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Friday, February 20, 2009

Fast Facts about Pele

  • Full name is Edson Arantes Do Nascimento; childhood nickname was "Dico."
  • Began playing soccer in a Brazilian minor league team, aged 16
  • Scored 2 goals in championship World Cup game, helping Brazil beat Sweden (1958); he was 17, the youngest to play in World Cup finals.
  • Brazil declared him a national treasure to keep him from being transferred to a team out of the country
  • Scored Brazil's 100th World Cup goal with his head (1970)
  • Ranks #1 in career goals: 1,280 in 1,360 games
  • Holds world record for hat tricks (92) and number of goals scored in international play (97)
  • Dubbed soccer "the beautiful game"
  • Played two seasons with New York Cosmos
  • His final game was an exhibition match between NY Cosmos and his former Brazilian team Santos; he played first half with the NY team, second half with the Brazilian team (1977).
  • Composed entire soundtrack for the film, Pelé
  • Inducted into National Soccer Hall of Fame (1993)
  • Named IOC Athlete of the Century (1999)
  • From 1956-1974, scored 1,220 goals – like hitting an average of 70 home runs a season for 15 years
  • Scored an average of one goal per international game – like hitting a home run in every World Series game for 15 years
  • In 1967, both sides in Nigerian civil war declared a 48-hour ceasefire, so Pelé could play an exhibition match in Lagos

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