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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

St. Lawrence Laurentians 2014 Annual Awards & HOF Banquet

St. Lawrence Soccer Association
President : Hubert Beck
VP: Junior Edwards
2nd VP ; Jonathan Edwards
Minor Soccer Chair : Marc Pittman 

Ren Edwards  --- Justin Murray
Pad Slaney --- Kirk Slaney
Brent Tarrant --- Pat Brake
Yvonne Edwards --- Judy Pittman
Aggie Slaney --- Judy Turpin 

Hall of Fame Committee
Hubert Beck --- Leo Loder
Jim Loder --- Eddy Kelly
Junior Edwards --- Junior Doyle

EMCEE ; Kevin Pittman
Greetings from Town : Mayor Paul Pike
Greetings from NL : Hon. Darin King
Greetings from MP Judy Foote: Carol Anne Haley
Greetings from BPSA/NLSA : Gord Dunphy
Presidents Reports  : Hubert Beck 


 Photo -L-R: Blair Aylward, Hon. Darin King, Mike Howlett, 
Mayor Paul Pike, Judy Pittman, Carol Anne Haley

ClASS OF 2014

Judy Pittman : Builder
Blair Aylward : Player
Norbet Doyle : Player
Darin Dunphy : Player
Mike Howlett : Player

 First Division Soccer Awards    2014

1. Robert E Slaney Memorial Trophy - Most Improved Player 

Corey Mullett

2. D & D Engraving Trophy (Warren Pike) - Most Dedicated Player
Marc Pittman

3. Cecil Shea Memorial Trophy- Most Sportsmanlike  Player

Jordi Slaney

4.Mick Turpin Memorial Trophy - Top Scorer Award

Sean Drew/ Stefan Slaney

5.Gerard Quirke Memorial Trophy- Award Of Excellence

Marc Pittman
6.Robert Kelly Memorial Trophy - Most Valuable Player

Clinton Edwards 

7. Kevin & Myles Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Award

Jordi Slaney

8. Keith Walsh Memorial Award – St. Lawrence Laurentian’s Fan of the Year Award

Sandy & Joy Slaney

2014 Intermediate Soccer Awards

Most Valuable Player: Adam Kelly 

Most Dedicated Player: Kyle Walsh

Most Sportsmanlike Player: Liam Haley

Top Defender : Brent Hennebury

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