NLSA Molson Challenge Cup

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DUNPHY'S CORNER : The Best Of Today & Yesterday According To GORD CAST

Wils Molloy 

I was recently asked to put together who I felt were the top players in the Molson Challenge Cup League are today and then put together who I felt were the top players to ever play with each club,

Note : These selections are solely my choices and all done in the good spirit of the game, hoping to generate some good discussion and debate.

 First I will go with 2017 players which I will
include a team of 15 players

Goal (2)
Thomas Pieroway - Holy Cross
John Douglas : St. Lawrence 

Fullbacks (5)
Jeff Slaney : Holy Cross
George Lawton : St. Lawrence
Marc Pittman : St. Lawrence
Greg Reid : Feildians
Kevin Oram : Mount Pearl 

Midfield (5)
Jordi Slaney : St. Lawrence
Zack Wade : Holy Cross
Owen McCleese : Holy Cross 
Carter Mackey : Feildians
Mark Reddy : Mount Pearl

Strikers (3)
Jake Warren : Holy Cross
Tyler Forsey : Mount Pearl 
Brent Hennebury : St. Lawrence


Now comes the most difficult selections. 

St. Lawrence's Laurentians top player of all-time:
 Wils Molly

Lawn Shamrocks top player of all-time:
Brud Edwards

Fortune Appolo's top player of all - time:
Bo Collier

Grand Bank Gee Bees top player of all - time:
Red Fizzard

Garnish Gulls top player of all - time:
Tom Riley

Marystown Unite top player of all - time:
Howard Walsh

Burin Eagles top player of all -time:
Jeff Warren 

Holy Cross's top player of all-time:
Dicky Power

Feildians top player of all time :
Patty Kennedy 

Mount Pearl's top player of all -time :
Andrew Murphy 


Best three soccer player's I've ever seen play.

1. Wils Molloy
2. Al Slaney
3. Frank Haskell

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