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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Holy Cross Women Performed Well at the 2011 National Jubilee Championships - 7th Place

2011 -NLSA Jubilee Champions

Holy Cross Kirby



Gerry Kirby & Scott Betts

NL Women's Soccer Team has arrived

Personally, I would like to throw my hat off to the two men shown above. I think that these two individuals has put NLSA Senior Women's Soccer on the map. Three years ago, when Gerry and Scott got the Kirby Team off the ground, they took a lot of heat for building or going with a so called all -star team. But today, just a mere few years later, our Senior Women's soccer is much improved, both at the provincial and the national level, because of their initiative. Two of the past three year's the NLSA Women's Jubilee final ended in a 1-0 score. While at the National Jubilee Shield Competition we are no longer beaten before the game begins. We now can compete with the best of them and again I will repeat I think that is because of
Gerry Kirby and Scott Betts.

NL Ambulance - LOL

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