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Thursday, January 22, 2009

St.Lawrence Laurentians Coach Steps Down by Gord Dunphy

Dereck Strang
Strang calls it quits

After spending the past four seasons as head coach of the St.Lawrence Laurentians, Dereck Strang is calling it quits. Strang is not the only Laurentian that won't be donning the "Laurentian Blue" in 2009. Veteran Laurentians, Blair Aylward, Alec Turpin and Mike Howlett have all indicated that they are retiring. Three Laurentian youngsters, Sean Edwards, Stefan Slaney and Tyler Beck, who are on the verge of becoming impact players with St.Lawrence,will be suiting up for the Newfoundland and Labrador Canada Games Team in 2009. Besides the six players I previously mentioned, what the future holds for Rudy Norman, Andrew Perrott, Darren Pike, Jonathon Pickett, Paul Slaney, Richard Kelly and John Douglas, is anyone's guess.

New Direction

The Laurentians, at this point are at a critical crossroads in what the future holds for soccer in St. Lawrence. Maybe it could even develop into a crisis unless some new blood becomes involved and offers their services to the lifeblood of the community, which I feel is soccer. The team must get back and get themselves identified with the community. The Laurentians need to get the townspeople back in their corner. It's not always about winning or losing either, but I guess what sometimes St.Lawrence would deem as an under achievement, other communities would boast about it as a victory. Actually, I feel this is what makes St.Lawrence different from the rest. In St.Lawrence you are only as good as your last performance.

Proud Laurentian

I myself, am proud to say that I am from St.Lawrence and am a very proud Laurentian. The fact that I've lived in St.Lawrence for 45 years or 90% of my life and the fact that my four children call St.Lawrence home, is something that I am very proud to say. My advice now to all Lautrentians is to regroup, reorganize and develop a strategy that will see soccer remain in St.Lawrence for years to come.

Good Luck to All !!!

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