NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Big win for the Games Team & sort of a wake-up call for Holy Cross

Canada Game team celebrate as they
defeat Holy Cross : 2-0
Molson Challenge Cup Action

Goalscorers : Kyle Williams & Ryan Thistle

Shut-out: Thomas Pieroway - "He was simply outstanding!"

NL Games team upset Holy Cross
As KGV has been shut down for the first quarter of the Molson Challenge Cup season  due to ongoing work being done at the facility, the Holy Cross team didn't receive much of a  welcome to their home turf. They were defeated by a group of U-18's kids that are playing in the Molson Challenge Cup league on an exhibition basis. Basically, the Games team goal , at this point,is more about player development than it is about winning.  This club is preparing themselves for the  Canada Games which is to be played in QC in mid-August. This group is well coached by head coach Mike Power and his assistant's Paul Slaney & Matt Peddle and you can bet that just showing up to the field for the Challenge Cup teams, is not enough to beat these kids. This is the Games team's second victory early in this season.
 Ask Holy Cross ?
Holy Cross, who are currently the four time defending champions, can now attest  to the old  philosophy, " you must be ready  for all games in order to win". I can guarantee you that it doesn't take much for your competitors to get up and be ready to play the competition. I witnessed that for years when I played and coached in St. Lawrence. I also knew what it was like when I coached the Lawn Shamrocks and was preparing to play teams like Holy Cross and St. Lawrence.Holy Cross, who in the month of May went undefeated, illustrated today that anything can happen when one shows up not ready. Yes, the team was without a few regulars, Andre Le & Chris Pope, but this squad is very deep in talent and must be able to handle these sorts of circumstances. There is no doubt that the team this year are going through a transition period by having a new young coach. But one must remember that in  order to be successful with a team you must have a degree of consistency with your players.
A great season
Now that the first month or quarter of the season is in the history books, I feel we are in for some good competition. I don't think the upset today is the last of what we are going to see in 2013 but I do feel we have a lot of games left yet that could make it a very interesting season.

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