NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My note book is my wife Jocelyn's hand

This is my wife's hand, that I used for a notebook,
after receiving a call from Corner Brook while at
the CBS vs Feildians game on Sunday

The 5-1 represents the score Holy Cross won by.
The P. Fewer 27 represents the time of Western United FC's Patrick Fewer scored.
The A. Anstey 8 represents the time of Aaron Anstey's goal.
Woodfine , 66, 84 represents the time of Scott Woodfine's two goals.
The Z. Wade, 45 is the time of Zack's goal.
The C. Lynch, Y, represents Colin Lynch's yellow card.
The LaSaga, Y, represents Kevin Lynch's yellow card.
The HC, Y, represents the yellow cards to Scott Woodfine, Chris Pope and Corey Moore of Holy Cross .
You can barely see John Hawco's goal but if you look closely it is there

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