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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Dunphy's Corner - Lets Meet the 2017 CBS Strikers

Gord Dunphy


Challenge Cup - Lets Meet the 2017 Strikers

2017 CBS Strikers - Team Photo 

 Gary Forsyt - Head coach 

Let's Meet Gary Forsyth
Gary Forsyth has been around the block a little to say the least. This is Gary's second stint at being the Head Coach of the CBS Strikers. He definitely brings a lot of enthusiasm to the job and at times may even a little to much - lol !. After bringing the CBS team back into the fold in 2015 after the club was absent from Challenge Cup in 2014 the team is off to a tremendous start in 2017. Last year CBS only managed two draws on the year. This year CBS has 2 wins and 1 tie after three matches. Gary is convinced his team are ready to compete for a play-off position in 2017. He said we are ready to roll some heads and make a little noise this year.  Hopefully, what Forsyt said comes true because the league will only get better with teams competing for the final four. 

Erick Mathiasen : He is a newcomer to CBS and Challenge Cup.
                               Erick came to NL as a foreign student who played at MUN. 
                                He is the man who scored two goals against Holy Cross and 
                                led them to  a 2-1 unset victory in their first game 
                                        of the season in 2017 .


D'Arcy Bennett : CBS's goalkeeper. Hey , two shut-outs
in his first three games of the season and a 2-1 victory
over Holy Cross, what more can I say than,  "Bennett
is off to a great start after only allowing one goal 
in three starts" .  Keep it up !


(L-R) : #16- Fouad Matar  ----- #6 -Daniel Quinn
 New Faces in CBS 
CBS definitely has a lot of new faces in 2017. Throughout the season we will meet some  more of them on my Blog.  Pictured here are (L-R) : #16- Fouad Matar  ----- #6 -Daniel Quinn. They were the two players who scored for the Strikers in their 2-0 shutout victory over the NL Canada Games team .


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