NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Holy Cross ends the regular season with a win

Holy Cross : 1 vs Mount Pearl : 0

Both teams battled hard.

Wednesday's night's match, which was the last game of the season, was played between Holy Cross and Pearl at KGV.  Statistically, this game didn't have anything on the line with regards to the final seeding. All placings had been decided on Saturday when Holy Cross met Mount Pearl and Mount Pearl walked away with three points.  Watching this mid-week game I was sort of shocked with both Cross and Pearl going at it in hard ball fashion. It was nothing like Saturday's game. Both teams had come to play and and they were both playing for a victory. This wasn't really what shocked it, it was the fashion in how they played. Both were very physical with a lot of pushing and shoving and quite a bit of extra curricula being displayed. These two teams were playing on the edge and even their coaches appeared to be on the edge at times. There is no doubt that both of these teams are starting to build up a dislike each other.  At the 30 minute mark veteran Jon Hawco scored from 25 yards on a nice volley that seemed to handcuff Noseworthy in the Mount Pearl net. Other than that play, Noseworthy was simply outstanding making many a super saves. Mount Pearl at times pressed Holy Cross but they just couldn't seem to penetrate the Holy Cross defense. Mount Pearl's scoring ace, Tyler Forsey,  had gone into the game second in the goal-scoring dept. with 18 goals,  four behind Stefan Slaney of St. Lawrence. Although,  Forsey did have a couple of chances, overall, Cross marked him out of the game. Mount Pearl may had something to do with Forsey's lack of attack themselves, they had him play on the outside,  overall this speedster is most effective in the middle where he can utilize his cougar like runs and dynamic shot.  When the final whistle blew the score remain at 1-0 , both teams now have a great understanding of who they are up against when the same to clubs meet in St. Lawrence in Game 1 of the Challenge Cup finals. It should be a dandy !    

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