NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Major upset in Challenge Cup Soccer

Feildians: 4 vs Holy Cross: 0

Feildians Goalscorers :
L-R : Josh Murphy, Taylor Smith, Hassan Kamara, + Team Goal

Feildians Shut-out -- Michael Bartellas

Soccer - "The Beautiful Game"
Why is soccer called "The Beautiful Game"? When you ask ten different guys that question, you would probably get ten different answers and they may all be correct. Holy Cross, who has just returned from the lions den in St. Lawrence where they defeated the hometown squad in back to back games, took their biggest defeat in the past five years at KGV this evening. Feildians, who entered the game seeded 4th, pounded Holy Cross by a whooping 4-0 score. Feildians obliviously caught Holy Cross flat -footed and still rejoicing over the results of their  trip to the Burin Peninsula. The Feildians wanted to send a message that they are legitimate contenders in 2013. Feildians did just that and then some. They beat Holy Cross in every aspect of the game. They out-hustled, out ran and out detemined Holy Cross from the opening whistle, right to the 90 minute mark. They looked very impressive. I should add Feildians got a few breaks too. Feildians came out pressing and at the 12 minute mark, Holy Cross defender Ryan Kirby headed the ball into his own net and this was a sign of things to come. Athough Feildians played a strong half, they only maintained a 1-0 score at half time. But as one would say, their constant perseverance paid off in the second half. Josh Murphy dented the back of Holy Cross net at the 67 minute mark. Hassan Kamara,who covered enough ground to complete a marathon, scored a beautiful goal at the 76 minute mark. Then to put the final nail in the Holy Cross coffin, Taylor Smith scored from some where downtown at the 89 minute mark. The victory no doubt will give Feildians a new lease on the 2013 season and it is another great chapter to add to "The Beautiful Game".

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