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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dunphy's Corner : Grand Bank Gee Bees win Corner Brook 2017 Invitational


Gord Dunphy


2017 - Grand Bank - Gee Bees 

Gee Bees win  Corner Brook Invitational

Through thick or thin - rain or snow - the Western Cup was a go. This was the case again in Corner Brook in 2017 despite some adverse weather conditions.  This invitational tournament is guided by the Western Region - Corner Brook Senior Men's League and I must add they are doing it right .... this tournament continues to flourish and grow annually. No, it may not be your Challenge Cup but don't tell that to the competing clubs. Grand Bank has entered this tournament for a number of years and there's no doubt in my mind their goal is to win.  This year the Gee Bees went undefeated, defeating the Monarchs 4-1 in the championship contest. In the semi-final they defeated Gander by a 7 -0 score.  In round robin play Grand Bank defeated the Corner Brook Masters by a 5-0 score and the Corner Brook Monarchs by a 4-1 score. 

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