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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Trip Down Memory Lane

The old soccer field in St. Lawrence. 

We played on that old field  there from day-light to dark. 
When I was a young kid I remember going to all senior practices
and the players would shoot at the goals for hours
and we would retrieve the balls for the players. It was a big
privilege to be able to get the ball and kick it back to the
all the heroes of the town - "The Laurentian players"
I guess that's why I respect all those players on the 67 photo.
 They were the players that would be taking the shoots
 at the net.

Gerett Edwards

It's quite amazing how many kids go around St. Lawrence with a
blue Laurentian uniform on. 

T. J. Slaney - "A True Laurentian"
 I always enjoy having a good chat with him.

 Trophy Lounge 

Ray Molloy - Ray was a member of the Laurentians' in the 70's

I took  this photo from a photo on the wall at the lounge.

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