NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Thursday, December 27, 2012

# 5 - Kirby wins 4th Jubilee Trophy ---------- 2012

Holy Cross/ Kirby Group
NLSA 2012 Jubilee Trophy Champions
The Kirby Team won it's 4th consective Provincial Jubilee Trophy Championship in 2012. This club has set a new bench mark when it comes to  women's soccer in Newfoundland. For the past four years the Kirby Team has waltzed through both the regular season and the play-offs.  
Coach's Corner Coments: Yes, this club is a stacked team but so are most contenders that represent their province at the Canadian National Club Championships. In order for this club to be better prepared for the Nationals, they will need to get themselves engaged with some better competition and realistically that may require some travel.

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