NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, July 23, 2015

St. Lawrence are currently in 1st

July 18 - 2015 : St. Lawrence : 3 vs Corner Brook : 0

July 19 - 2015 : St. Lawrence : 6 vs Corner Brook : 1



The team is currently in 1st place.

Paul Slaney & Derek Strang 


L - R : Adam Kelly - Tyler Forsey - Clinton Edwards 

Pictured above are the three Laurentian goalscorers against 
Corner Brook in Saturday match.



Tyler Forsey : St. Lawrence Laurentians

Tyler Forsey, currently lead the 2015 Challenge Cup in goalscoring. He handily won the goalscoring race in 2013 with 31 goals and he again won the goalscoring in 2014 despite his team not making the play-offs. Forsey, at times, has somewhat sputtered this season while it appears he is not enjoying the ball but is rather fighting it. However, I feel he is still the leagues most dynamic and explosive striker. He has the juice of a cougar when it comes to running. When it comes to shooting he carries a double barrel rifle that carries plenty of ammunition. He is virtually a goal scoring threat ever time he touches the ball inside the 40 yards. He is simply a goalkeepers nightmare.   

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