NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Today's Action : St. Lawrence vs Mount Pearl

Justin Pickford


Clinton Edwards

Pickford vs Edwards

Mount Pearl's , Justin Pickford will be up against one of the leagues top fullbacks today. In 2013, Pickford seems to be back into all-star form. He appears to be focused, fit and working extremely  hard. His goal production is probably not where he would like it to be but it's not for the lack of quality changes or his work ethic. At this point, Pickford has had extremely hard  luck around the net. But I do feel, with the effort I witnessed from lately,  some of his shots that have not gone in will eventually find the back of the net. You can bet on that !
However, it won't be easy for Pickford today.  Pickford will have to get past Clinton Edwards and his mates. I feel Clinton Edwards is by far the best defender in the league. Actually, I feel he's been the top defender in the province over the past decade. I like the fact that he is one of those veteran Laurentian's that always maintained a high level of physically fittness. He is very skilled, has great speed, and reads the plays exceptionally well while processing  an excellent vision of the field. 
Today you can watch these two quality players  go up against each other at 6 PM  when the Laurentian's take on Mount Pearl at the Gushue Complex.

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