NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Monday, August 3, 2009

Come Home Year - 2009

St.Lawrence fans will be exposed to lots of soccer during the Homecoming
Game 1 : St.Lawrence 0 Holy Cross 0
Game 2 :Feildians 1 vs St.Lawrence 3
Game 3: NL Canada Games vs St. Lawrence - Wednesday
Game 4 : Mount Pearl vs St.Lawrence - Saturday
Game 5 : Mount Pearl vs St.Lawrence - Sunday

Mayor of St.Lawrence Wayde Rowsell and wife Carmelita

Wade is a great supporter of soccer. He is a great individual that has put his heart and soul in performing the duties as mayor of our town and let's hope that he continues in performing these duties come the fall.

A long time best buddy of mind, Frank Slaney

Myself and my old buddy Alec Bo. Alec will never ever tell you what's good about soccer, he one of these guys that will always tell you what is wrong.
He a great soccer fan !!!

My wife Jocelyn ,to the left, at Trophy Lounge

Joe Quirke and Gord Kelly having a yarn

Ray Molloy with family and friends

Frank Slaney and Jack Loder's wife - Toni

Karen Norman & Lorna Pittman

Joe Quirke and Gord Kelly

Fedalis Edwards and wife with Dave Lambert

Hubert Beck, Rich Slaney , Phonse Coopper, Junior Doyle, Leo Loder and Jack Loder

Jim Loder, Eddy Kelly, Rick Farrell, Junior Doyle at Trophy Lounge

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