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Sunday, November 14, 2010

BPSA - HOF & Award Winners Banquet - See more photos below

Banquet Emcee - BPSA & NLSA Hall of Fame
Committee Member - Gord Dunphy

This was a great evening of recognizing and then celebrating with some of the finest individuals that are involved with soccer. First was the BPSA 2010 Awards Presentation and this was followed by the 2010 BPSA Hall of Fame Inductees. The entire BPSA are to be commended for their efforts in maintaining soccer in a region that has had it trying times over the years.


BPSA President & Hall of Fame Chair - Shane Dunphy

Shane thanked all clubs and their associations on the Burin Peninsula. He personally, thanked all the BPSA executitive which consisted of : Paula Farrell, Aaron Jones, Bill Stapleton and Judi Kelloway. He acknowledged and thanked all BPSA Coaches : John Brentn, Duane Evans, Norm Lace, Jo-Anne Mallay -Jones, Wade Mayo, Leon Slaney and Danny Wrice. He added a special thank -you to Dr. Paul Slaney , Albert and Majorie Anstey for coaching and organizing a winter program that involved Burin Peninsula elite players playing with NLSA Provincial Teams.

He congratulated the following 2010 Burin Peninsuala teams:
St.Lawrence Sr. Laurentians for another fine showing in Provincial Challenge Cup.
Burin Eagles - Provincial "A" Intermediate Champions and BPSA Intermediate Champions
St. Lawrence Laurentians - Provincial "B" Intermediate Champions
St. Lawrence Laurentians - Provincial "A" Masters Champions.
Marytown United - Provincial "B" Master Champions

He also congratulated Kristen Anstey, Jordi Slaney and Stephen Lambe who are this year BPSA Individual Award Winners. He then welcome the following six inductees ( shown below) into the BPSA Hall of Fame .

The BPSA would also like to thank George Macvicar ,editor of the "Southern Gazette" for his attendance at the banquet .


2010 BPSA HOF Inductees

(L-R) Melv Stacey,Paddy Brushett, Bill Warren, Hubert Beck, Jr. Doyle, Phonce Cooper



Phonce Cooper

Highlights of Phonce Cooper’s Career

Category – Player/Builder

Club – St. Lawrence Laurentians

Started playing soccer at the high school level for John Burke High in Grand Bank.

1969 – 1970 - Member of the Grand Bank Senior Team.

1971 – Member of the St. Lawrence team which captured the Burin Peninsula, All-Newfoundland, and the Atlantic Championship.

1975, 1976, 1977 – Member of the St. Lawrence team that won the Provincial Challenge Cup Championship.

1975 and 1977 – Member of the St. Lawrence team that were crowned ‘National Silver Medalists’.

1970’s – Member of the St. Lawrence teams that won “Team of the Decade”.

2006 and 2007 – Coach of the St. Lawrence teams that won the Eastern Canadian Championship.

2010- Coach of the St. Lawrence Masters team that won the All-NFLD Championship.


Melvin Stacey

Highlights of Melvin Stacey’s Career

Category- Player/builder
Club – Marystown United

Started playing in the Marystown Minor system in the early 1970’s.

1972 – Became a member of the Marystown United Third Division.

1979 – Became a member of the Marystown United First Division competing in Burin Peninsula and Challenge Cup league.

1986 – Member of the Marystown team that won the All-Newfoundland Intermediate B Championship.

1994 and 1995 – Selected as the most dedicated player in the Marystown senior and challenge cup team.

1999- Challenge Cup All-Star Coach

2004 – Coach of the Marystown team that won the Provincial Challenge Cup.

1988 – 2004 – Executive member of the Marystown Soccer Association.

Biggest Attribute: Mel’s main attributes were his dedication, commitment, and his love andpassion for the beautiful game.


Hubert Beck
Highlights of Hubert Beck’s Career

Category - Player/Builder
Club - St. Lawrence Laurentians

He has played at the minor, high school, senior, and challenge cup level.

As a player, he was a member of 5 Newfoundland minor select teams ( U-16, U-18 ), and the Newfoundland and Labrador Canada Summer Games team in 1980.

He was a member of 10 All-Newfoundland Provincial Championship teams, including 5 Challenge Cups and 2 Premier Cups.

2003 – Inducted into the St. Lawrence Soccer Hall of Fame.

2005 – 2006 – Elected President of the St. Lawrence Soccer Association.

2010- Served as co-ordinator with the BPSA in hosting the Provincial Intermediate Mega Tournament.

2010 – Served as co-ordinator with the NLSA in hosting the Provincial Challenge Cup Final Weekend.

Biggest Attribute: A tireless work ethic and a passion for volunteerism were trademarks of Hubert’s career.


Paddy Brushett

Highlights of Paddy Brushett’s Career
Category – Player/Builder
Club – Burin Eagles

Started playing, at age 15, with the Burin Second Division Senior soccer team.

Member of the Burin team that captured a Burin Peninsula and All-Newfoundland Championship.

Member of the Lawn team that captured a Provincial Masters Championship.

Won 6 Burin Peninsula Women’s titles as coach of the Burin team.

Served as an assistant coach/manager, for 10 years, of the Burin Challenge Cup Team.

Served as team manager of the Provincial Challenge Cup Winners, Marystown United, in 2004.

He has been involved with the sport of soccer for the past 43 years as a coach, player, and /or executive member.

Biggest Attribute: Dedication and a great passion for the game were hallmarks of Paddy’s career. He understood the importance of team work in building a successful team.


Bill Warren
Highlights of Bill Warren’s Career
Category: Player
Club: Burin Eagles

He has played on a number of Burin Peninsula, Provincial, Junior, and Senior Men’s Championship Teams.

1978 – Selected to the Burin Peninsula U-16 ‘All Star’ team.

1982 – Member of the Burin team that won the Burin Peninsula U-21 soccer title.

1989 – Member of the Burin Eagles team which captured the Provincial Indoor Soccer title.

1990, 1991, - Member of the Provincial Challenge Cup winners.

1991- Selected to the Provincial All Star Team.

1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, - Member of the Lawn Masters team that won 4 consecutive provincial soccer titles.

1999 – 2002 – Selected ‘top defender’ in the Masters Provincial tournament by the Lawn Soccer Association.

Biggest Attribute: Versatility, toughness, and leadership exemplified Bill’s soccer career.

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