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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Max Kettle - RIP

Max Kettle : RIP 

St. Lawrence Laurentians - 70"s
My Sincere Condolences  

On behalf of the entire soccer fraternity in Newfoundland and Labrador, I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family and friends of Max Kettle. Maybe the best know Kettle in soccer is Max's younger brother Dion but I can attest that Max Kettle was a great player too. The problem was in the 60's  & 70"s there were just so many great players in St. Lawrence.  Max played when the game when it was played with a 5 -3-2 format. Max played outside left, had great speed and booming left foot shot. He played most of his career with the 2nd Division Laurentians but was a regular call-up to the 1st Division Laurentian's. 
Sharing With You .... One Of My Secrets !
 In the 70's when I was fairly young.. 17... 18, I was called up to the  2nd Division Laurentian's to play a BPSA 2nd Division g=Game in Fortune. In those days you would drive, in your own vehicle,  and the players would share the cost between them.  On this given day, I went to Fortune with Jackie Walsh,  Max Kettle and Mookie Turpin Sr. It was in this particular game that a linesman chased me all over the field because I told him to go back to the Legion and call it an evening..... he then chased me around the field, trying to catch me, if he had caught me I'm sure he would have laid a solid pounding on me. In this case, the official got thrown out of the game for his actions.... Lol !  After the game, the team headed for the Legion to have a few cold ones and on this particular night we had a few more & a few more cold ones. Once we left the Legion it didn't stop there, we stopped at a local store and picked up a few more. Then, on the way back from Fortune this is where it all happened?  Getting half ways going the Marystown route... we were being followed by the RCMP and eventually got hauled over to check us out. There our driver took off into the woods .....  he presumably got scared ... LOL ! The other three players stayed in the car and when questioned by the police,  "Told the cops we were hitch-hiking and had gotten picked up and coincidentally the players told the police they didn't know who the driver was. The police never did find the driver while one player stayed behind looking for the driver and the others were brought to Marystown to find a way home.  
RIP Max Kettle    


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