NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Sunday, October 9, 2011

BC squeeze by Holy Cross in the National Challenge Cup Semi-finals

National Jubilee Trophy Score - October 9, 2011

NL (Holy Cross) - 6 vs Manitoba - 0

NL Goalscorers - Malorie Harris (3), Nicole Adams (2) , Erica Lannon (1)

Shut-out : Janine Bursey & Maris Miller

Note :

* NL will play Ontario on Monday October 10, for the 7/8 seed at 10 am NL Time

* The NL Holy Cross women's team have played quite well despite their 1win and 3 loss record.

* In their opening game against B.C. and in their second match against QC in both matchs they were up 2-1 at half time.

* Today they deveoured the Manitoba and controlled the game from beginning to end.


Challenge Cup Score - October 9 2011

Semi Finals

British Columbia - 2 vs NL (Holy Cross) - 1

NL Goalscorer: Aaron Anstey - 75 minute

BC Goals both came in the second half : 46 minute and on a PK at the 60 minute mark.

Note :

*NL will play Ontario on Monday October 10 for the National Bronze Medal at 12 noon NL Time
* Zack Wade got injured early in the contest and did not return to play.

* BC are a good solid team and I would be very much surprised if they don't beat Saskatchewan in the National Challenge Cup Championship Game.

* My hat goes off to the Holy Cross team for a superb effort against a powerful BC team.

* Holy Cross - Good Luck in your Bronze Medal game against Ontario !

Thank You

Gord Dunphy

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