NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, January 18, 2009

All NL Under 13 Boys

Adam Kelly - St.Lawrence, Shayne Dunphy- Marystown, Christian Lace - Burin

A Huge Commitment

Adam Kelly and his mom DelseyKelly -St.Lawrence, Shayne Dunphy and his father Shane Dunphy - Marystown and Christine Lace and his father Norm Lace - Burin were in St. John's at the Drill Hall in Pleasantville attending Under -13 Provincial All - Star practices this past weekend.

I must say that the parents of these kids and the players themselves that play on the provincial all-star teams from regions outside the Avalon Peninsula certainly make a big commitment to the game of soccer in our province. For example; the players shown above had practices scheduled on Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday evening and Sunday morning .

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