scorers

Western United: Matthew Hamyln ( 37, 68min) Albert Anstey (65 min) Chad Seymore (59min -PK)

NL Canada Games: Colin Lynch (84 min)

Cards; Nil

Next Molson Challenge Cup Action:

Holy Cross/ The Dock vs Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson

Wednesday - July 15 at 6:30

Location: Mundy Pond Field

NLSA's Grassroot man, Mike Power, visits the Burin Peninsula

Mike Power is the coordinator of the NLSA Grassroots Program. Mike is constantly traveling throughout the province and assisting the various regions in the developmental aspect of the game of soccer. Here Mike show a group of young players on the Burin Peninsula the use foot work.


Below Mike demonstrates and then gets the kids practice the skills of the game.

Shane Dunphy, BPSA President, and his buddy Bern Pike trying their best to keep soccer alive on the Burin Peninsula

Lawn vs St.Lawrence - Intermediate

St.Lawrence vs Lawn - July 8/09

Action from the St.Lawrence vs Lawn contest

Three great soccer fans:
(l-R) Freeman Hillier, Owen Drake, Lou Dodge

A huge St.Lawrence fan- T.J. Slaney

More Fans - Sun was in my eyes !!

Artificial turf for Mount Pearl has begun

The official sod turning

What a great day for Mount Pearl Soccer !

The fans were there to show their appreciation

And the MPSA showed their support to the fans

Paul Brake & wife Karen, MHA, Dave Denine and Ron O'Neil - MPSA

Jeremy Brake

Monday, July 6, 2009

Mount Pearl Gearing Up For Their Official Sod Turning Ceremony - Synthetic Turf Field

Mayor Randy Simms- Mount Pearl

A sod turning ceremony will take place today in Mount Pearl to mark construction of a $1.8 million international size soccer pitch with synthetic turf will be the only field of its size in the province and should be completed by the fall. Mayor Randy Simms,Tourism Minister Clyde Jackman and Senator Fabian Manning will be in attendance for the ceremony.

Follow the road to the Ontario Cup - Click Here

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Molson Challenge Cup Action

Holy Cross/ The Dock; 1 vs NL Provincial Canada Games : 0

Location : Topsail , CBS

Goal scorers :

Holy cross / the Dock

#22 – Zack Wade – 47 minute

½ Time Score :Holy cross : 0 - Canada Games : 0

Referee – Mike Howlett

Yellow Cards:

#3- Scott Woodfine - NL Provincial Canada Games Team

Next Molson Challenge Cup Action

Wednesday - July 8 at 6:30

Holy Cross/ The Dock vs Feildians Ernst & Young Orenda

Location :Mundy Pond

Saturday, July 4, 2009

2009 Molson Challenge Cup Action

NL Provincial Canada Games Team: 2 vs Feildians Ernst & Young Orenda : 1

Pitch – Feildians Grounds

Goal scorers :

NL Provincial Canada Games Team

#16 – Bradly Cole – 3 minute

#14 – Matthew Hamyln – 40 minute


#13 - Colin Browne – 89 minute

½ Time Score : Canada Games Team: 2 vs Feildians :0

Referee – Shannon Tobin

Yellow Cards:

#3- Scott Woodfine - NL Provincial Canada Games Team

#7 – Albert Anstey - NL Provincial Canada Games Team

#4 – Mark Nakoniany - NL Provincial Canada Games Team

#8 – Steve Howell - Feildians Ernst & Young Orenda

Game 2

Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson : 1 vs Western United FC : 1

Pitch – Wellington Complex – Corner Brook

Goal scorers :

Mark Reddy – Mount Pearl – 24 minute

Clarence Bennett – Western United – 28 minute

½ Time Score - Mt. Pearl/That Pro Look/Molson 1 Western United FC 1


Mount Pearl:

Mark Reddy – Red

Coach Walt Mavin- Ejected

Western United:

Corey Rideout – Yellow

Mike Wall - Yellow

Lawn Sharocks are bact into BPSA Intermediate Soccer - Below are some great photo's of the Lawn Shamrocks Yesterday's Teams.

Back Row: l-r : Colin Edwards, Wade Roul, Brian Crant Cal Roul, Dale Cox, Todd Drake, Brent Fitzpatrick, Brad Edwards, Sheldon Drake, Glen Brockerville, Reg Edwards, Mike Edwards.

Front row: l-r : Matt Edwards, Albert Teletchea, David Edwards, Brud Edwards, Rod Drake, Scott Edwards, Barry Lambe, Toby Lockyer


Lawn Shamrocks - Provincial Challenge Cup Champions

Lawn at the National Challenge Cup Championships in New Brunswick