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Monday, October 12, 2009

Evaluating Kirby's Performance at the Nationals by Gord Dunphy

Newfoundland and Labrador at the 2009 Nationals were represented by the EPR/Kirby/The Dock team . They had a strong national tournament. Actually, they got stronger as the
tournament progressed.
Game 1
In their first match, they played Halifax City. The game ended in a 1-1 draw. This was a team that Kirby could have definitely beaten. The Halifax City team were runners up in Nova Scotia and they were here as Nova's Scotia's number 2 team. Nicole Adams got an early goal at the 14 second mark but Kirby went defensive rather than focus on any sort of offense. In the second half at the mid-way point, NS tied the game. Kirby were better than this NS team and were quite capable of beating them.
Game 2
Kirby's second game was against Alberta. In this contest, Kirby picked up the pace and fought the 50/50 battles very hard. In the end it was a 1-0 victory but I was very impressed with Kirby's overall performance in this match. All players fought hard, ran well and displayed character in this contest. After this match was over, I came to the realization that the NL representatives, the Kirby Team, can play with the best female teams in the country. By this I mean we have the talent and the skill and the heart to do so. Not only do men's teams play with heart but so do our girls play with heart.

Game 3

This game would end up to be Kirby's final match of the tournament. It was against the Nova Scotia Provincial Champions, the Dunbrac team. Dunbrac tied the NL girls by a 1-1 score. Laura Breen scored for the Kirby team. As I eluded to on radio and earlier on my Blog, this was the best performance that I've witnessed a women's team from NL perform at National Jubilee Competition. A victory in this contest would have put Kirby into competition for a Bronze Medal. Kirby dominated this game winning practically every battle for a open ball. They displayed skill and overall they displayed a willingness to win. A tie in this contest was a form of total injustice but sometimes that happens in the sport of soccer.

Gord's Comments:

Kirby lost the penalty shot shoot-out and placed 6th in the tournament but on behalf of Newfoundland , they have brought respect to women's soccer at the National level. No longer are we on the short side of one sided scores at the National level. I also feel over the course of time our provincial program will get better as a result of the Kirby team. Elite players will eventually come from the provincial program and play with other teams in the province and keen competition will be the result. Again, Kirby performed well and made us proud.

It was a great show girls !!!


Jubilee Trophy - Senior women

Final Standings:

1. Edmonton Victoria, Alta.

2. Surrey United, B.C.

3. Halifax Dunbrack Rooms Plus, N.S.

4. Saskatoon NATA (1-2-1 record)

5. North London Galaxy, Ont.

6. EPR Kirby/The Dock, N.L. - ( 2T-1L)

7. Halifax City Pacifico, N.S.

8. Winnipeg South End United, Man.

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