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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brothers - Stephen and Jared Beck

Ray Becks Grandsons

First of all, I guess I should distinguish which Ray Beck I'm talking about here, seeing that we got three of them that hails from St.Lawrence. When the National were on the go in St.John's I was having a chat with Ray Beck. In this case, Ray is the guy that's lives in St. John's and has a home on the Burin Peninsula in Lord's Cove. While chatting with Ray he informed that his son Ambrose is living in Witby Ontario and he has two sons, Stephen and Jared that are playing minor soccer in the Witby program. He then pulled a photo of his two grandsons out of his pocket and proudly showed me their pictures. So here they are, on the Blog. Maybe one of these years one could see one of these kinds suiting up with a Ontario rep at a National Soccer Tournament.

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