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Friday, August 7, 2009

BPSA Intermediate - Burin vs Lawn

Burin : 1 vs Lawn: 0
In BPSA Intermediate competition the Burin Eagles defeated the Lawn Shamrocks by a 1-0 score. There was a large number of fans in attendance. The town of Burin, who are also celebrating a Homecoming, of their own, had this match switched from Lawn to accmodate their festivities. Old time Eagles were seen every where in the crowd. The game was played with a lot of emotion as both teams ran hard looking for any kind of an edge and obviously trying not to let their fans down. It was Jeremy Brenton that scored a beautiful goal, in the second half, that led Burin to victory.
BPSA Intermediate Soccer
Since I've been home, for the Homecoming in St.Lawrence, I've had the opportunity to watch all four BPSA Intermediate teams, St.Lawrence, Grand Bank, Burin and Lawn. These teams are made up of local talent and the league is a very competitive league. Actually, it's good to see a senior men's soccer league on the Burin Peninsula where the fans are again back enjoying the games at the soccer fields in Grand Bank, Lawn and Burin. This league appears to be the first step in getting Burin Peninsula soccer back to where it once was, the cornerstone of provincial soccer.

Fans in attendance a the Burin vs Lawn Intermediate Game

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