NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, August 12, 2013

Jeremy Brake makes his Challenge Cup debut

Jeremy Brake

Young Jeremy Brake along with several other U-18's made their debut with the Mount Pearl Challenge Cup team this weekend in St. Lawrence and the kids performed pretty good. It's a given that for senior teams must have a feeder program to continue on with their existence.This has been very evident this season as I have witnessed all Challenge Cup team using, over the course of the season several  minor players.Actually, I love seeing the kids get an opportunity to don their clubs senior uniform.  I know this Jeremy since he was a little boy playing soccer. the most peculiar thing that happened was when Jeremy's parents, Paul and Karen Brake, moved to Mount Pearl Jeremy began playing in the Mount Pearl all-star program I would always see him at the field but he was always dressed in Laurentian Blue. Well, Jeremy  you and and your  fellow team-mates, that were dressed in St. Lawrence this past weekend with Mount Pearl,  all have done well for yourself. My piece of advise to you all : to do your best, respect your coaches and show pride in the uniform you wear - Good luck.

Again - Congratulation's Jeremy !

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